Chapter 97: Close to Gene Factory

Chapter 97: Close to Gene Factory

Han and the other two didn’t have to go far. After passing a U-shaped cave, the front suddenly opened up.

It was a vast underground world. Giant beast skeletons were poking out of the heavy layer of sand.

There were no complete set of skeletons, all the bones of those monsters were broken up and scattered randomly.

Although the skeletons were not complete, it was not hard to guess that, based on length of those white bones, that its owner were giants. One of the ribs exposed out of the sand being over thousands of meters.

Lan Feng frowned and said, “These are dark beasts.”

Han was shocked and he asked surprisingly, “How do you know?”

Lan Feng approached a skeleton, pointed at the one short and one long forearm bones and said, “The prehistoric civilization were trying to achieve the limits of evolution, and the dark beasts were the best evidence. The so-called dark beasts, is actually just assembling many types of wild beasts, or even celestial beasts’ genes together to achieve the best strengthening effect.”

“So dark beasts’ skeletons usually had asymmetric features. Like these two forearms, one is razor-sharp, and one is giant and solid.”

“The reason for this is because the prehistoric beings installed two arms of different function, one arm is used to capture and the other arm is used to penetrate after the prey is captured.”

As Lan Feng spoke, he also did a demo, grabbing a rock with his right hand and then lightly did a cutting action with his left arm.

“Do you understand now? The prehistoric civilization doesn’t want symmetry but functionality. You already saw before, some dark beasts have two heads and some even had three. The prehistoric civilization designed them that way because with more heads, the beast can take care of all directions. And then if they continue to enhance its detection ability by installing a sonar exploration system like the one bats have, then it will be a very powerful scout-type dark beast.”

Han slightly nodded, “So you are saying, these giant beasts are also a type of dark beast. But why are they underground? Why didn’t we see them when we were still up on the surface?”

Lan Feng replied, “Maybe it’s because the difficulty was too great and the prehistoric civilization failed, so they abandoned these failed giant dark beast dead bodies here.”

Han smiled and said, “Lan Feng, you really know a lot. No wonder you have so many dreams, it’s actually because you know everything.”

Lance said on the side, “This guy is at least the young master of the Blue Celestial Lake family (TL: Lan Feng’s name directly translated is Blue Maple, which is under this family), there are at least 800 to 1000 teachers teaching him stuff ever since he was born, so I’m not surprised at all that Lan Feng knows that much.”

Lan Feng didn’t deny it, he simply shrugged his shoulders, looked at the endless sand hills underground, and said in a deep voice, “I have a bad feeling, we may have unconsciously gotten close to the gene factory.”


Suddenly, Han and Lance’s face became pale.

There was a gene factory in every extinction domain, where the dark beasts were made. The reason why it was difficult for humans to explore extinction domains was because those gene factories.

And since the gene factory was where the dark beasts were made, it was very dangerous because no one knew what kinds of monsters were guarding there.

Lance looked very nervous, and he asked in a deep voice, “Lan Feng, you really think so?”

Lan Feng nodded, looked around at the skeletons of dark beasts around them and he said, “If I’m right, these skeletons are failed prototypes that were just thrown out of the factory, so right now we shouldn’t be too far away from the factory.”

“Analyzing from the beginning, Han was a bit too extreme when acting and made the united floating tower fall from the sky which broke open the earth. Due to being chased by the dark beasts, we jumped into the abyss and reached the deep underground where no one else had visited before. We ran into many unexplainable things. Based on the information I predict that we are not far away from the gene factory.”

“I read a lot of information on extinction domains. Every high level relic has a gene factory, and usually those factories are hidden very deep into the ground. And right now we are at least thousands of kilometers underground, and that is probably deep enough for us to encounter a factory.”

Lance and Han both nodded, and Han said, “Looks like from now on, we will have to be extra careful. Lance, you still scout for us like before, but you must leave me some signals, and if you are in any danger, Lan Feng and I will fully support you.”

“After all, we are already here at this strange and weird place, if we want to leave then we must move forward.”

Lance nodded heavily and said in a serious manner, “Understand, leave it to me.”

After realizing that they have been inadvertently approaching the core secret of A-19, Han and the other two became a lot more careful, and even their occasional chat on the road became a bit depressed.

It took them 3 full days and nights to walk out of this underground desert where the dark beasts’ skeletons were abandoned, and they arrived at a honeycomb-like rock wall.

On the black rock wall, there were countless caves connected to each other, like an endless maze.


At the lake where Han and the other two were at three days ago.

Don’t know from where but someone strange appeared. His entire body was tightly wrapped in linen, exposing only two black eyeballs, looking like an ascetic.

He walked into the water, and saw the dead body of those monster fish which were killed by Han and the other two.

Slightly shaking his head, the monk in sack cloths left the lake and arrived at the cemetery of those soldiers from the prehistoric civilization.

Looking ahead, the whole graveyard had been dug up into a mess, the soldiers’ bones were all exposed to the air, skulls crushed with taken condensed crystals. Even those weapons that were stuck into the grave also disappeared without a trace.

“Thieves! Damn thieves!”

The ascetic monk looking guy in sack cloths, his whole body was trembling, and with a hoarse voice he shouted.

Then, he suddenly looked up, his eyes stared directly at the black stone dome, and a sharp yet shrill noise came straight out of his throat.

Ow~ ~ ~

Ow~ ~ ~

This noise didn’t sound like something that could be produced from a human, but more like a cry from a devil in hell!

Two hours passed, and the sound of dark rapid footsteps began to approach.

It was a group of dark beasts, a group powerful to the extent of terrifying lone large dark beasts!

They were like raptor dinosaurs, but a lot more brutal. They were covered in an pangolin-like hard shell with its two front claws the same size as large sharp eagle talons. The two legs supporting its huge body were thick and powerful, and its mouth was split on both sides of the curvature, filled with fangs like serrated steel.


At least several thousands of the raptor dark beasts arrived to the side of that sackcloth-wearing strange man, raising their heads. Their black eyes speckled with coldness, like a well-trained army composed of dark beasts.


The sackcloth-wearing strange man suddenly jumped up onto the back of one of the most muscular dark raptor beasts, raised his head again and let out another shrill cry.


The army of dark raptor beasts began running through the U-shaped cave, and arrived at the desert where the giant size dark beasts were abandoned.

More and more dark raptor beasts gathered, accumulating to over ten thousand in a very short time.


The strange man began to make that terrible rattling sound again, and this large dark army roared across the desert at an incredible speed. It looked like within a few hours, they could catch up to Han and the other two.

“There’s a taste of darkness?”

“Did the King come too?”

“Why is the King with those humans?”

That strange man in the sack cloths shook his head as he mumbled to himself.


He slapped his ride, that strongest dark raptor beast’s head, which made it cry out loud out of pain.

“This is very strange, chase harder!” He waved his arm and ordered.

Just for a moment, there was a black arm, skinny like a vine, yet sharp like a machete poking out from under the sack cloths.

Without a doubt, he’s not human.

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