Chapter 255: Men’s nature, evil at birth!

Chapter 255: Men’s nature, evil at birth!

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“What is this crap?” Han mumbled to himself, he was too lazy to name the fusion beasts so he used numbers instead, and the result actually became the so-called number-series genetic beasts.

Holy crap, he just wanted to save some trouble, and definitely didn’t want to come up with a whole series of genetic fusion beasts.

Now that things had progressed to this point, Han had no choice but to stay still and observe. He pouted, but didn’t say anything.

Zhu Yannan then said to Jian Jia’s father, “Uncle Shui, this beast tamer is able to raise the genetic beasts’ compatibility rating to such degree of perfection, I think he must have mastered some secret technique that we don’t know about!”

“This kind of secret technique has great significance to us. Consider this, if we recombine esper soldiers with godly beasts, then we can be able to produce powerful godly beast warriors. Godly beast warriors will have both the intelligence of humans and also the ferocious force of beasts, enough to reverse the current unfavorable situation that the dark net is facing!”

Combining humans and beasts?

This idea made Jian Jia’s father frown, and Han also couldn’t help but gently grunt. Zhu Yannan was indeed an outsider to this industry, this idea was simply terrible.

Zhu Yannan heard the noise that came out of Han’s mouth. He immediately became very angry and said in a deep voice to Han, “You have any opinions on my idea?”

Han lightly said, “The combination of intelligent life and beasts involves very complex technical problems. According to my understanding, all intelligent lives, especially those high level espers, all have the power of the soul. This kind of power will severely hinder the integration process, unless the soul is completely erased during the fusion process.”

“In simple words, if you put esper soldiers and beasts together to create new kinds of battle-type organisms, even if this creature is created, it will have the beast’s part as the main body, occupying over 60%, and then the remaining part would belong to the esper, unable of achieving a balance.”

“So what if there’s imbalance?” Zhu Yannan coldly asked.

Han replied with a smile, “It will waste resources. High level esper soldiers’ power will be mainly wasted, and if that’s the case, you might as well not fuse them together.”

Han spoke from personal experience. The Ghost Claw was the combination of intelligent life and beasts. After the combination, the queen bug took 70% of the new life’s body as the dominant one, and the dark apostle only occupied 30%.

Besides, if one used esper soldiers that were not high level, then the new life’s battle strength will decrease and not be able to reach the expected combat strength.

All in all, with Han’s understanding, Boundless Ten Thousand Beasts could complete the recreation of beast and human, but the result was a bit tasteless, consuming a lot of top tier raw materials to create a finished product of one plus one less than two.

Han’s argument was naturally attacked by Zhu Yannan. He said Han doesn’t know sh*t.

At this moment, Jian Jia who was listening on the side couldn’t resist anymore, and he said to Han, “I always thought you are a pretty nice guy, but how come in your mind, those esper soldiers all became raw materials? You know that they are the same as you, they also have families and friends, how can you be this cold-blooded?”

Han was speechless. The raw materials he was referring to was obviously enemies like the dark apostles. In Han’s eyes, enemies could not be seen as humans, he will for sure treat them with no mercy and use them as raw materials.

After all, Han came from a grass root origin, his teachers were three madmen who taught him being kind to the enemies is being cruel to oneself.

So when he was talking about combination with Zhu Yannan, he didn’t know who Zhu Yannan was thinking of using, but Han was just thinking about using enemies for the fusion process. They were pretty good raw materials, pretty wasteful to just kill them and not do anything with their bodies.

When these words landed in Jian Jia’s ears, he thought Han was the same as Zhu Yannan, all prepared to use the soldiers under their command as raw materials, but that’s not the case. Han treated his people like brothers, he was just used to being brutal towards enemies and that’s all.

“Let’s not mention this again.” Jian Jia’s father seemed to be a little unhappy seeing that Jian Jia is angry, so he suddenly gave Han and Zhu Yannan a glance, then walked over and said something beside Jian Jia’s ears, and Jian Jia’s face then finally became better.

“You promise?” Jian Jia asked his father in a little childish tone.

“Promise, of course I promise.”

“That’s ok then. Han, come over.” Jian Jia got his father to go away, then waved at Han.

“Do you know what you did wrong?” Jian Jia asked as if he’s a little high up there.

“I’m not wrong.” Han said honestly, he really didn’t feel that he’s wrong, so he was determined to not compromise.

“You are not wrong? You plan to fuse intelligent life with beasts to create an evil life form, and you say you are not wrong?” Jian Jia’s voice raised a few pitches.

“It will be good if he’s actually capable of doing it.” Zhu Yannan mocked on the side.

Han just ignored and frowned, “Jian Jia, I know you think this is an evil thing to do out of the kindness in your heart, but you have to know, you being nice doesn’t mean that other people are nice. In my life, I haven’t seen many evil beasts, but I’ve seen many people that are more evil than beasts.”

“With those kind of people, if I have the power, I will of course choose to use them as raw materials to make even stronger combat creatures, and use those creatures to protect me and those that I want to protect. What’s wrong with that?”

“You are being unreasonable!” Jian Jia shouted.

“You are the one being unreasonable. Looks like Bo Ya was right, people like you that grew up in a big family background completely don’t know the evil in the real world. Things like enemies, you have to kill them for sure, use them, and no matter how cruel you are to them, you are not wrong.”

“You are wrong! Even though some people are evil, the inside of their hearts is still kind!” Jian Jia was still persistent with his saint-like belief, and that was also Han’s most hated rhetoric.

Han faintly smiled and coldly asked, “When you are young and don’t know better, have you stepped on ants before? Used fire to burn them? Or used water to flood them?”

“If yes, then you tell me, what did the ants do to you?”

“Now you will obviously say that it’s not right to kill ants, but have you ever thought about why you were so cruel when you were naïve? But became kind after you grew up?”

Jian Jia suddenly became a bit dumbfounded. He really had killed ants in the past. Now he wouldn’t do it again, but hearing what Han said, Jian Jia suddenly realized, he did seem to have been more evil when he was little in comparison to now.

Han took a pause and said, “That’s because people are born with an evil nature, without education, people can become creatures that are even more vicious than beasts. Your so-called kindness, it’s not the education later on that allowed you to become kind!”

Jian Jia’s face became pale, in a debate, how could he be Han’s match.

Jian Jia wanted to refute, but when he thought of the countless ants he killed using boiled water when he was small, Jian Jia then felt guilty. He also wanted to know why he just hated ants when he was small. To those ants, he was indeed the embodiment of evil.

Jian Jia’s father and Zhu Yannan on the side both became dumbfounded!

Jian Jia’s father really loved him and never even dared to speak loudly to him, but now, Jian Jia was obviously getting upset from arguing with Han. His two little hands began shivering.

And Zhu Yannan just gave Han a big thumb up in his heart and thought, “Even dare to provoke Jian Jia, you should just wait for death now!”

Han obviously wouldn’t sit here and watch anymore, he suddenly jumped out, and that crazy idea that flashed through his mind made him uncontrollably excited.

“Men’s nature, evil at birth! Men’s nature, evil at birth!” Han thought to himself over and over.


He pushed the door open, without greeting anyone, he quickly walked away, and this move left the other three people in the room completely stunned again.

Especially Jian Jia. In fact, in his heart he quite admired Han. Back when they fought side by side, that power and prestige in battle, and that courage to save the Border Legion, it was really unforgettable for Jian Jia.

Suppose Han just slightly apologized, or did not apologize but just explained with a few words, Jian Jia could accept it too!

But the fact is, Han almost pissed Jian Jia off to the point that his lungs was about to explode, and then, there was no more “then”, he just left!

Whatever happens after in the room, Han didn’t care. He of course had to leave, because at that moment he understood something very important to him.

People are originally evil.

The so-called Path of Demon, is actually the path of nature!

If he wants to proceed any further, he needs to first unleash that demon inside his heart!

And that’s the fifth path of Six Paths of Void, Path of Demon!