Chapter 396: Orphan Xiao Bao’s hardship

Chapter 396: Orphan Xiao Bao’s hardship

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There was no Wolf Fang clan. Only Han’s Wolf Fang strategy existed. But since others had mistakenly believed that the Wolf Fang clan existed, Han decided not to clarify anything and let their imaginations run wild.

The one-sided battle did not last very long before the tribe surrendered. It was impossible to kill all the members of the tribe since there were so many of them. Therefore, since the enemy had surrendered, Han decided not to pursue those who were blindly following orders. Instead, he only ordered the death of the tribe leader.

When Han walked into the prison that held Hong and Qin, he ran into Pathless Origin who heavily patted Han on the back and said in a low voice, "It’s a pity. They should have waited for our arrival. They should know that we would come. Why did they commit suicide…?"

Han frowned without saying a word and walked into the prison.

Inside, Han was faced with the truth of what he had heard. Qin and Hong were not tortured to death but had committed suicide.

Even though this would cause enormous psychological harm to Xiao Bao, Qin and Hong had still chosen to commit suicide – the cruelest way to die for those left behind.

Their bodies lay twisted on the ground. The Tribe Alliance had spilled their blood while it was still warm.

Boya clenched his teeth and said, "This is very strange isn’t it? I recall Yun San once said that Hong and Qin did not resist because Lion Six whispered something to them. What exactly did he say? Could it be related to their deaths?"

Han shrugged and said, "You ask me, but how would I know? Maybe Lion Six knew of a weakness he could use against them to force Hong and Qin to obey."

Boya said quietly, "Is there really fate in this world? The people of the Ghost Mask Tribe once said that Qin and Hong were fated to die an unnatural death. It’s the same for Xiao Bao."

"You believe in that?" Han asked him.

Boya shook his head and said, "No. I never believe in fate. But this event is too strange to be ignored. Xiao Bao is so pitiful. He is so well-behaved and charming but he lost his parents at such a young age. Sigh, he was given a tough life."

Han remained silent. He crouched down and turned over the arm of Hong.

As the eighth generation of Liquid Nether, Hong had eight arms that reached a hundred meters. Xiao Bao was still young, so he had nine arms that were each around ten meters.

When Han turned over one of Hong’s arms, he saw a blue imprint which had appeared after Hong\'s blood had been spilled. Right before death, he placed another arm on top of the imprint to hide it.

"A garden?" Boya kneeled next tot Han and said, "I just heard from Feng Taiji that if it was not for the Tribe Alliance, you would have found a clue to the magical garden. Could this be the clue?"

"Feng Taiji has such a big mouth." Han said. "Indeed, him and I found a garden under the God Tree. The underground garden gave a clue of a place called Golden Sacred Garden on the reverse side of the universe."

"But it seemed like the paradise of intelligent beasts does not have much to do with us."

Boya swallowed and said heavily, "But Hong and Qin are beasts."

Han was dazed but said nothing. He recorded the mark that Hong had left before his death. It was an imprint of a garden with a lighthouse in the middle.


The tribe\'s history consisted of conquests and invasions; enslaving others and becoming enslaved.

It was not the first time in the tribe’s history that the tribe leader and warriors were massacred. Yet this incident marked the first time a group of outsiders had lead a massacre against the tribe.

Yun San told Han that according to the tribe’s rules, they would reelect a tribe leader and proclaim their loyalty to Han. In this world where the Jungle Law prevailed, whoever had power decided how the rest should live. The newly elected tribe leader might not hate Han. In fact, he might even be grateful that Han had killed the old tribe leader and provided an opportunity for him to take his place.

Han was not interested in gaining the allegiance of the tribes, he was more interested in accessing their territory maps.

The territory maps were priceless because there were many unexplainable incidents occurring in the tribes’ territory. Dark Net ships would disappear in these areas and radars would lose their signals.

The All Gods Corporation really wanted to kill Han and 9527. Yet because they did not have the territory map of the tribes, they could only circle around the parameters, rather than invade with their main forces.

If the map could belong to Han, he would be able to know where he could go and where he could not go. If the All Gods Corporation were to invade one day, he would also be able to defend better.

But according to the tribes located on the outer areas, All Gods Corporation did not seem to have any plans to attack the Cursed Land. The investigation battleships that were once stationed there were retreating. This was most likely linked to the upcoming war.

According to the news, war was about to erupt among the large Corporations who controlled the Dark Net.

These Corporations were intricate and complicated. There were some Corporations which were like the All Gods Corporation, made of mainly red bloodline. Others were like Mass Demons Corporation and comprised of mainly dark bloodline. It was hard to truly determine who was friend or foe.

Their talk about bloodlines reminded Han of the recent events. He had heard of the golden bloodline and blue bloodline but never of any Corporations in the Dark Net that were made of these two bloodlines. 9527 was not aware of this ever occurring either. In his memory, it was always the battle between the red and dark bloodlines or internal battles.

Boya was of the blue bloodline and had once been fancied by the All Gods Corporation. 9527 said that because Boya was of mixed blood and couldn’t be considered a pure blue bloodline Warrior.

To conclude, after the commotion that Han and the others had caused, the tribal zone was surprisingly quiet. The free and undisciplined nature of the Wolf Fang group began to manifest again.

Once they had acquired the secret of the underground garden, Feng Taiji no longer executed the missions dispatched by the Queen. He wholeheartedly stayed in his laboratory and swore to research a plant that was stronger than the Sky King Vine.

Wu Yun was the same. After making Han record his insights about genetically fused Beasts, he began to research the findings. The complete annihilation of the Godly Armored Beasts deeply ached Wu Yun’s heart. His goal was to develop beasts even stronger than those beasts.

As for Night Walker, he swore to develop a deadlier poison. It was not enough to strip the power of the warlords, as they had arrived at a higher level of the Dark Net and were many in number. He needed a poison that would completely annihilate them.

Other than that, there were many men who disobeyed the commands. Even Lance who revered Han had followed the bad examples others. Lance thought that contributing to the team was not enough to reverse the impression left by his evil upbringing. He decided to dedicate himself to practicing drawing and developing accomplishments in the arts field, like, what the f*ck?! In the future, his family would no longer pass assassination techniques through the generations but rather, develop the artistic potential of his children.

When Han heard of this news, he nearly coughed up blood. It was difficult to finally acquire someone from an assassin clan with perfect stealth skills. How could Lance decide to turn to art? The strong Lance clan would no longer kill in the future but would learn the art of drawing instead? It was too difficult to believe!

9527 had asked Han to interfere in order to provide a disciplinary presence. But who could Han control? These men fought with one heart against the enemy when they were in battle. But once off the field, they were a crazy delusional bunch!

Han finally understood. One could not relax and have nothing to do. Once one had free time, their minds ran wild. Once night set at the camp, the camp was filled with music and dance. If one did not know, they would think these men were a group of gypsies!


Han was still pondering how to bring Lance back to normal when he heard a loud sound in the distance. There was a flash of blue light from the sky. It was Ye Weiwei. He wondered who she had struck with her lightning today.

After a while, Pathless Origin ran towards Han with a head of fried hair and dove into the blue lake. He waved towards Ye Weiwei and said, "It’s okay, its just a lightning strike, it’s not going to kill anyone."

"Sorry! Grandpa Pathless Origin, I’m sorry!" Ye Weiwei’s face was red and she apologized as she ran towards Pathless Origin.

Pathless Origin did not seem to mind. He smiled and said, "Girl, who told you to call me grandpa? I’m Han’s teacher. With your relationship to Han, you should call me teacher or uncle, not grandfather."

Ye Weiwei’s pretty face immediately became red. In the camp, everyone assumed that she had a marriage arrangement with Han. Han did not deny so everyone would often joke about this matter.

Ye Weiwei lived quite a happy life here. Her level was the lowest in the group so even when Han was not here, she did not need to wear a heavy leather coat to suppress her powers. The resistance powers of these guys were all very strong. Even if she struck one of them, no one would die so she often struck them for fun.

Some weird fellows even liked to gamble, they would approach Ye Weiwei together and see who gets f*cked by the lightning next.

Luo Ying had also arrived. Ye Weiwei and her were always together but for some reason, Ye Weiwei’s thunder had never struck her.

9527 said, Ye Weiwei’s super powers was actually a type of natural defense. It was a top level superpower, not one bit worse than Han’s Void End. The Thunder Storm Guardian could determine by itself who was a threat to Ye Weiwei and strike them if they suddenly came closer.

Han felt depressed when he looked at Xiao Bao. The small fellow was too obedient. After the death of his parents, he did not cry or make a fit but only carried the ashes of his parents with him at all times. He would press his face against the cold container of the ashes as if he was playing with his parents.

After the death of Hong and Qin, their bodies and blood condensed multiple times. Originally requiring a huge container to hold all of the blood, now only a tiny container was needed.

Xiao Bao lowered his head and hugged the container. He sat between Luo Ying and Ye Weiwei and kept wriggling his thin tentacles. Han thought that Xiao Bao looked like Luo Ying and Ye Weiwei’s child.

Luo Ying placed Xiao Bao into the lake and changed into a swimsuit before jumping into the lake. Ye Weiwei stayed on the shore.

"Why don’t you go down?" Han asked curiously. Everyone was eager to jump into the lake, yet Ye Weiwei was the exception.

"Isn’t it all because of you?" Luo Ying pouted and said.

"Because of me?" Han asked, confused.

Luo Ying said, "Sigh, sister Weiwei is too kind and she treats you so well. You are usually pretty smart but too stupid when it comes to these matters. Can’t you understand? The longer Weiwei sister stays in the water, the faster her level will grow and the more trouble she will bring to everyone."

"That is why Weiwei sister does not go into the lake or practice room. She even begged 9527 and Night Walker to help her lower her level."

Han frowned and said, "The world is getting more and more disordered. It’s important for her to be able to defend herself."

Luo Ying said snobbishly, "Doesn\'t she have you and your group of brothers! In the past, Sister Weiwei was forced to be strong. She was the lone heir to the clan. But now that she has you, she no longer needs her high level. You will protect her anyways. You even protected Xiao Bao."

At this time, Xiao Bao raised his arms towards Han in a silent request for a hug.

Han of course would not say no. He hugged the little fellow in his chest.


Xiao Bao determinedly gave the container in his arms to Han. Han was dazed. The container held the ashes of Xiao Bao’s parents!

When Xiao Bao saw that Han did not take the container from his hands, he opened it.

Hong and Qin’s ashes had turned into two blue sapphires that were unusually bright, just like Xiao Bao’s innocent gaze.

"Go f*ck around somewhere else!" Han barbarically sent Black Egg flying with a brutal slap. This d*ck lives off energy. After seeing two energy sapphires that were formed after Hong and Qin’s death, he began drooling from all sides of his mouth!

"You want to give it to me?" Han asked Xiao Bao curiously.

Yes yes!

Xiao Bao nodded seriously.

"But…" Han hesitated. These gems had come from the blood of Xiao Bao’s parents and held precious memories for Xiao Bao.

Yes yes!

Xiao Bao continued to nod, he seemed like he would not stop until Han accepted.

"It’s okay. Accept it. But you must remember this is not only a gift but a responsibility." Luo Ying’s Banshee Protector sighed and said.

Han finally nodded and accepted the gems. He then placed Xiao Bao in his chest.

"From now on, I will protect you. No one will harm you when I am still alive." Han said emotionally.

Xiao Bao is a friend?


Han looked at Xiao Bao who was playing in the lake with the others. He was hugged by one then another. Suddenly, Han understood, Xiao Bao was the child of everyone. He had lost his parents but had gained the love of the entire family.


Dark Net, tribal territory.

The projection disappeared from the surface of the water. It was the image of Han and Xiao Bao. The Three-eyed King had seen everything via the Eye of Reincarnation.

"Did you see that?" The Three-Eyed King asked.

"Yes. The small liquid nether and Han have a close relationship. Unfortunately, Han will never be able to keep this promise. The liquid nether race all have their fates." Lion Six nodded and said.

"Exactly." The Three-eyed king smiled coldly, "Han’s promise towards Xiao Bao is a weakness we can use. From our research, Han’s biggest weakness is emotion. The best example would be his home planet Earth, for which more than once he had placed himself in danger for."

"What do you mean?" Lion Sixasked.

"It’s very simple. If we catch Xiao Bao, we can force Han’s death." The Three Eyed King gestured with his hand and said firmly.