Chapter 353: Big Incident!

Chapter 353: Big Incident!

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The reverse side of the Universe, also known as the Dark Net, within the empty world after the female Soul Beast Linda had left.

After explaining and tying up loose ends, Han and Jian Jia left 9527’s space station, and came here. Luo Ying wanted to follow Han. However, Han was returning to the All Gods Corporation, which was the archrival of the Mass Demon Corporation. Thus, Luo Ying could only stay on space station #9257.

Before the farewell, Luo Ying repeatedly told Han to come back often to visit her. Luo Ying seemed upset and was reluctant to say goodbye. Although Han and Luo Ying had not known each other for a long time, Luo Ying had already become very dependent on Han.

Naturally, Black Egg would follow Han. After Jian Jia’s repeated requests, it was with great difficulty that Han finally squeezed Black Egg into the Lunar Mark.

"Okay. Send a signal and let’s return to Star Lord City." Han said to Jian Jia. His transportation device, the Particle Module, had been taken away by Linda. Thus, Han could not return to Star Lord City even if he wanted to; he had to rely on Jian Jia’s emergency communication device.

Jian Jia furrowed her brows, and said to Han, "You have to remember my words; DO NOT mention 9627 to anyone. And Luo Ying, do not mention her to anyone either. If my dad asks you anything, follow what we have rehearsed."

Han was a little puzzled and said, "Don’t worry. You have already told me a hundred times. But I still don’t really understand. Luo Ying’s background is special so it makes sense I cannot mention it. But why is 9527 also a secret? He is just a guard at one of the many Transition Stations of the All Gods Corporation. He only risked his safety and came to find us because we were good friends. What’s wrong with that?"

Jian Jia rolled her eyes at Han. She wanted to tell Han that 9527 was indeed a Transition Station but he was a traitor of the All Gods Corporation! Transition Station #9527 was referred to as the Phantom Transition Station and its serial number had long been canceled!

It’s just that 9527 had insane skills and forcefully controlled the Phantom Transition Station. He has been an enemy and execution target in the eyes of the All Gods Corporation for a long time.

If anyone knew that Han was related to the Phantom space station, it would not end well for Han.

Jian Jia patiently said, "Just remember my words. I can’t tell you the reason but if you don’t promise, then we are staying here and not going back!"

Han hastily nodded to agree after he saw how determined Jian Jia was. He must return to Star Lord City; he had so many brothers whom he had been through thick and thin with at the city.

Only then did Jian Jia take out a strange pink ring and lightly pressed on the pink gem on top of it. The gem then began to flash.

"Wait for it. My father will soon come to pick us up." Jian Jia said.


Not long later, a white light appeared in the distance. It was the most common mode of transportation in the Dark Net, the Space Law Transition Jump.

The light suddenly exploded when it was not too far from Han and Jian Jia. A star ship appeared. Unlike the previous star ships that Han had seen. This star ship was round, had a propulsion device at the back and was roughly the size of a battleship.

The door opened and Mr. Shui rushed out and tightly hugged Jian Jia in his arms. Since the last time they met, he seemed to have aged a lot. He even started shivering after seeing his precious daughter.

"Thank god you are safe. You scared daddy." Mr. Shui looked at his daughter and said, "What happened? Why did you deliberately try to hide from me? Was there a problem with the signal generator? Or was there some other reason?"

Jian Jia clearly knew how to deal with her father, she pleaded, "Why are you asking me these questions right after we are united? It took so much effort for Han and I to escape but you don’t even care."

Mr. Shui hurriedly said, "How can I not care about you? I had a huge fight with Kabri all because of you! I even had a huge fight with all of the officers in the defense department! Thank god you came back safely, or else I will not let this matter go!"

Jian Jia pouted and said, "There’s no use in you throwing a tantrum. It’s all thanks to Han. If it wasn’t for him, you would not see me again."

"Oh, Han! Thank you! Thank you!" Mr. Shui said to Han.

Han replied politely back. But for some reason, Han felt that Mr. Shui was acting strangely; his gaze was a little cold.

"Let’s talk when we get back." Mr. Shui said.

Mr. Shui brought Jian Jia and Han onto the round spacecraft. Jian Jia held onto her father’s arm and didn’t stop saying good words about Han. Mr. Shui’s expression just got more and more odd.

"Huh? Where is Han?" Jian Jia turned her head and hastily asked when she realized that Han had disappeared.

Mr. Shui squeezed out a smile and said, "Him? Maybe he has other matters to attend to?"

"What matters could he possibly have? Even if he had something to do, he would have said something to me." Jian Jia arched her brow and said to a nearby guard, "Go and find Han."

"Umm…" The guard looked at Mr. Shui with hesitation.

"Did you not hear?! I told you to go!" Jian Jia angrily commanded.


At this moment, Jian Jia saw a small spacecraft from the side window which rushed out from the big spacecraft they were on. The spacecraft then activated the Space Law transition jump, turned into a flash of light and disappeared into the darkness.

She looked at her father. Mr. Shui was clearly exasperated, he seemed to be blaming his subordinates for not being more careful.

"Father, what is going on?" Jian Jia asked.

"There’s nothing going on. Let’s hurry and get back. You grandfather is anxiously waiting." Mr. Shui said.

Jian Jia shook her head and said, "No. I will not go anywhere without seeing Han. I brought him here. He is my guest. Father, you didn’t…"

"How could I? Didn’t you say Han saved you? He is a great benefactor of our family." Mr. Shui explained.

"Father, your left pinky always trembles whenever you lie. Don’t lie to me. You must be keeping something from me." Jian Jia asked. Her expression had turned cold.

"I..I.." Mr. Shui stuttered. He was conflicted because he was hiding things from his daughter.

"Tell me or I will never talk to you again." Jian Jia said with a heavy voice.

"Sigh…" Mr. Shui let out a long sigh, "It’s all Zhu Yanan’s fault for the way things have gone!"

"Many youngsters from influential families fled during the battle at the Mystic Valley. Even Kabri’s grandson Carmen fled. Even though he returned to battle after fleeing, Kabri was still outraged and nearly broke his grandson’s legs."

"The fate of the others were even worse. Especially Zhu Yanan. When the defense department retrieved the live video footage; they realized that Zhu Yanan was a coward. Zhu Wutai (TL: Zhu Yanan’s father) wanted to kill him to repent."

"Zhu Yanan was so timid. After the scare from his father, he spilled a lot of information related to the Mystic Valley. One of it was that he once sent an assassin to kill Han. Even though he was unsuccessful, Zhu Yanan discovered that Han had boarded upon a Transition Station that did not exist…the Phantom Transition Station #9527."

"Han had not only boarded the Transition Station #9527, he came back alive. This greatly alarmed the Director Board of the Corporation. They suspect that Han has ties to the Phantom station so they brought him back for an investigation."

"Please don’t blame daddy. It was the Director Board’s decision. Even your grandfather could not have done anything."


Jian Jia shivered all over, her face was pale and she almost fainted to the ground.

She had thought of everything, and had even rehearsed with Han as to what to say, but the most unfortunate thing had still happened. Zhu Yanan had exposed Han.

"It’s over, its all over." Jian Jia was in cold sweat, she kneeled on the floor and muttered. Her face was pale like snow.