Chapter 352: Intermediate Warlord

Chapter 352: Intermediate Warlord

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Inside the space station of 9257

Han had started fighting with Black Egg again, but this was not a sudden fight. Han deliberately brought Black Egg into the Training room and triggered him, just so that they can have a brawl. This was because Han noticed that fighting with Black Egg was actually also very good exercise.

9257 stood outside the practice room and watched the fight between the two via a large screen with Yuan Yuan.

9257 slightly frowned and said, "Yuan Yuan, is it just me or is Black Egg much stronger than when we first met him?"

Yuan Yuan said, "He got stronger recently. When we went to the ancient graveyard of the Three-Eye Race, Black Egg ate a strange Eye. After that, the color of his body became darker, and his eyes became more golden. His attacking power also became stronger."

"Master has always been hardworking. At the beginning, he would always lose badly to Black Egg. But with time, Master has also become stronger. The time Black Egg needed to defeat Master has grown from less than a minute to ten minutes. If Black Egg had not replenished his powers, it could be a tie."

"But now, Master is going to lose to Black Egg again. Ever since Black Egg ate the Eye, he had really gotten a lot stronger."

9257 smiled slightly. He looked at the fierce battle within the room and said, "It’s not too bad now either. Han has already withstood Black Egg’s first round of attacks. He even ambushed Black Egg once. It is already much better than I predicted. It seems like Han has improved a lot too during this time."

"If a warrior wants to reach the top, it is necessary to battle with strong opponents. It is apparent that Black Egg is strong and since Black Egg is not a human, the previous attacks Han used against humans no longer works. Thus, Han needs to continue to learn and adapt."

"In my opinion, Han’s fights with Black Egg are critical in improving his own ability. He has already learnt to change his logical process. Furthermore, Han’s reflexes also need to keep up with Black Egg since it is extremely fast."

Shortly, after two bursts of fiery attacks, Black Egg fiercely threw Han to the ground, causing a huge bang.

"No more, no more!" Han waved his hand and said, "Your speed is too fast. Fighting with you for a minute is more tiring than fighting an hour with someone else."

Black Egg looked indifferent. Perhaps it was because he won, and the winner usually was in a better mood.

Han walked out of the practice room. 9527 thought and said to Han, "It’s been a while since we tested your source energy. Let’s test it."

Han did not object so they walked towards the gigantic source energy tester outside of the Training Room. Han closed his eyes, drew upon his power and heavily threw a punch.


When Han’s Iron Fist was drawn, there was a dark mist that followed. The mist was due to Han’s power becoming more complex. Other than the power inherent to human, there was also dark powers.

Source power: 57,144 million!

9257 nodded and said, "You have improved a lot. It has only been two months since you’ve entered the warlord level, but now you have already reached the intermediate warlord level. Very soon you will be able to challenge the pinnacle stage of warlords."

"The speed of your improvement is so fast that I am starting to question if you are human. After all, the higher the level, the harder it is to improve. That is the law of nature. But from what I can see, the warlord level is probably not your limit."

"Oh yeah. Didn’t you acquire the last piece of dark crystal? When are you planning to use it?"

Han took out the dark crystal from the Lunar Mark and said, "Are you talking about this? Indeed, if I absorbed the crystal, I can acquire Lu Yao’s complete power. But before he died, Lu Yao left me a message and told me a lot of things."

"I know that Lu Yao was once the super warlord of Mass Demon Corporation. His powers must be strong, but I am unsure if there would be a conflict in the energy of our powers. Lu Yao himself was uncertain as well."

"The people of Mass Demon originated from a different sources. Therefore, their energy structure is more biased towards the darkness. That is true for Luo Ying’s energy structure and also for Lu Yao."

9527 nodded and said, "You are very level headed, and untempted by the substantial powers the crystal might bring you. If my observations are correct, this crystal is the most special piece of the seven pieces Lu Yao left behind. The energy fluctuation is quite violent."

Han smiled and said, "Exactly. Lu Yao specially mentioned in his memories that once I gained his complete powers, it is very likely I would be captured by the strong scanning array of the Mass Demon Corporation, and then they will be after me. Thus, no matter how I look at the situation, I need to be careful with my decision.

9527 lifted a brow, and asked curiously, "What exactly did Lu Yao leave you?"

Han said in a heavy voice, "A lot, from the map of Mass Demon Corporation’s domain, to all the confidential information he had learnt. He left me most the memories from his life. Until now, I have yet to organize and absorb all these memories."

9527 said, "Memories are indeed a troublesome thing. You are not Lu Yao, so you may not be able to absorb all of his memories. Oh well, after all these strange happenings, your own powers have grown immensely, so it is still a good thing overall."

"What’s next?

Han shrugged his shoulders, "Obviously we need to return to the Star Lord City. Since the crisis of the Milky way has come to an end, the remaining tasks are the reorganization of Earth and Robot Army, as well as the stability and development of the Twin-Horse Galaxy."

"With Long Chuan and the others, I do not need to worry about these things. The present strategy for Earth is very simple. We need to slowly and steadily develop ourselves into a powerhouse. The size and resources of the Twin-Horse Galaxy are not worse than the Milky Way. Other than humans, the only major inhabitants of Twin-Horse Galaxy are the Chuli’s people of the Oblivion Realm.

"Now, Oblivion Realm has reconciled with Sima Hunfeng. They will enter the Dark Net in large groups and train there. So the real power left behind in the Twin-Horse Galaxy would be Earth only."

"The vast Twin-Horse Galaxy is our stage. The head of the Headhunter Clan has already moved his clan to the Twin-Horse Galaxy. There are also Ye Weiwei’s clan and the different races we have accepted on Earth over the years. I believe there would be no problem in establishing a federal state with a population size of 20 billion within the Twin-Horse Galaxy."

"Don’t forget, I still have a robot army. They are actually the main force of the Twin-Horse Galaxy. I will find a way to make the Milky Way Alliance hand over the logic chip that they have sealed. Then I will start mass producing robots and absorb some small countries or races that are bullied in the Milky way, and then establish humans and robots as the two main races of the Twin-Horse Galaxy. One day, we will be able to stand up to the Milky Way Alliance as an equal. That is my hope for the Twin-Horse Galaxy."

9527 hesitated for a moment. He frowned slightly and said, "You have that much trust in robots? Not only on the front side of the universe, even on the reverse side, robots are taboo. Most forces do not allow for the existence of robots."

Han was unconcerned, "That is their problem, and none of my concern. In my opinion, robots are like a white canvas, they will turn into whatever color you paint on them. As for a robot rebellion, that is of even less concern. I do not believe that if I treat the robots like my friends, they will raise a rebellion. It is far more likely that I will rebel together with them."

"I for one think that robots are more loyal than humans. And loyalty is the trait I value the most. Thus, I will use all efforts in developing a large robot army. Contrastingly, I would be more careful in the immigration of humans from the galaxy. I would rather bring in less humans than bring someone who harbors evil intentions onto Twin-Horse Galaxy."

9527 shook his head and said, "If you do this, sooner or later Twin-Horse Galaxy will become a robot empire."

Han corrected him, "Not an empire but a federation. I don’t want to be an emperor, that is too troublesome."

"Obviously, the main problem for Twin-Horse Galaxy is the development strategy. But that is actually easy to solve. But the matter regarding the Dark Net is more complex. I have come to understand that the master of Dark Net is the master of the universe. The reverse side of the universe is far more important than the "front" side. This is why I want to return to Star Lord City and continue fighting there. I wonder if the All Gods Corporation will give me the title of "Star Lord". If they do, then I can go to a higher-level Galaxy city.

9527 frowned and said, "You still wish to stay in All Gods Corporation?"

Han nodded his head, "Of course. As the saying goes, it is easier to survive while standing behind a powerful man. All Gods Corporation in this situation is the power, and I think that All Gods Corporation is not that bad. The warriors of the Border Legion are all real men who I admire. Military God Kabri seems to be okay too."

9527’s eyes flashed, and then he appeared wanting to say something but stopped himself.

Soon, 9527 let out a long breath, and said to Han, "This is your own road. It is better if you choose for yourself. But I have to remind you, you may think that you will be welcomed as a hero when you return to the Star Lord City. But the situation may be the opposite of what you are thinking."

"Why do you say that?" Han asked puzzled, "When the Mass Demon Corporation invaded, I fought with my life to defend against those executioners. Even Kabri’s grandson fled, if that is not considered a contribution, then what is?"

9527 was silent for a moment, and did not elaborate, "You will understand after you return."