Chapter 200: Demon Claw (Part Two)

Chapter 200: Demon Claw (Part Two)

Han slightly frowned, but ignored him. There were many disgusting people in the world, and the Violent Grappler was just one of them.


With Ting Bu’s order, the fusion beast duel started immediately.

They just saw the Jade Kylin carry its dark jade color light and prowl towards the Demon Claw, with its mouth open, exposing sharp teeth, while the Demon Claw rushed to the Jade Kylin’s side and charged up.

That is the characteristic of Demon Claw, although it looks a bit simple, this thing didn’t know fear. It was like Han, as long as there was a fight, it will keep charging forward until it died.

After the distance was closed, the Demon Claw leaped into the air and tried to directly pierce with its claws, but the Jade Kylin just used its forepaw and slapped the Demon Claw’s body.

To be honest, the Demon Claw was actually at a disadvantage in this type of fight, because it was a master at drilling, the battlefield had a thick layer of alloy on the surface so it couldn’t hide itself to launch surprise attacks and had no choice but to fight the Jade Kylin head-on.


Sure enough, the Demon Claw was sent flying by the Jade Kylin’s slap and collided onto the energy barrier that covered the stage and then bounced back, heavily landing onto the ground.

The small scales that emitted a dark light was what the Jade Kylin was proudest of. It came from a giant lizard called the Jade Sea Dragon. In the animal kingdom, only the strongest breed could be known as dragons.

Just moments ago, the Demon Claw wanted to pierce the Jade Kylin’s front leg with its claws, but it only left a shallow scratch on the Jade Kylin which showed just how strong the defense of this fusion beast was.


The Demon Claw clumsily got up and shook its head as if it got a little dizzy from getting beat up by the Jade Kylin.

At this moment, the Jade Kylin aggressively advanced again, and this stubborn Demon Claw actually charged up towards the Jade Kylin again, and used the same move, getting close to leap, and trying to pierce the Jade Kylin’s eyes this time with its claws.

This time the Demon Claw did improve. Knowing that the layer of armor on the Jade Kylin’s body could not be penetrated, it chose to attack the relatively weaker eyes.

Unfortunately, the difference was still too big, and the Jade Kylin suddenly flashed its wing, causing its body to lift up so the Demon Claw couldn’t reach the Jade Kylin’s eyes, but was instead given another slap from the Jade Kylin and was sent flying again.

“You see, I’m right, the Demon Claw is no match for the Jade Kylin.”

“Yep, the gap in level is too large. The Jade Kylin not only has higher defense, its reflex is also far quicker than the Demon Claw.”

“If someone can give out orders, maybe the situation would be better. The Demon Claw is too stubborn, only knowing to charge head on. Although this kind of attack was really touching to see, but that still depends on who the opponent is.”

“Useless. If the Wind Speaker give Demon Claw orders, perhaps it will get more chaotic the more he commanded. After all, Wind Speaker is only a genetic biology expert, not a professional fighter.”

Not only did the people around them start discussing the Demon Claw losing, even Han himself laughed and mumbled to himself, “This thing indeed has a simple mind, letting him fight on his own makes him completely no match for the Jade Kylin. Going on like this isn’t a way out, might as well surrender now.”

Thinking of this, Han raised his hand up. The Demon Claw’s dare-devil fighting spirit was indeed worthy of praise, but the fact has long proved that if there’s no Han, this thing’s combat strength simply couldn’t be fully displayed. In the face of strong enemies, the weakness of the lack of tactical thinking was revealed.

Han didn’t mind losing one game, so he raised his hand and shouted, “I asked to end the battle, I lost this game.”

After all this wasn’t the real battlefield. Han’s bones were tough, but that also depended on who he was facing and where.

The Demon Claw was the first fusion beast Han finished, it had loyally followed Han for a long time, escaping death many times. Letting it battle head-on against a much stronger opponent for some game points, Han really couldn’t bear it. After all, he had emotions towards the Demon Claw.

As the referee of this battle, Ting Bu fiercely stared at the Violent Grappler, giving a strong hint.

Violent Grappler immediately shouted, “I don’t agree to truce! Putting all my points on the line, this time I must crush stupid claw beast into pieces!”

Han suddenly hesitated, up until now, there had never been a situation like this in all the games.

You have to leave some room for the opponent, so it won’t be awkward seeing them later. They were both working with fusion beasts, was it necessary to be like this?

Han already surrendered and intended to hand over the points, and the Violent Grappler actually disagree?!

That’s too much!

Han held back the anger in his chest and said to the Violent Grappler, “We will see each other in this small camp often, you don’t have to be this aggressive right?”

“None of your business! I just don’t like how your fusion beast looks and want it to die!” The Violent Grappler shouted.

Han gritted his teeth and continued, “If you agree to surrender, how about counting it as a favor I owe you?”

“No need, I don’t need your favor!” Violent Grappler shouted again.


Everyone around are all shocked, they’ve never heard that the Violent Grappler and Wind Speaker had grudges for each other. The two of them had never been the same type of people. The Violent Grappler was hungry for victory and honor, but Han preferred to be low-key, how did they end up like this?

At the same time, the Demon Claw was sent flying by the Jade Kylin again, heavily falling onto the ground and could only see stars in its eyes.

But the Demon Claw tenaciously got up, shaking left and right, and still wanted to charge up!

The Demon Claw not under Han’s control, was the most fearless hot head. Besides charging, it didn’t understand anything else.

The Demon Claw was definitely a silly little thing.

And that’s what Han liked about him!

The Demon Claw had a strange appearance, and even a bit ugly.

But Han liked the Demon Claw’s ugliness!

Ugly and silly Demon Claw, it was more loyal than anyone! Brave! Fearless!

Hot blood rushed to Han’s head, he could no longer suppress it and was completely enraged!

When Han raised one hand pointing at the Violent Grappler, the Demon Claw also stopped its silly charges, this was because Han already took control of the Demon Claw.

From now on, everyone of the Demon Claw’s actions would be decided by Han!

“Since you want a fight that doesn’t end until death, then I will give you one!” A touch of cold light burst out of Han’s eyes as he emotionlessly stated.