Chapter 254: Uncle Shui

Chapter 254: Uncle Shui

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Han returned to the Star Lord City in his particle module and went to the auction center. From far away, he could already see that there was an ocean of people outside the center. Fortunately, Du Yunli informed Han of a separate, deserted entrance for him.

“Mr. Han!” Du Yunli greeted Han from afar. She was in professional wear. A short black skirt, white shirt, and chestnut-colored hair that was tied up, gave her a feeling of a professional woman.

Han smiled, went up and greeted back, “Luckily there’s not many people at this entrance. The other entrances are pretty miserable, the lines were so long.”

Du Yunli replied, “This is the VIP entrance, there is no need to line up.”

“Who’s VIP?” Han’s head tilted to one side as he asked.


“Me? Don’t joke around, I’m not even an official member of the All Gods Corporation, how am I qualified to be a VIP?”

Du Yunli covered her mouth and started laughing, “Although you are not at the moment, that doesn’t mean you won’t be in the future. Your genetic beasts are this welcomed here at the Star Lord City, it will also be welcomed later when you get to the Star System City!”

“This is your VIP card, you don’t have to be modest.”

“Didn’t you ask why there are so many people here today? That’s because all the beast tamers in the city came. Also, those soldiers that like genetic beasts, a lot of them also came. They all want to see what a 96% compatibility rated genetic beast looks like.”

Upon hearing that, Han didn’t really feel happy and slightly frowned.

The biggest tree in the forest will definitely receive the most damage from the storm, and this truth has always been understood by Han.

Thinking back to his way here, there seemed to be many pairs of eyes looking at him, and that odd feeling from before surfaced again. But Han didn’t take it seriously. After all, this was the Star Lord City and he was just a little character.

Now it seems, he should really be careful from now on.

Du Yunli led Han to the VIP room, although Han received the VIP card from the auction center, but VIP was also divided into different levels. The room arranged for Han was very small, and could only accommodate two people. It was also in the corner.

It will feel very intimate to sit there with a girl. By the look of Du Yunli, she clearly intended to stay and watch this auction with Han together, and their room was also in the dark corner. Isn’t this a bit like a couple watching a movie together in a cinema?

When passing through the VIP channel, suddenly a skinny and small monkey figure jumped out of a room and grabbed onto Han.


Han turned around and looked. It was actually Jian Jia, still with that incredibly white little face and as playful as before.


Han’s hand very naturally landed on Jian Jia’s shoulder, and he said in excitement, “It’s actually you! I didn’t even know you are also at the Star Lord City.”

Jian Jia replied, “What’s the big surprise, the Star Lord City has billions of people, it’s not easy to meet someone you know. Where’s your room? Is it far from me?”

Han didn’t understand. He turned around and looked at Du Yunli. This little girl’s face became red like a monkey’s butt and began stammering to explain the location of Han’s room.

“What!” Jian Jia said in disdain, “A sketchy room in the corner, Han you really seem to be going through some rough times. Don’t go there anymore, come sit with me. Uh that … whoever you are, there’s nothing for you to do anymore. You can leave now.”

“Yes sir.” Du Yunli was a little scared, and she respectfully bowed to the little monkey-like Jian Jia and left.

Han slightly frowned. He came from the grass root (TL: he has no background) and treated most people respectfully, but Jian Jia was clearly different from Han. He didn’t even ask about Du Yunli’s name and just referred to her as “that whoever”.


Just that that moment, three more people came over in the VIP channel: a middle-aged man with a very rectangular face, bushy eye brows with big eyes, and a young man with another person in the Auction Center uniform. Those two carefully followed behind.

That rectangular faced old man saw Han and Jian Jia were talking, and Han’s one hand was placed on Jian Jia’s shoulder. He was stunned immediately, then heavily coughed a few times. That young man immediately put on a hostile look and stared at Han, checking him out from top to bottom.

“Dad!’ Jian Jia saw that rectangular faced middle-aged man and shouted, and then that little fox look of his appeared again, and he muttered, “Look, this is my friend Han, the people at the Auction Center arranged the smallest room in the corner for him. I want to invite him to our room to see the auction. Besides, Han’s also a beast tamer. You always said to listen to the opinion of the crowd, there’s no harm to hear what he has to say.”

Jian Jia’s words carried some feminine vibes, full of his own style. The rectangular faced middle-aged man took a look at Han, then gently nodded and said, “Young man, I see you look very familiar, have we met before?”

Han said honestly, “Probably not, this is also just my second time meeting Jian Jia.”

“Oh.” Jian Jia’s father said, “Then maybe I remembered wrong. Since you are here too, then let’s just spectate together.”

Delighted, Jian Jia just dragged Han into the room.

After pushing the door open and walking in, Han couldn’t help but pout. This was the room that directly faced the auction stage, the best location. Even 20 or 30 people in here wouldn’t appear crowded, with an independent washroom and a bar, giving off a super luxurious atmosphere.

Jian Jia invited Han, and that young man behind Jian Jia’s back appeared to be a bit unhappy. He was about the same age as Han, with a pointy chin, very thin lips, two towering cheek bones, and a head of neatly combed blonde hair. Overall, he looked a bit mean.

The other person that accompanied Jian Jia’s father to the room was that manager of the Auction Center Katyn. Han didn’t know him, but he knew about Han.

Maybe from Katyn’s point of view, Jian Jia’s father was a respectable important figure, and seeing how Han and Jian Jia was actually that familiar with each other, she was first surprised, then was about to open her mouth and say something to Jian Jia’s father.

Just at that moment, that mean-looking young man waved his hand in disdain and said to Katyn, “What is it? You want to enter the room too with Sir?”

Katyn first hesitated, then thought that maybe this young man was a bit unhappy because Jian Jia brought Han into the room, so she smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Then why don’t you get out immediately?” The young man continued to speak with harsh language.

Katyn nodded with a smile. She backed off and left. With a “bang” sound, that young man closed the room’s door.

After closing the door, that mean look immediately disappeared off that young man’s face. In front of Jian Jia’s father, he was very courteous like the spring breeze.

He helped Jian Jia’s father to sit down, and then sat down beside him.

“Since I can meet you at the auction, then that means Bo Ya is also likely to be in the city too?” Han asked Jian Jia, those two chatted on another side.

“It’s not ‘possible’, but for sure.”

Then Han replied, “If we can get a hold of him, we can go eat fried chicken and drink beer together. A few days ago, me and two of my friends went to this little restaurant. The fried chicken there was very delicious. It was said that they used a very rare ingredient, so the chicken had a lotus leaf flavor.”

Eat fried chicken?!

Drink beer?!

The mean-looking young man glanced at Han in disdain. He was sure, Jian Jia would for sure reject Han’s suggestion, because with Jian Jia’s background, how could fried chicken and beer match his identity?

“Deal! I haven’t tried lotus leaf flavored fried chicken yet. With chilled bear, it must feel nice!” Jian Jia said with a smile, and right after those words came out, that mean-looking young guy felt a wave of dizziness.

Han continued, “Unfortunately, although fried chicken and iced beer is nice, it can’t be eaten as a main course. After drinking, we can get two more steamy delicious meat buns, only then will I be satisfied.”

Jian Jia’s two hands held his chin and he said in excitement, “Meat buns, is that the thing you gave to me last time? A piece of flat bread folded with meat inside? To be honest, it tasted a bit oily.”

Han waved his hand and said with all seriousness, “That time was too rushed, the meat bun was cold. It should be eaten when it’s still hot, and there is 30% meat skin and 10% of fat, otherwise if it’s all lean mean, then it will taste too dry without any texture, and the scent wouldn’t be sufficient either. In addition, there’s diced green pepper, cancelling out the oily taste.”

“Oh, so that’s what should be like. Then next time I will for sure try the meat buns that you speak so highly of.” Jian Jia said with a look full of expectation.

Meat skin~

Fat meat~

In bread~

What the f*ck is this?!

That mean-looking young man couldn’t hold it anymore, and even Jian Jia’s father slightly frowned. To them, it didn’t make sense to miss out on the great delicacies to chew on a piece of bread with meat inside. What is this!

“I heard that you are also a beast tamer?” That young man asked Han.

“Yes, my name is Han and I’ve learned some genetic technology before.” Han looked at him and Jian Jia’s father and said respectfully.

“My name is Zhu Yanan, this is Jian Jia’s father, you can call him Mr. Shui.” Zhu Yanan introduced and then asked, “About the two number-series genetic beasts being auctioned tonight, what’s your opinion on them?”

“What number-series genetic beasts?” Han asked in curiosity. He hadn’t heard that they are auctioning some number-series genetic beasts, only just that two of his genetic beasts were getting auctioned.

“So as a beast tamer, you don’t even know something of this importance.” Zhu Yanan’s attitude was clearly looking down on Han. He then turned around and said to Jian Jia’s father Mr. Shui, “Uncle Shui, this time I specifically invited you over, it’s solely for these two strange number-series genetic beasts.”

“This set of genetic beasts came from a mysterious beast tamer that no one knows about. He used what could be called pioneering technology. Before this, the #1 genetic beast was already auctioned, and it triggered a great sensation in the beast tamer community, and even the entire Star Lord city.”

“Amongst the number-series genetic beasts, #1 and #2 both have a 5 star level strength and a 95% compatibility rating. They could be said to be miracles in genetic beast engineering!”

“The one even stronger is the #3 genetic beast. It’s also the main character of today’s auction. This genetic beast has a beginner 6 star level strength, and its compatibility rating also reached a stunning 96%!”

“Uncle Shui, it’s too great that you can personally come to the scene. I will promise you, this Auction will for sure not disappoint you. Unlike a certain beast tamer that hadn’t heard of this big new in his own community. During these years, beast tamers that don’t carefully study but wants to receive the Star Lord title, it’s really some wishful thinking!”

Zhu Yanan was making sense at first, and then he began targeting Han.

And Han frowned and thought to himself, “Don’t carefully study? Study what sh*t! Those two retarded bastards were my creations!”