Chapter 169: Prehistoric Research Institute (Part Tw0)

Chapter 169: Prehistoric Research Institute (Part Tw0)

Just with a little thought, Han already thought of a few deadly problems. But at the moment he didn’t have much time to prepare and could only act according to circumstances. But, no matter what, it was very important that Ye Guhong survived. As one of the few people in the Milky Way that actually knew about the prehistoric civilization, even if he was not Ye Weiwei’s grandpa, Han must still save him.

As for Ye Jincheng, this 5-star elite esper lacked adequate understanding of poison and all he had was loyalty and hot blood. Against the Witch Clan’s King of Poison, he didn’t hesitate to follow after Han and Demon Claw, with an urgent expression.


After walking along the passage for a few kilometers, the front suddenly opened up, and Han and Ye Jincheng entered the relic.

“What the hell is this place?” Ye Jincheng suddenly hesitated and said.

Han asked in curiosity, “Is there a problem?”

“There’s a big problem!” Ye Jincheng anxiously said, “According to our intel, the Headhunter’s relic was like a prehistoric civilization’s warehouse, and that’s why they could obtain so many pieces of equipment left behind by the prehistoric civilization.”

“But look here, it’s not a warehouse at all, but a prehistoric civilization’s research institute!”

Han slightly hesitated. Ye Jincheng was right, it was indeed a prehistoric civilization’s research institute here, a huge quantum computer, training room separation tools, these things have already verified the property of this relic.

And that meant, there were actually two relics in the hands of the Headhunter clan, one was a warehouse and the other one was a research institute?

“Demon Claw! Find out where they went.” Han deepened his voice and ordered.

Han came to the front of the quantum computer, and saw that it had been wiped spotless. There was a worn spot on the chair, which meant that King Fran had regularly been here in the past to view the data inside this computer.

Thinking about that, Han quickly let Yuan Yuan out of the Lunar Mark.

“Yuan Yuan, try to unlock this quantum computer, then copy all the files from the database that could be useful to us.” Han ordered.

Yuan Yuan immediately began trying to crack the encryption defense on the computer. Han looked around the lab and fond out that this was a research institute for plants, which was a huge difference from the gene factory that manufactured dark beasts. Instead of gene cultivating vessels, it had square plant breeding boxes instead.

There were many seedlings growing in the boxes, perhaps King Fran did it. This number one warrior of the Headhunter’s clan, perhaps was also a botanist.


King Mandala?

Han was suddenly shocked and began to understand why the Witch Clan’s poison king would come all the way to the turbid star field. Maybe it was because King Mandala needed certain types of plants since toxicology and botany had inseparable and complicated connections.

“Han, the Demon Claw found them!” Ye Jincheng shouted.


Immediately, Han and Ye Jincheng followed the Demon Claw and arrived into another downward tunnel.

This tunnel was clearly bigger than the one they just passed. The solid foundation was built with concrete, it was conceivable that in the distant past, Land Speeders often carried prehistoric scientists in and out of this research institute.

But the passage that came from King Fran’s cabin was probably one he dug himself for his convenience.

Not long after, sealed doors began appearing on both sides of the passage, just like prison cells. Some sealed doors were open and inside those rooms were plant laboratories that were already dilapidated.

The reason why these laboratories were sealed should be to simulate different growth environments. After all, plants have different habitats, some liked humid environments but some loved cold and dry places.

When Han and Ye Jincheng came to the end of the passage, they were all shocked. They saw the ruins of a concrete building, the damaged edges were still fresh, apparently having just been broken down.

That means, before the Witch clan enemies came, this passage was sealed?

This concrete was the same material as the one used to construct the floor, looks like the prehistoric civilization had intentionally sealed this road before they left. Why would they do that? Could there be a special existence down in the depth of this passage?

Han passed through the broken concrete layers with doubt, the layer was actually tens of meters thick with heavy tritanium strips in the middle. King Mandala and his men probably had to work very work to break through this wall.

The path was restored, but there were no longer laboratories on the two sides of the street, just a road.

After running hundreds of kilometers nonstop and going through countless turning points, Han and Ye Jincheng finally came to the end of the pathway. Along the way, there were more than one concrete layers blocking their way, and they were all broken down by Han one after another.

This sight actually scared Han a little. Clearly, the prehistoric civilization was extremely reluctant to let someone go this deep into the research institute, or maybe they were afraid of some type of existence deep inside the institute and that’s why they patiently assembled layers of walls to completely block off the passage.

Now in front of them sat a huge sealed door, constructed by the very tough black crystal tritanium material, up to several hundred meters tall and more than 200 meters in width.

“It was this deep inside of this institute, just exactly what is in there?” Han looked at the door and felt puzzled.