Chapter 355: Judgement

Chapter 355: Judgement

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Interrogation Room.

Tanding paused for a bit and asked, "Regarding Zhu Yanan’s accusation, is there anything you would like to explain?"

Han shrugged, "I didn’t even know what was special about Transition Station #9527. As someone who always obeys rules, I go to the station to trade and practice just like everybody else. Furthermore, I don’t even get to decide which transition station I go to, the system decides it."

Tanding lowered his voice, "Station 9527 is known as a ghost station in All Gods Corporation, a non-existence space station. The reason traces back to a long time ago. There was a top artificer here in the All Gods Corporation but he betrayed the corporation and took with him the corporation’s biggest secrets as well as Transition Station #9527.

"I’ve seen your logs, everything has been edited by someone, which means that looking from the outside, your actions seem very normal and we wouldn’t find any signs of you going to Station #9527."

"But for one reason or the next, to find you, Zhu Yanan used the corporation’s manual search engine that can only be used by top corporation executives. That was the only reason we were able to discover your secrets."

"You are very sneaky, knowing that the executives in the Corporation would not use the top search engine to investigate an insignificant person like you, you blatantly changed the logs of all the servers. Only Transition Station #9527 would have the equipment for this! Even our enemy, the Mass Demon Corporation, wouldn’t be able to change logs like this."

"You and #9527 are definitely on the same side! Or else, why would he alter your activity logs? To hide the secret of you visiting that station multiple times!?"

Han shook his head lightly: "You can eat whatever you want, but you can’t say whatever you want (TL: a saying in China), I don’t know what #9527 is, and why my activity logs were changed, I am just doing things according to the rules that had been set. Complete missions, and go to the transition stations to trade and practice, I don’t know why you are saying otherwise."

"You don’t understand?" Tanding’s voice became deeper and colder by a couple of notches, "Let me tell you another fact. Ever since #9527 betrayed the All Gods Corporation, he never really left the Corporation’s territory. He shuttled around the corporation’s internal network, stealing corporation secrets through the initial secret he stole from the corporation."

"In the past, there were also other people that had boarded the Transition Station #9527. But, everyone who boarded that station all never returned home, and they all died in that traitor’s hands."

"Those people all died, why are you so special? Boarding that transition station again and again, and that cruel traitor never killed you? And based on what I know, you have received many perks and benefits from 9527’s station."

"So how do you explain that?"

Han felt like there was just no way to explain the situation, and this time he got screwed hard by 9527. No wonder 9527 opened up the transition station to find himself, and helped Han enter and exit the Dark Net and universe whenever he wanted. It. It was all because 9527 was a traitor and wasn’t controlled by the corporation!

This was like when someone had a tumor. The tumor was malignant, but also a part of your body, 9527 is like that. If he wants to stay at the All Gods Corporation, he would stay; if he wants to leave, he would leave. Everyone in the All Gods Corporation knew that there was a tumor chilling in their body, but they can’t get rid of it.

Han could just imagine, 9527 probably stole something super important from the All Gods Corporation, and that was the only reason as to why people hated him so much but could not do anything about it.

Han smiled and said: "I told you, I don’t know what you are talking about. As to why I entered Transition Station #9527 again and again but am still alive, you shouldn’t ask me this, you should ask 9527."

"How dare you quibble!"

"I am not, you want to say that I betrayed the corporation? Fine, prove it!"

"We don’t need proof! If you didn’t betray the corporation, #9527 would not have let you live!"

"Bullsh*t!" Han swore loudly, "I betrayed the corporation? You make it sound like I want to know a lot of secrets or something. I’ve been listening to everything you guys have said! You guys are the ones who said I should practice. Now you want to interrogate me, so I am getting interrogated."

"As to the corporation’s secret, I know no such thing! I am not even an official member of the corporation!"

Tanding was shocked, Han’s words almost woke him up. If they accused Han of betraying the corporation, it was definitely not true because he was not an official member.

And Han didn’t know any of the corporation’s secrets. He was still in probation period, so even if he wanted to sell the corporation’s secrets, he wouldn’t be able to.

"Regardless, you and your friends are all suspicious! Even though maybe you haven’t betrayed the corporation for now, we never know whether you will betray us in the future." Tanding stood his ground unreasonably.


Han started laughing loudly, his eyes became sharper, and he raised his voice: "My friends? When we were in the Mystic Valley, when the Executors appeared, who was fighting with them? It was my brothers and I!"

"So many of the corporation’s executives all escaped, it was only us who were still fighting! The strong warriors of the Milky Way, Sima Hunfeng, even burned his own zero-degree brain region! More than half my comrades died for the cause, yet you are accusing them of betraying the corporation?"

"Protecting the corporation that we are going to betray? We must be retarded!"

"Then tell me! When we were at bathed in blood battling, where were you and your stupid corporation?!"

Seeing Han this angry, Tanding felt like there was something in his throat that was stopping him from talking.

It was true, if Han was a traitor, why would he risk his life to fight the executors? As the elites of the elites in Mass Demon Corporation’s, the executioners were definitely tough enemies to face. Half his brothers died at the battle, and the cruelty of that battle was a shock to everyone.

Before this, it was also Han, with the same comrades, who fought alongside the border legion troops. Even until today, a lot of the warriors on the borders were unable to forget about him, all hoping that he would become an official member of the corporation soon, and go join them at the border legion.

Tanding even remembered Military God Kabri’s reactions after hearing about this. It was an awkward expression, because it was obvious, Han was more brave than his grandson Carmen. Even though Han did not come from a very impressive background, he had a very bright future ahead of him. And a warrior like this would be a traitor to the corporation?


Tanding clapped his hands with a facial expression as calm as water.

The door of the interrogation room opened amd a couple of soldiers walked in.

"Today’s interrogation will end now, I will put every word you have said into an official report and give it to the executive council of the corporation." Tanding said to Han.

Han didn’t bother responding to Tanding, his eyes were filled with hatred. He was not welcomed back with flowers and praise, but with an interrogation! Han had stood up for the All Gods Corporation twice in the past, and now he was looked upon as a traitor!

He suddenly felt like his heart was dead and cold as stone.

"Take him away." Tanding said hastily while waving his hand.

Under a couple of soldiers’ escort, Han was sent to the prison that was in the basement of this castle.

When the outer door of this prison opened and Han walked in, he suddenly became very angry.

Ke Lake, Night Walker, Pathless Origin, Wu Yun, Sima Hunfeng, Ye weiwei, Boya, and even Silver Fox was locked up in this prison.

"Han! Thank God you didn’t die!" Fran yelled at Han.

"Are you okay?" Ye Weiwei jumped up and said in a surprised tone.


Silver fox was locked up in a small cage, he waved at Han from the cage, trying to communicate that "Master, I am here, I am here". Demon Claw could not speak so it just scratched its head. When it saw Han show up, it was probably very happy, but this idiot doesn’t know how to express its emotions.


Han’s eyes teared up immediately. A man like him isn’t afraid to die, but he was scared of hurting his friends and dragging them down. From the situation at hand, Han was scared that anyone who has helped him, or were his friends, were all dragged down into this. The couple of hundred people in the prison, they were all Han’s best friends in the All Gods Corporation.