Chapter 299: The Execution Squad

Chapter 299: The Execution Squad

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All Gods Corporation, Border.

The Army chief Wude climbed out of the rocks. His ears kept buzzing as if he was hit by thunder.

He rubbed his eyes and couldn’t believe what he saw. The border was destroyed, all the Energy Defence Walls could no longer serve protections. All Mountains were razed to the ground and the ground was blown into deep valleys.

After this huge explosion, the border between the All Gods Corporation and the Mass Demon Corporation completely vanished. It was an explosion destroyed both sides of the group. It might be caused by either the Super-pulse bombs or the Gravitational Wave Reversal Attack.

All in all, this explosion changed the current situation of these two corporations. From now on, Mass Demon Corporation could break into the territory of All Gods Corporation any time, and All Gods Corporation can also send their troops to attack the opponents anytime.

During the battles between these two corporations, although minor conflicts never stopped, they have yet encountered any real war. After all, these two corporations shared a similar amount of power that neither of them could completely eliminate each other.

Wude wondered how severe the explosion was. Did it destroy only the border around his vicinity or all borders beyond?

Unfortunately, Wude couldn’t contact anyone now. The Dark Net system supported by All Gods Corporation has been cracked irreparably. It lost all the signals and the supramolecular mobility.

"We need to fight till the end!" Wude said, holding up his arms. Those backup soldiers that survived from the explosion also climbed back up and gathered altogether beside the army chief.

Unfortunately, although Wude and his new third corporation troops has high morale, they didn’t see any enemy on the battlefield. It seemed like the Mass Demon Corporation just tried to create this explosion to cause chaos, instead of making a chance for the soldiers to break into the territory of All Gods Corporation.

Faced with this situation, Wude was so confused, so were the other soldiers there.

Was all the pay just for opening the tunnel between the Mass Demon Corporation and the All Gods Corporation? What did the enemy want this for?

To invade enemy territory?

That’s impossible.

The New Third Corporation Troop didn’t receive the order from the chief. They haven’t prepared to break into the territory of the Mass Demon Corporation. They all knew that breaking into the territory now without any well thought out preparation is the same as giving up their life.

What Wude could do now was to station and protect the territory, waiting for the technical groups and backup teams to fix the huge crack hole remained on both sides of the border.

This crack hole was undoubtedly fatal for both Corporations, because both sides’ supramolecular transmission systems now have the ability to transmit the troops to each other’s territory. Is it possible that what the Mass Demon Corporation targeted was not the border, but the territory within the All Gods Corporation?


Wude spat out some blood. The great shake has caused wounds inside of him. As a soldier, he didn’t need to worry about politics or battle tricks, what he all needed to do was just maintaining the territory.

On the Galaxy, outside the beautiful spiral arms, somewhere near the wild star region.

An enormous wormhole has opened. Since the Spatial Transition Engine has been invented, there was yet any other forms of transition engine can build such an artificial majestic wormhole.

The wormhole was as wild as the whole galaxy. It was big enough to let an entire ultra-large fleet travel through inside.


The first spacecraft carrier traveled out of the wormhole to the outside of the Galaxy. On the deck of the command center, an old man with great demeanor stood with a crown on his head that covered over his third eye.

Facing at the magnificent Galaxy, the old man felt extremely excited. His eyes wide opened as he said with a trembling voice, "Milky Way, our home, we are finally back!"


All others on the ship were also excited. As more and more warships travelled out of the wormhole, this unprecedented fleet that was strong enough to crush the entire Milky Way was gradually formed.

Besides the old man, there were also two men in the black cloak that seemed so strange in the command center. They walked to the side of the old man, said in a low voice, "we have done what we have promised. You and your tribe fellows are now back to the Galaxy within less than two years and three months. Now, it\'s time for you to keep your word.

The three-eye old man nodded lightly. He didn’t care who these two people in black were nor where they came from. He only cared how to take control over the Galaxy and wiped out all those inferior human beings.

Speaking of that, Three Eye Race is actually the most pathetic race in the universe. After getting to know the mystery of the Dark Net, they actually started to think about taking over the Dark Net with their limited power.

Unfortunately, this little race was far beyond to be the opponent of All Gods Corporation. After wasting three centuries, Three Eye Race finally came back to the Galaxy as a loser, to a place they have abandoned at the beginning.

Three Eye Race has lost their ambition to control over the Dark Net, they just wanted to kick out all the human beings, and take charge of the Galaxy like before.

At that time, those two suspicious men in the black cloak arrived. They claimed they had the ability to shorten the time for Three Eye Race to travel back to the galaxy by setting up an ultra-large wormhole.

This idea was quite tempting to the Three Eye Race. If they kept moving ahead by themselves, it would take more than two years for the ship to travel back to the Galaxy. Instead, with the help of these guys, it would only take several minutes.

Therefore, a secret deal has been made. Those men in black helped the Three Eye Race return quickly, and the rest of the Three Eye Race would provide assistance for them in the Mystic Valley.

"I’m so curious though, the Dark Net’s connection has been cut off, how do you guys contact the rest of those in the Valley?" The guy in black asked.

"It’s simple, we use our third eye." The old man with the crown on his head said.

He then removed the golden crown from his head. There was an obvious crack on his forehead.

He closed his eyes lightly, meanwhile, his third eye slowly opened.

The magical third eye exuded a bright glow like a dazzling pearl.


The old man opened wide his arms as his body slowly began hovering over the deck. The glow from his third eye also became more and more prominent and mystical.

"Oh, It\'s the spiritual contact. The universe is indeed full of different things. Three Eye Race could pass the message using their third eye to avoid the long distance. This is incredible." One man in the black cloak nodded and said.

Another one said, "I don’t think their third eye is that simple, there must be something else they can do with it."

After a while, the old man reached back to the floor. He looked slightly exhausted and said, "I have notified my crew in the Mystic Valley, they would set up the induction array soon and would let your army enter the Valley."

The man in black smiled and said, "Not the army, it’s the Execution Squad,"

"The Execution Squad? The old man asked, "whatever, as long as you guys keep your promise and leave Han’s dead body to us."

"Don’t worry," the man in black said, "we don’t need his body, we only want his dead soul."

At a secret place in the deep side of the universe, the Mystic Valley belonging to All Gods Corporation was also known as the Circular Trap Valley.

The team of Three Eye Race actually didn’t head out yet but were just looking for somewhere to hide and wait for the order from the headquarters.

At this moment, Heyuan has received the message through the third eye sent by the chief of the Three Eye Race. He then took out a piece of pyramid-looking thing from the dimensional ring.

The thing he was looking for can somehow form an induction array. It was very small and delicate but also carried a strong controllable fusion energy.

Heyuan put this induction array on the ground and then turned it on.


A space gate appeared in a flash. The space tunnel was small enough to avoid the capture of any radar.

A group of warriors in a black cloak came out from the space gate. They were all in armors and masks which looked merciless.

"I knew it! The soul of the betrayer is right here. We have to destroy it as soon as possible and let the old man know once we go back." The leading man in black raised his head, said indifferently, "this goddamn betrayer was actually hiding in the All Gods Corporation. We spent such great effort, and even took the risk to enter the territory of Mass Demon Corporation just to catch him."

"The betrayer is always tricky." Another man in black said.

It was said, they were the mysterious Execution Squad. They came here for killing a soul. Although Heyuan has got the message from the chief, he was still deterred by the atmosphere brought by those warriors. There were eleven people in total, and all of them looked like they came from hell.

Heyuan led the warriors from the Three Eye Race and followed behind the Execution Squad.

According to the agreement, the Execution Squad would kill the soul called "betrayer" which was attached inside of Han. Heyuan, on the other hand, would then get the body of Han.