Chapter 201: Style of a Master!

Chapter 201: Style of a Master!

“Since you want a fight that doesn’t end until death, then I will give you one!” A cold glare flashed from Han’s eyes as he stated.

The Violent Grappler and Ting Bu were both shocked for a second, as if they felt the sharp murderous intent hidden in Han’s words.

“Demon Claw!” Han suddenly shouted.

It also seemed that at that moment, the Demon Claw suddenly became more ferocious. Under Han’s control, the Demon Claw no longer charged head-on but began circling around the Jade Kylin. For every lap, it would approach the Jade Kylin by a meter or two.


The Jade Kylin angrily roared.

The Demon Claw’s change in tactic started making it uncomfortable. Although the Demon Claw didn’t attack him, it brought him enormous psychological pressure, as a pitch black claw beast was circling around him nonstop.

What kind of enemy was the most terrifying?

Of course it was the enemies that were eyeing them menacingly from the darkness!

The Jade Kylin knew that the Demon Claw was right there, but he didn’t know when and in what way the demon claw will attack.

“Charge, go kill it!” The Violent Grappler yelled, waving his fists at the Jade Kylin, “You are much stronger than it! Just go and stomp it!”


Jade Kylin didn’t dare going against its master’s orders and immediately launched at the Demon Claw.

Just at the moment the Jade Kylin moved, the Demon Claw also accelerated, throwing out its long claw and swiping out a perfect slash in the air.



The Jade Kylin’s claws and the Demon Claw’s staggered. The Demon Claw seemed to be sent flying out again, but due to the last-minute change in angle, the Demon Claw was up close against the Jade Kylin when it flew out.

Creak Creak*

The sharp claws scratched against Jade Kylin’s body.

Suddenly, the audience noticed that the Demon Claw seemed to have hooked itself onto the Jade Kylin’s wings!


Getting hit could actually also be part of a tactic!

The Demon Claw seemed to know, with the Jade Kylin’s speed of attack, going head on would for sure put itself at a disadvantage, so he picked a very special angle after careful calculation.

The situation now was that the Jade Kylin landed a hit on Demon Claw, but the Demon Claw also grabbed onto the Jade Kylin’s most vulnerable part, its wings. It could be regarded as a lose-lose situation, no one was at an advantage.


Maybe it was not a lose-lose. The Demon Claw’s forte its amazing vitality, like a small cockroach that couldn’t die!

It was just slapped, so what?

The Demon Claw grew up in the process of constantly getting beaten!

The Jade Kylin, on the other hand, was not as strong in this aspect. When the Demon Claw was hit, it could endure it, but the Jade Kylin let out a very painful cry!

At that moment, the Demon Claw’s two claws were hooked onto Jade Kylin’s right wing and tore it off completely!


The Jade Kylin issued a piercing scream, but after the Demon Claw fell to the ground, it threw the blood-stained wings to the side and started charging again!

The battle began to take an unbelievable turn.

The Jade Kylin was still powerful. Even though it was hurt, it could still send the Demon Claw flying every time.

But although Demon Claw was sent flying every time, it was also determined on getting up every time from the ground and attacking again! Specifically focusing on the stump where the Jade Kylin’s wing used to be!

The wound was already exposed!

The Demon Claw was using its powerful claws to tear that wound bigger and bigger!

This was the effect of Han joining in the battle. The Demon Claw began to use tactics now, and it was also specifically targeted, very much like Han’s style, crazy, whimsical attacks!

Against an opponent with tough defense, one first have to desperately create an opening!

With that opening, the rest it had to do was to pull out its organs from that opening! Pull out its lungs! Pull out its heart!

If the first attack couldn’t be fatal, then just attack twice!

If twice doesn’t work then attack three times!

If three times doesn’t work, then 5 times! 10 times! 50 times! 100 times!

Until the opponent’s heart was pulled out and the blood was drained clean!

The audiences all became wild too!

This was a fight scene that no one had seen before!

The Demon Claw kept on charging time after time, tearing the Jade Kylin’s wound again and again, and the originally small wound was now bigger and bigger, with more and more blood flowing out!

And the Demon Claw was like a monster that didn’t know death. Even though it was severely injured and sent flying by the Jade Kylin again and again.

But this tough little guy could always get up again and again!


Continue charging!

As long as it’s still breathing, then it will attack!

In general, even after it was under Han’s control, the Demon Claw’s fearless nature was still showing, it was just that Han had intelligence and experience and he helped the Demon Claw create an opening.

Without that opening, the Demon Claw’s bravery would be in vain. But with this opening, the result could be decided!

“Kill him! Kill him!”

“Go! Demon Claw!”

“Holy shit! I never knew that fusion beast battles could also be this exciting!”

“Nice! It really got up again!”

The crowd of people shouted, as if they were all converted into the Demon Claw’s fans at that moment.

That was inevitable, the scene was really too exhilarating. The Demon Claw was always weaker than the Jade Kylin, but now, after getting beaten down again and again, it tenaciously stood up again, what was that called?

That was the most determined fighting will!

People couldn’t imagine, such brilliance was shining on a fusion beast.

If life doesn’t end, then there’s no giving up! And that was the Demon Claw’s creed.

Han was no longer controlling the Demon Claw, because it was no longer necessary. This silly thing originally had the strongest battle spirit within it! It came with birth!

The Jade Kylin was no longer proud, nor beautiful. Its body was covered in blood, and the wound on the right side was torn bigger and bigger by the Demon Claw, like a bloody hole.

The Jade Kylin really wanted to protect its injured part, but that only hindered its offensive ability even more and worsened the situation. It cherished its life, but the Demon Claw didn’t! The Demon Claw just continued launching crazy charges one after another!

“Kill it! You fool, kill it!”

“Impossible! You can’t lose to this ugly thing!”

“Don’t dodge anymore, attack!” The Violent Grappler cried hysterically, his cries grew louder and louder, and people became more and more disgusted with him.

Han rather surrender in order for the Demon Claw to avoid getting hurt.

But, even now when the Jade Kylin’s life was at stake, the Violent Grappler was still urging him and even humiliating him. Having such a master was probably the most unfortunate thing to happen for a fusion beast.



The Jade Kylin’s sound was no longer arrogant, but started crying for help. It seemed to be very sad, its master’s humiliation and abuse, the fusion beasts actually understood all of that. After all, high level fusions beasts like such had intelligence, and silly and fearless ones like the Demon Claw which only knew to charge, were extremely rare.


The Demon Claw took advantage of the chaos that was happening in the Jade Kylin’s mind and simply leaped onto it and didn’t let go.

The Jade Kylin gave the Demon Claw a slap, but the Demon Claw met the blow with its head and just continued tearing the wound on the Jade Kylin apart.

The Jade Kylin gave the Demon Claw another critical hit, and this thing just hummed once, and kept its head down while tearing apart the Jade Kylin’s wound. The wound got bigger and bigger, the Demon Claw’s long and sharp claws could already thrust into the Jade Kylin’s body.



Every time the sound of skin open flesh splitting was heard, the Jade Kylin was one step closer to death.

Finally, the Jade Kylin stopped fighting back and laid on the ground. Its right side only had a fist-sized hole opened up, but its internal organs were almost all torn into pieces by the Demon Claw.

Now there was no need for resistance, the Jade Kylin was going to die anyways. It knew that, the Violent Grappler knew it, everyone in the tent knew it.

Things were not looking well with the Demon Claw too, its back shell had cracks now, one claw was broken and needed to be reconnected, but it still relied on its determination and persevered to the end and became the ultimate winner!

“Stop!” Han frowned and shouted, “Leave the dead body intact.”


The Demon Claw was loyal. After hearing Han’s order, it really stopped its attack. Covered in blood, it picked up the claw it dropped earlier and quickly ran to Han’s side.

Han looked up and said to Ting Bu, “Since the result is already determined, I think there’s no need to continue right?”

Ting Bu was also shocked by Demon Claw’s crazy performance. After hearing Han say that, he hastily nodded.

But at that moment, the Violent Grappler’s face turned red, especially that birthmark on its face, it even started turning purple as he angrily shouted, “Why not continue the fight? I didn’t lose yet! The Jade Kylin can still fight! I don’t need your pity! I don’t need you to act nice! If you have the balls then let’s fight to the death!”


Han coldly sneered, he didn’t even look at the Violent Grappler and said, “Retard, you think I’m pitying you? I’m pitying the Jade Kylin! Being your fusion beast, it must have done something really horrible in its past life!”

“As a genetic biology expert, we are not making battle weapons, but lives, loyal lives! Even if you don’t care about it, still treat it well. After all, it will fight for you and bleed for you.”

After those words, Han left.


Warm cheers broke out, people not only admired the tough Demon Claw, but also respected Han.

“Look, look, this is a master’s demeanor!”

“Of course, how could someone that doesn’t care about fusion beasts be able to make the best fusion beast! Just by this point alone, Wind Speaker is already many times better than the Violent Grappler!”

“If there’s a chance, I must get a fusion beast from the Wind Speaker. No matter how big the price, I’m willing to pay it! Look at the Demon Claw he made, that warrior spirit, it got my blood boiling by just watching!”

“Get up! Get up!” The Violent Grappler went onto the stage and started kicking the Jade Kylin.

Ting Bu was still in daze, but suddenly, he saw Xiao Man’s eyes passionately chasing after Han’s back. He was also touched in a way, feeling as if he was short by a bit in comparison to Han.

“Stop you fool! Do you feel like you haven’t embarrassed yourself enough today?” Ting Bu’s face darkened as he pushed away the Violent Grappler.

“You are right, only those lowly people would desperate squeeze clean their own fusion beasts until they die. Next time, I won’t use this kind of means anymore. I will beat you fair and square!” Ting Bu watched Han’s back and whispered.