Chapter 98: Earth’s Decision and Han’s Trouble

Chapter 98: Earth’s Decision and Han’s Trouble

Earth, Nazca Wilderness, outside of a Mysterious underground gate.

After receiving the latest news from Pan Yulin, Li Yu was deeply worried. He took a walk outside for awhile and unknowingly came here.

Looking closely, he saw Long Chuan here as well. He drove his electric wheelchair here, and was smoking outside of that tightly sealed gate. There were already a dozen cigarette butts on the ground Apparently Long Chuan had been here for a long time.

Long Chuan looked around, and saw Li Yu too, he smiled and asked, “You are here too?”

Li Yu let out a sigh and said in deep voice, “Couldn’t sleep, so I came here to take a look.”

“You are a little worried about Han right?”

Li Yu didn’t try to hide it at all and said, “A little? I’m worried to death. Although I really admire Han’s powerful combat strength and a full body of tough bones, but his luck is really terrible. Ten years ago, Ke Lake went into A-7 and he made it out easily, but Han encountered an unprecedented disaster.”

“In a blink of an eye, 100 thousand young talents were killed to leave only a few hundreds behind, and I’m really doubting if Han is among the list of that few hundred lucky survivors. And, there are also 20 something days left to the end of this exploration event, and that’s what’s killing me.”


Long Chuan said, “I’m naturally worried for Han. After all, he’s the hope of Earth, and even half of my life was saved by him. But now, I’m more worried about Earth.”

“Now, whether Han makes it out of A-19 alive, there’s only one way left in front of us, and that is to forcefully open the B-class domain here.”

“I’ve been thinking, the two Valkyrie portraits on this door, what does it mean? Could it be a warning to remind us not to rush opening the gate?”

Li Yu did not speak as his eyes followed to where Long Chuan was looking at.

As the chief of the Extinction Domain Administration, Li Yu had led brothers and activated 2 D-class relics, one C-class relic, but those three relics’ entrance doors all had normal decorations.

But on this door was carved two angry gods of war, stepping on monsters’ bodies, and glaring angrily towards the outside of the door, their eyes full of murderous intent.

Standing outside of the entrance at B-class relic, it felt as if one was tightly pinned down by the two gods, making one feel oppressed to even breath.

Most likely, this was a very dangerous relic filled with hidden dark secrets and limitless deadly traps. Opening it too hastily will probably bring a disaster to Earth.

In the Milky Way, when assessing the level of a relic, the Weimar ray was used. The Weimar probe would be installed outside of the door to detect the concentration of radiation inside the relic.

The higher the concentration meant the larger the area and more built structures.

According to the Milky Way’s known records, although some were all B-class relics, there could be a big difference in terms of content. Some were not dangerous but some might be as fatal as an A-class relic.

Over all, the method used by human to assess the extinction domains was primitive. The rays could only tell humans about the scale of this relic but there was still no way to know the quantity of dark beasts or some other monsters inside the relic.

Just when Li Yu and Long Chuan fell into silence, someone else showed up outside of the door to the extinction domain again, Talin.

Among the Big three, Talin’s combat strength was ranked number two, between Li Yu and Long Chuan. Li Yu and Long Chuan were both passionate warriors, and Talin was the calmest one among the three and he was good at commanding the overall situation.

Long Chuan smiled, “Haha, of course we are old brothers, looks like we all thought of the same thing.”

Talin didn’t show any emotion on his face and said, “I have come here to convey the Earth Federation’s executive resolution.”

Li Yu said as if it’s not a big deal, “It’s just you that can remain calm and deal with politicians. What do they have to say this time?”

Although the Federal Esper Administration was one of the most powerful federal departments, but there are still other important sectors like the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Interior, Security, etc., as well as hundreds of upper and lower house members. Li Yu and Long Chuan were both soldiers and they hated to deal with politicians.

Talin looked at Li Yu and Long Chuan and said, “Although they are politicians, but don’t forget, they are still born and raised on Earth, in terms of love for Earth, theirs is no less than us soldiers.”

Long Chuan smiled and asked, “What did the Federal Executives say?”

Talin’s look became a bit cold and he said in a deep voice, “With immediate effect, Earth Federation’s Esper Administration becomes the federal supreme authority, to command the opening of relic and ward off foreign invaders and all activities related to the relic, not bound by any rule of law.”

Long Chuan was shocked for a moment and he said seriously, “So that means, Esper Administration’s legal capacity is now above the Prime Minister and the parliament?”

“Yes, both houses of parliament unanimously agreed, and immediately granted the Esper Administration absolute authority.” Talin turned around and started leaving while saying in a deep voice, “The only requirement for us is, rather die than become a slave.”

“Whether we want to forcefully open the B-class relic, or declare war against the Sally Empire, all Federal departments will fully support our decision. As long as the Earth Federation exists, Earth must be free! We absolutely won’t accept being colonized by other countries.”

“Let’s go, I will wait for you guys in the conference room, there are still a lot of work we need to do. To borrow Han’s words, although Earth is weak, we still got a few tough bones!”


Miracle System, A-19, underground.

Aoao wailing~

“Did you guys hear? It’s that strange sound again.” Lan Feng said as his ears stood up.

Han frowned, this sound was first heard several hours before, and it was getting closer and closer. Such a shrill voice made Han and the other two very nervous.

“Lance, can we speed up?” Han asked Lance who was scouting the road ahead.

Lance didn’t exit his invisible form and just said, “Not even accelerate, I think we are already back at where we were earlier again, what the hell? This stupid place is like a maze!”

Han had to comfort him, “Don’t worry, we will remain calm!”


The sound was getting infinitely close. This maze-like cave was filled with noise and vibration.

Meanwhile, Han and the other two were trapped inside the maze, and the more anxious they were the more lost they got.

“The number is way too many, it will be an uphill battle.” Lan Feng frowned as he said to Han, “Judging by the sound it must be dark beasts, and it should be the more advanced species. We might be in some trouble.”

Han obviously know that a huge group of dark beasts were trying to kill them, but now that things have progressed to this stage, he really had no other way. Such a narrow path in the maze, there wasn’t even a place to hide.

“Let’s just go separately, that way even one of us surviving will be worth it!” Han gritted his teeth, and said in a deep voice, “If we are splitting, at least Lance with his stealth ability can make it out.”

Lan Feng hesitated for a second, and gently nodded his head.

Lance who had been running at the front lifted his stealth and loudly questioned, “What do you guys mean? Do I look like the type of person that will just abandon my friends? Don’t look down on me just because I’m from the Landi family! My family’s tradition is not good, but I’m different from them!”

Lance was born in the notorious assassin family, so the last thing he wanted was to hear someone saying that he was as cruel and emotionless as his family, so when he heard Han say that at least he could get out, Lance became anxious immediately.

Han shook his head and said in a deep voice, “This has nothing to do with who you are and what your last name is. From the first day you became a soldier, you should know, this is a cruel world. I’m just choosing the best escape plan out of rationality.”

“If we split, then the dark beasts chasing us will have to split too, and that way we will have a better chance at surviving.”

“Don’t say anything more, it’s decided! If it’s in our destiny, then we will still meet again!”


When he finished, Han didn’t even look at Lan Feng or Lance and he dived straight into the right hand side passage. Lan Feng slightly waved at Lance, and he picked the left side road.


Lance stomped fiercely, and he continued going down the middle path with an angry face. He gritted his teeth, but he didn’t use his unrivaled stealth ability.

“You guys looked down on me, you guys knew my last name is Landi so you guys looked down on me! Today, I have to let you guys all see, I’m really different from all the other Landis!”

Lance shouted inside his heart. He didn’t enter stealth mode just because he wanted to prove that he was also a man of integrity even though his last name was Landi.

Ten minutes later, Lance stopped his footsteps because he felt that the sound of the dark beasts chasing him were getting smaller and smaller, as if they were no longer chasing him at all.

Lance hurried along the way back, and finally, he saw the foot prints, countless footprints left behind by the dark beasts, they all ran towards the same direction.

And Lan Feng, after he realized that the dark beasts weren’t chasing him, he came back too.

“What really happened? The dark beasts all went to chase Han?”

“How would I know? What the f**k is happening?”

Lan Feng and Lance stared at each other and they became speechless.