Chapter 253: Invitation

Chapter 253: Invitation

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The first level of the dark net, real-time video connected.

Han was talking with four people: Ke Lake, Wuyun, Pathless, and Night Ruins.

Han smiled and said to them, “Now you guys all have the invitation card to the Path of All Gods. As long as you pass the preliminary test, you will be able to officially enter the Path of All Gods and enter the second layer of dark net.”

“Of course, there’s still limitations for those that just entered the Path of All Gods. For instance, although I already arrived at the Terminal Station of the first phase of Path of All Gods, which is the Star Lord City, I don’t really have too much freedom.”

“My particle module can’t go anywhere other than Earth, the Terminal Station, and the locations specified in my missions. If I can get the Star Lord Title, everything will be different; I will be able to freely travel through all sectors of the universe, no one can stop me.”

Han told these four about the benefits of the Path of All Gods, and also traded points to give them invitation cards, just like what Sansheng did for him before.

One invitation card was 100,000 points, it was pretty expensive.

Before Sansheng brought Han and the others into the Path of All Gods, he examined all participants very carefully, but now Han was loaded with money, and just casually bought four cards for the Three Addicts and Ke Lake.

There’s obviously no doubt in the three addicts’ strength, and Ke Lake was the most talented soldier on Earth besides Han. He was already at the edge of a breakthrough to reach the warlord level. If he could step into the second layer of the dark net and use that magical training room, it will be a ton of help for him.

Ke Lake listened to everything Han said. He was really excited but didn’t say anything. Wuyun on the other hand tilted his head and asked Han, “Is the Path of All Gods really as good as you described?”

Han said lightly, “You saw the new Demon Claw. It was created using the technology I learned on the Path of All Gods. If you come, you will probably learn a lot more new techniques as well.”

Wuyun hesitated for a second, then nodded, “I guess I must go check this place out now.”

Pathless frowned and asked, “What happens to the Protector Chuli’s migration plan?”

“Everything is going according to plan. Path of All Gods is like an elite plane, only the top talents can survive and take advantage of it. The migration plan is created for the citizens. We can’t just stand by and wait for the migration plan to be implemented.”

“With Long Chuan and the robot army in place, nothing will go wrong. Now we have to put our focus on the dark net, improve and challenge ourselves on the Path of All Gods. As long as we become stronger, the citizens will also benefit with us.”

Amongst the three addicts, Night Ruins was the leader. He thought for awhile and then said, “Everything you said is very tempting, but the only problem is that the dark net pioneer Sansheng, the Protector Chuli, the Milky Way Alliance, the three main human factions all seems to have sent or have the intention to send elites into Path of All Gods. It’s possible that we will run into our enemies in the dark net, that’s not something we want.”

Speaking of the three factions annoyed Han. The humans in the Milky Way were a puny race as it was, and it still was divided. Sansheng was the first person to enter the second layer of the dark net, recognized as Milky Way’s pioneer, he and his comrades probably already got into the third layer of dark net. He’s obviously more lenient towards a life on the dark net and the Path of All Gods.

As for the Protector Chuli, he and the people at the Oblivion Realm were more lenient towards migration. But as for the big movements made by Sansheng recently, Chuli’s migration plan will probably continue, but he will also move closer to the dark net.

As for the Milky Way, that was a decadent and heavy machine. They wanted the status quo, not migrating, and not wanting to go to the Path of All Gods either. Due to the bloated organization and self-proclaimed leaders, the Milky Way Alliance’s reaction was very slow. But it was said that they already knew Chuli and Sansheng’s plans, and will likely send someone to the Path of All Gods just so they don’t miss out.

In this way, the three main factions of the Milky Way human race will all gather their elites in the second layer of the dark net. There was one person in the Milky Way Alliance who was feared by the three addicts, and perhaps even the entire population of the Oblivion Realm.

Han asked in curiosity, “Who’s really this guy from the Alliance that poses a threat to you guys? This is so odd, you guys aren’t even afraid of death, but why him?”

Night Ruins shook his head, “You don’t know, this man is the main fist of the Milky Way Alliance. If death is that easy, then we don’t have to find the Protector and hide in the Oblivion Realm.”

Han pouted, “The more you say things this way, the more I want to see this person.”

“Don’t!” Wuyun hastily said, “If you really meet him, then you will get screwed!”

Han said helplessly, “What makes you say that?”

Night Ruins let out a long breath, “Anyways, we will go. But I’m a man with a wife and a kid, I need to tell it to my family first. Just wait for a bit, we will see each other soon on the Path of All Gods.”

How the humans in the Milky Way were not united really annoyed Han. As for the three addicts, the reason Night Ruins had hesitations was because he had a wife after retirement and also a daughter now.

People, once they had a home, will worry, and couldn’t live like a care-free bachelor like before.

Taking this into account, Han felt that it was better if he stayed single for now. In the past, Night Ruins was the most vicious character out of their group of three, yet his temperament changed drastically after he got married. He became like a b*tch, and Han didn’t want to be like him.

As he thought, Han travelled to the Transition Station and started working on a new fusion beast in the genetic lab that 9527 prepared for him. Since genetic beasts can be exchanged for large amount of points, why wouldn’t Han make more.

The scalpel flew fast like a butterfly, full of power, yet not lacking precision, making people dizzy just by looking at it.

9527 watched in the surveillance video, and became happier the more he watched.

He felt that Han really looked nice when he was working, and this feeling wasn’t only from Han’s skilled techniques, but more from how focused he was. Now, even if there was a level 10 earthquake, Han’s hands probably won’t make an error of one millimeter.

Han finished a few fusion beasts in one go, all the materials were exchanged with points at the Transition Station, and immediately he began studying, reading, taking notes, and thinking.

And then it was practice time, Path of the Void 5th Path, Path of Demons.

This was Han’s life; boring, focused, with a heavy workload. Han’s workload in one day exceeded most people’s in one week, and not to mention the time he took out of his schedule asking about Earth and the Robot army.

All in all, the longer 9527 knew Han, the more he realized, this young man wasn’t a human at all, but a machine operating at full capacity.


After the training ended, Han went to test his source energy index as usual.

The numbers on the screen stopped at 1 million 816 thousand, and just not even one month ago, Han’s source energy index just exceeded 1 million.

9527 slightly narrowed his eyes and nodded, whispering to himself, “This universe is filled of geniuses, but there’s rarely any geniuses like Han. He obviously won at the starting line, but he still works this hard. Sigh, this is really unfair for other geniuses. When a genius starts working hard, then he’s no longer a genius, but a demon.”

Right after he said it, he just heard Han shouting in the monitor, “Old man, I’m going to go first! The people at the auction invited me to go watch the auction, it seems interesting, see you later!”

9527 waved towards Han and then said, “Almost forgot, this guy’s curiosity is also pretty strong.”