Chapter 354: The Snitch

Chapter 354: The Snitch

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Han boarded the starship with Mr.Shui and Jian Jia. After boarding the ship, Han was stopped by a few armored guards who signaled him to follow them.

Han did not think much of it. It had been a long time since Jian Jia and Mr.Shui’s last reunion, and they had a lot of private matters to discuss. It would be awkward for him to stay anyway. So Han followed the guards until he reached a small spaceship connected to the starship. He realized something was not right, but the spaceship had already detached itself from the main ship, and sped into the hyperspace transition jump stage.

"Where are you taking me?" Han frowned.

"Just following standard protocol here, you did leave Star Lord City with no reason for over a month, and you need to provide a comprehensive report to the board regarding the events at the Mystic valley, specifically the invasion of the Mass Demon Corp." One guard replied.

Han nodded and said nothing else.

Shortly after, Han was taken to an unfamiliar city. He had only been to Star lord City during his time in the All Gods Corporationoration, and just by observation, he saw that this city was the exact opposite of Star Lord City. Through the window Han saw a number of grim-looking soldiers in the lifeless smog filled city.

The spaceship parked on top of the fort at the city’s center. Han departed the ship and saw groups of soldiers guarding the streets in the city. These soldiers clearly went through hard training and stared forward solemnly.

"This is also standard protocol." As guards searched Han.

He ordered Han to remove his two dimension-rings and took him into an empty room.

The room had a dazzling glare, with only a table and two chairs. The guard ordered Han to sit down, then he called in a middle-aged man in black armor and cape.

The middle-aged men had a pair of very deep eyes, and it felt like he could see through everything. He was also expressionless. It appears that the whole city was filled with boring people. Han had yet to see a smiling man here.

Han smiled and reach out with his right hand, "Greetings, I am Han."

The middle-aged man was stunned for a short second, not used to the relaxed and smiling Han. He frowned but still shook Han’s hand reluctantly. "Tanding, I am responsible for your investigation."


The choice of wording made Han upset. He thought he was supposed to be treated like a hero from All Gods Crop. While in Mystic Valley, Han performed exceptionally well when faced against the horrific executioners, and now he was under investigation? It was a bit unreasonable and unjustified.

Tanding began in a deep voice, "Let’s start with the events at the Mystic Valley."

Tanding asked Han to detail everything from Mystic Valley, and his encounters with Jian Jia after.

Prior to returning, Han had already practiced the lines with Jian Jia. Everything that happened in Mystic Valley was official, no meddling around with it and Han only had to say it as is. But the events after passing through the space rift was unknown to the All Gods Corporationoration so Han piled everything onto Soul Beast Linda.

Han and Jian Jia could not contact the All Gods Corporationoration under the threat of a super strong Mother Soul Beast. In reality, Linda did indeed steal Han’s particle module.

Tanding pinched his fingers and asked. "Who can vouch for everything you just said?"

"Jian Jia, we had been together since departing Mystic Valley." Han replied.

Tanding asked again, "So the Mass Demon Corporation sent a squad of executioner to Mystic Valley. Did this have something to do with you?"

Han shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don’t think you’ll believe me even if I say it had nothing to do with me. But that is the truth! I don\'t know anything about it, maybe those guys mistook me for someone else."

Mistaken Han for someone else?

That was definitely not a good excuse, but Tanding already received secret orders from the board to not entangle the Mystic Valley events with Han. After all they don’t have any evidence, and the board families lost major face (TL: A Chinese slang for dignity) during the Mystic Valley war.

Carmen and his friends initially fled, but they were brave enough to come back to the battlefield to fight the executioners. The other families just straight ran away.

In comparison, what Han and his band of brothers displayed were absolute stellar performances. Even if Han had any problems, it should be cancelled out by his contribution during that battle.

Furthermore, the events from Mystic Valley involved Jian Jia. The Shui family had a special place in the All Gods Corporationoration, and won’t be good to anyone if matters were further investigated.

What Tanding really wanted to investigate was 9527. As one of the most wanted "traitors", if Han really had a relationship of any kind with 9527, then it doesn’t matter how much potential Han had or how much Han had done for the All Gods Corporationoration, the end for him was still death.

All Gods Corporation shall never allow another 9527 to appear inside the corporation.

"Let me show you something." Tanding said to Han.

"Okay." Han replied.

With a wave of his finger, Tanding brought up a hologram showing Zhu Yanan, the son of the All Gods Corporation High General Zhu Wutai.

The old man who angrily grabbed Zhu Yanan’s neck must be Zhu Wutai. He was in the army his whole life and survived countless battles. He treatede honor above all else, especially above life. Then to have his son ran away after faced with enemy, especially as the first person to run away, he was deeply embarrassed.

Zhu Wutai was livid. The soldiers lived by their reputations, and after watching this video live, Zhu Wutai wished there was a hole in the ground to hide into, because he could not face anyone again after seeing his son lead the fleeing army.

Zhu Wutai threatened to kill his son in front of his colleagues. Zhu Yanan knew his father very well and was scared to death. He screamed while peeing his pants, "Father, don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I will make up for it!"


Zhu Wutai smacked his son across the face so hard that it caused Zhu Yanan’s face to swell immediately. Zhu Yanan was shuddering like a tiny chick.

Han didn’t know why Tanding showed him this, but he felt very relieved and satisfied, but that feeling lasted not even one second because of what followed after.

Zhu Yanan looked frightened and shouted. "I know a secret! About Han! He’s a spy, a spy for 9527 inside the All Gods Corporation!"

Upon mentioning 9527, everyone was stunned. Zhu Wutai picked up Zhu Yanan and asked seriously. "What did you say? 9527? The nonexistent Transition Station? The Corporation’s most wanted man?"

"Yes! That’s him! I have proof, Han is associated with Transition Station #9527!" Zhu Yanan screamed at the top of his lung ignoring all else, "Father, let me make it up to the Corp! Let me expose the person that endangers the entire Corp!"

"Speak quickly! What exactly do you know?" Zhu Wutai pushed Zhu Yanan onto the ground and stared at him.

Zhu Yanan wiped away his snots and cried. "Father, as you already know, I had a crush on Jian Jia since my childhood, but Han had to step in between us. I was jealous so I hired the Lovran brothers to assassinate him."


Zhu Wutai did not let him finish and smacked him again, screaming, "The Lovran brothers are also wanted by the Corp! How dare you associate yourself with those bastards! CONTINUE!"

Zhu Yanan held onto his swollen face and replied, "To assassinate Han, I needed to know the position of his particle module, so I stole father’s scanning system."

"By chance I found that Han went to Transition Station #9527. But I clearly remembered that there was no Transition Station #9527 inside our Corp. The number was cancelled after that man’s betrayal."

Zhu Wutai was stunned and raised his voice, "Do you have proof?"

Zhu Yanan replied, "Of course I do. It is inside the scanner’s data history. I had encrypted the data and hid it."

Zhu Wutai was absolutely mad, "Imbecile! Why didn’t you report such important matter to me!?"

Zhu Yanan aggrieved, "I was scared, I stole the scanner when father wasn’t paying attention. If I reported Han, I would have exposed myself."


Tanding stopped the hologram display after this scene.

The room was dead silent.