Chapter 301: Name of the Dark King

Chapter 301: Name of the Dark King

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Under Han’s lead, the team passed through the glacier at full speed.

"Everyone take a break here, I need to think what to do next." Han told the team. He then came to a rock and sat down, talked to the mysterious buddy in his brain. Everyone thought Han was thinking so no one disturbed him.


Han’s consciousness went into the world of another, he finally saw clearly the image of the soul that was hidden in his own brain. It was not specifically ugly, yet not relatively good-looking. It came with two pointy ears. Other than that, it looks pretty much the same as a regular human-being.

"If I guess it right, you are the Dark King." Han said in a deep voice.

The person nodded his head and said "Dark King was how you guys named me. My actual name is Luyao, and I’m from the Mass Demon Corporation that opposes the All Gods Corporation."

"Of course, that was a long time ago. I don’t belong to any group or organization now. The partners in the group that I used to work with in the past even treated me as their enemies.

"Then why you still come to the Galaxy?" Han asked again.

Luyao said, "Long time ago, I rebelled against the Mass Demon Corporation and escaped. They even tried to chase and kill me. By one accident, I found out a special power that exists in the Milky Way, so I came here for that power."

"At that time, the Milky Way was yet the world of human beings. Three Eye Race, which was the most powerful race among all humankind, controlled the Galaxy. You all as human beings could only be allowed to engage in some cheap labour work, the vast majority even lived outside of the Galaxy with cautions."

"In the beginning, I didn’t take Three Eye Race as a threat, but I did underestimate the guy with the three eyes. His third eye has a threatening power that could threaten my soul directly."

"Even though I was really confident, I eventually lost in the team battle against the powerful rivals from Three Eye Race. But remember, it was a team battle, and if it was only a battle for one-to-one, no one can be my rival."

"Three Eye Race locked me down and started conducting experiments on me. My dark power was really strong and mystical to them. They even gave me a name—human weapon. They thought my power was developed after birth, but I couldn’t be bothered to explain to them, I just let them say whatever they wanted."

"Afterwards, they found out about the power of the Dark Net. However, none of them believed the Dark Net was undefeatable. Instead, they thought it must be developed by an intelligent species, and could be connected to the real world. As long as the entrance of the Dark Net was found, the most mysterious system in the universe then could be manipulated."

"Therefore, the ignorant Three Eye Race started their long journey and invested all of their energy from the tribe. However, since I have the dark power, they treated me as a threat. They didn’t dare to bring me on the journey, so they locked me in a secretive base."

"Times went by, after Three Eye Race left, the humans started to grow faster and stronger and became the dominants in the Galaxy. You guys even unlocked the secretive base that contained me and released me."

"I slaughtered, slaughtered with all my might."

"You guys were really unlucky, you all looked basically the same as the Three Eye Race. I have been harmed by them for a long time, I certainly had to take my revenge!"

"That’s why I killed all the humans that I saw! I almost killed all of the elite warriors out of the human race."

"During the killing, I found out human beings are different than the Three Eye Race. You guys lack a gene mutation that could cause a gap on your forehead, which made you not be able to develop the third eye."

"Unfortunately, when I found out the differences, most of the elite warriors in your tribe were almost gone."

"When I decided to leave the galaxy and go to other places, I encountered the bloody dark hole and got swallowed. I was distorted by the space power, but my strengths were still saved. They gathered together into seven black crystals, and my soul could live eternally in the brain of darkness."

"And then you know what happened next. You acquired my dark power and absorbed the brain of darkness, so that my soul had no choice but became automatically locked into your brain."

Han nodded his head, said, "I know most of the things now, but you haven’t explained why the Execution Squad wanted to kill you?"

Luyao said, "Because I disclosed their real identity. All Gods Corporation or Mass Demon Corporation? They told the world they created the Dark Net. In fact, they barely had the ability to do that."

"What is the slogan of the All Gods Corporation?"

Han thought for a while, said "The path of All Gods, Transform you to God."

"Do you know the slogan of the Mass Demon then?" Luyao asked Han again.

Han shook his head.

"The path of Mass Demon. Transform you to Demon!" Luyao said.

Han was shocked. These two slogans were so identical, was it really just a coincidence?

"These two liar groups, they are not the creator of the Dark Net but simply just owned a part of it by coincidence." Luyao said with madness.

"I started spreading my discovery within the Mass Demon Corporation, shaking everyone’s faith towards them, so it would be unreasonable if they don’t hate me to death!" Lu Yao said with strong hatred.

Han asked, "That’s why they sent the Execution Squad to try to kill you? But you are already just only a soul left, how can they still kill you?"

Luyao shook his head, sighed and said, "They can’t kill me, but they can kill you and then force my soul out of your brain."

Han said, "So I basically got dragged into this because of you then?"

Luyao said, "Dragged into this? Don’t forget that part of the reason why you have such great accomplishments and honours today is because of me. If you were living without my dark power which had been stored for tens of thousands of years, you think you can become the top warrior in such a short period?"

Han thought for a while, agreed what he said. If it wasn’t because of Luyao, he wouldn’t reach the level where he is now. It was impossible to get to the level of a warlord in such a short time even if he was born with extraordinary talents.

"Then what should we do next? How powerful is the Execution Squad?"

Luyao lowered his voice, "What else do you think we should do? Leave, and pray for ourselves that All Gods Corporation wouldn’t lose the control of the Mystic Valley. As being the enemy of Mass Demon Corporation, All Gods Corporation is the only one that has the power to fight against the navigation team.

"By that means, is the navigation team really that powerful? Han asked.

"Powerful is such an insulting word for them. They are the real executioners. If I keep the power that I used to have at my pinnacle state, I might still be able to battle with them, but now…"

"I saw you are treating your friends really nice, that’s why I suggest you leave. Otherwise, they would be dragged into this too."

Han frowned and said, "We have over a hundred people, who are elites of all forms. Are they still not enough to fight against the Execution Squad?"

"Fight against?!" Luyao said, "Do you know how many of your elites I have killed alone back in the days?"

Han stopped talking. He knew that the last Luyao showed up, he killed billions of warriors, including those elites with extreme power throughout that generation! He killed all of them by himself!

If everyone on the Execution Team has such power, it is impossible to stop them by fighting with his own team.

"But speaking of this, there might be a person in the Mystic Valley that has the power to fight against the Execution Team, since I realized he should have a similar but rare superpower that you have."

"Unfortunately, this person is not your friend, instead he might really dislike you."

"Who do you mean?" Han asked, crinkling up his eyebrows.

"Sima Hunfeng." Luyao murmured "Seems like the legend was right, the less powerful the race was like the human race, the more possible for it to give birth to an extraordinary warrior. You are an example, as well as Sima Hunfeng."

Han shook his head. He knew there’s no way that Sima Hunfeng was going to help him. That guy was even trying to hunt down his three teachers.

"Leave now, if you don’t want to get others into trouble. No one can help you this time." Luyao said.


A bright flash occurred suddenly, at the same spot where the Execution Squad and the Three Eye race landed, two girls showed up. These two girls have beautiful looking faces, water-like smooth skin, black gem-like eyes, long soothing hair and two pointy ears.

"Sister, I’m so scared. It’s Execution Squad, can we leave this place?" The innocent, younger girl stayed behind her sister and spoke in a low volume, "Sister, the Execution Team has arrived, the one that you think day and night, won’t be able to survive, won’t be able to survive."

The older girl’s eyes were also filled with fear, her face turned pale.

But she bit her teeth, straightened up her chest, and said, "No, I can’t leave. this is my last chance, I don’t want to live under fear anymore. Even though there is only one second, I am still going to stay with the person that I love."

"Sister, you are so foolish!" The younger girl started crying.

The older sister brushed her sister’s hair gently, and said in a quiet voice, "One day, you’ll know, there will be someone that you will not replace even with the whole universe. There will be some relationships that you will not give up even in front of death."

"Luoying, I’m leaving, take care of yourself."


"Forget about me."

"But sister!!!"

"Sister is leaving now…"