Chapter 300: Code Name – Mad Dog

Chapter 300: Code Name – Mad Dog

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In the Mystic Valley, after the broken bridge was the glacier. The ice locked down thousands of miles of lake surface, which looks very smooth like a mirror on the surface, but the fact is, danger lurked everywhere under the surface.

Han led the team and sprinted on the ice lake. The ice surface is covered in white snow, but under the white snow are hidden cracks. Although look harmless, there was constant danger for someone’s step to break the surface.


A group of people followed behind Han’s group. They suddenly appeared from the edge of the ice lake, and they cunningly thought, with Han’s group leading in the front, even if there’s danger, Han’s group would be the first one to encounter, so they decided to follow them.

Han turned around, lightly sighed. Without question, they won’t be able to live, because they didn’t follow from the very start but was joining in from the side and wanted to cut behind Han. But, that area they took short cut in, is death.


Sure enough, right when this group was about to join in Han’s group from rear, the ice surface suddenly shattered, and a few giant prehistoric crocodiles jumped out of the surface. These crocodiles with shark-like tail fin were very ferocious, they leaped at least a hundred meters high into the air and swallowed those unlucky soldiers in one go.

Everyone watched with a frightened heart, all being glad to have Han leading the way. It’s not hard to see from the adventure on the bridge that Han has extraordinary keen sense of judgment towards traps and danger.

If one wants to cross the Mystic Valley, the path is key, and finding the safest route requires large amount of thinking and calculating.

Changing the lead from Han to Jian Jia, the only difference is that the speed slowed down a lot. Jian Jia doesn’t need to calculate and the navigator would automatically point her to the safest route, but Han requires thinking and calculation in order to draw the final conclusion.

The path through the ice lake, it took Han a full two hours to complete.

In spite of this, everyone was still very impressed. It’s not that there’s no math experts on the team, WUyun and Night Walker has a very strong foundation in mathematics, but knowing the math is not the only thing needed to calculate a path. One still needs to grasp powerful logic reasoning, and in this regard, Han is clearly the expert.

Crossing the ice lake was fairly smooth over all, but suddenly, Han felt an illusion inside his brain. That black shadow that already had its back towards him, he appeared again, and is completely uncontrollable by Han, as if he lives inside Han’s brain.

"We need to leave this place now." The black shadow said.

Han used his spiritual consciousness and asked, "Why?"

"Because the enemies are near."

"Enemies from the Three-Eye Race?"

"Three Eye Race is only minor, it’s mainly the enemies from the Mass Demon Corporation."

"Mass Demon Corporation? That the f*ck is that damn thing?!" Han was getting a little anxious. This soul has lived in his brain like a parasite for a long time now, but Han still doesn’t know anything about him.

"They are one of the main enemies of All Gods Corporation."

"Just stop talking! After we cross this glacier, tell me everything you know! I don’t want to just die without even knowing how I died!" Han shouted at the black shadow in the spiritual world.

Immediately, Han waved towards the front and shouted, "From now on, full speed ahead!"

Milky Way, Earth.

Due to Han’s influence in the Wild Star Region Undercurrent Fortress, as will as the Explorer Clan Ancient Maple Leaf’s good relationship with Han, at the moment Three Eyed Race landed in the Wild Star Region, the Earth Military already received the news.

From Long Chuan to Old Mo, everyone’s face became pale.

The video sent back from the scout satellite is very clear, that’s a man-made worm hole that’s even bigger than a star system, and what crossed the worm hole was a super fleet made of millions of big and small star ships, even the number of flagships alone exceeded ten thousand.

What’s even more terrifying is, no one knows whether this fleet is the main force of the Three Eye Race or maybe just their vanguard.

The real-time communication with the robot legion at the distant Twin Horse Galaxy began, and the five robot leaders appeared on the screen to communicate with Earth.

Although they are robots, but whether it’s Raksha or Source, or learning robot’s leader Hefeng, they are all equipped with high level artificial intelligence, and the situation doesn’t look too optimistic even by these robots’ judgement.

Source reported, "According to the contingency plan developed by Han in advance, our army at the Undercurrent Fortress have began gathering with our allies from the Head-Hunter Clan and Ancient Maple Leaf, and we will try to retreat to the Twin-Horse Galaxy as soon as possible."

"At the same time, the Oblivion Realm had already communicated with us, Protector Chuli promised that his people will fully retreat to Twin-Horse within one week at the latest."

"I suggest, immediately issue the highest assembly order, levy all ships that can be levied, evacuate Earth citizens at full speed."

Li Yu let out a long sigh, grabbed his hair and asked, "How much time do we still have left?"

Source replied, "Very fortunately, the boarding point this time for the Three Eyed Race is the Wild Star Field on the outskirt of Milky Way, so based on estimation, at most within ten days, this giant fleet will officially invade Milky Way, and the time it takes to reach Earth will not exceed three weeks."

"If our estimation is correct, the Milky Way Alliance will for sure abandon the outskirts of the Milky Way and gather all of its main army near Star Sector 12, which also means, before the Three Eye Race enters Sector 12, they will not encounter any threat."

"In other words, the decisive battle will take place within the third to fourth month"

Everyone let out a long sigh. But, although three or four months sounds like a lot of time, but in reality for the Milky Way Society, it’s just a breathing time.

The fastest starship will take 5 whole months to cross the Milky Way. If the final battle will take place after three months, then only a small proportion of the people can escape from Milky Way.

The robot legion’s chief combat commander Raksha said, "The reality lies before us, and the only question now is, whether we should strike back once near Earth. Now we are unable to contact Han, and according to the agreement we signed with Han, under this situation, Earth Military will become the chief in command, and our Robot Legion will completely follow the command of the Earth army."

Long Chuan smiled bitterly, the pressure placed on him is enormous. There are two warlords in Earth’s army, Han and Ke Lake, and there are two chief commanders, Han and Long Chuan. Now without Han being here, the stress and pressure placed on Long Chuan increased significantly.

Pouted, Long Chuan quickly began analyzing the current situation with a very calm tone, and this is also the reason why Han really trusts Long Chuan. He’s not only a great fighter, but his wisdom is also extraordinary.

"In fact, the plan has long been set by Han, but we just did not expect that the enemies would come this quickly."

"So, the question isn’t hard to solve. We just need to think, if Han’s here today, with his personality, will he easily let the enemies stomp over his hometown?"

"Of course not!" Li Yu shouted, "For Earth, Han almost died many times! Today’s Earth was almost exchanged with his life! He for sure wouldn’t be willing to let the enemy occupy Earth."

Long Chuan said, "That’s also what I thought. If Han’s here, with his personality, he will fight for sure! He will fight even if he can’t win!"

"But, with his personality, he also wouldn’t want his brothers to die in vain. So my guess is, Han wouldn’t want our two legions fight a full-on positional warfare with the Three Eye Race, but only let us launch sneak attacks and stab them from the back."

Talin smiled, nodded and said, "That’s right. With Han’s personality, if the enemies is going to stomp over his home but not leave something behind, he won’t agree for sure."

Long Chuan said in a deep voice, "So, the situation now is very simple. Earth can be given to the damn Three Eye Race, but they have to leave behind a pile for corpses for us!"

"My decision is, don’t use flagships or other large warships, but position agile fleets hidden in the vicinity of Earth. Once the Three Eye Race passes, we will let out the fleet and bite them with full strength from he back! We won’t stop until we see blood from the bite!"

"This plan’s code name, Mad Dog!"