Chapter 181: Migration ad Robot Cemetery (Part Two)

Chapter 181: Migration ad Robot Cemetery (Part Two)


Han returned to the Nazca base, first contacted the Protector and told him that Earth has made the decision to completely evacuate to the distant star field, and then found Battle Robot Raksha and gave command to the robot legion to immediately head to the wormhole to travel to the colony planet 15 million light years away to perform pre-construction work.

After arranging all that, Han ate two meat buns, had a cup of hot chocolate, and went on a walk alone in the wilderness.

This was really an unprecedented gamble, putting the entirety of Earth’s future on the line. The pressure on Han can’t be imagined.

There was an industrial ship in the wilderness, which was where Old Mo lived and also where the advanced mechanic engineering classes were.

Although Old Mo already settled down on Earth, he still preferred living on the ship like he used to. A tent was put up outside the cabin, a camp fire was raised, and Old Mo sat alone in front of the fire, singing a little folksong Han didn’t understand.

“Grandpa!” Han put down Yuan Yuan and Yuan Yaun ran straight towards Old Mo, giving Old Mo a massage on the back. Although Yuan Yuan had been following Han, he still has feelings towards Old Mo that couldn’t be cut.

Old Mo invited Han to sit down by the campfire.

The branches burned in the fire, making sounds from time to time. Han slightly frowned, looked at the fire and his mind started wandering.

“There is a lot of pressure on you recently, right?” Mo asked Han.

“The family and lives of 15 billion people on Earth are in my hands now. It was completely unexpected, I was the one that desperately tried protecting Earth in the past, and now I’m also the one taking everyone and leaving this planet.” Han said with a self-mocking tone.

Old Mo said, “This doesn’t prove that you are wrong, it only means that you have really become a man capable of shouldering large responsibilities. If it was someone else, I’m afraid that he wouldn’t really dare to move all the people on Earth to someone that far away. In this world, it is difficult to make judgments, but having to implement after the decision is made is even more difficult.”

Han smiled, “You don’t have to comfort me. By the way, how are things going with you?”

Old Mo said, “My life is very simple, I spend 6 hours teaching young mechanics. There’s also an auxiliary system, if anyone encounters a mechanical problem they can send it to this system. It’s good if someone can then answer it, but if not then I would personally help solve the question.”

“The food is also very good, now I eat four meals a day, and there are people that personally deliver it for me. The food on Earth is so delicious and I gained quite a lot of weight ~Ha~Ha~.”

Han nodded his head and asked, “Now the number of mechanical engineers are still quite little, we need to build large factories, shipyards, arsenals for the new colonies, and we also have to build cities and roads for the people, and build bases, HQs, airports for the military. We will need a lot of labor everywhere.”

Old Mo said, “Didn’t you gather a big robot army from the galactic wilderness? Robots are the pros in construction, no need to eat or sleep, they are a lot more efficient than humans.”

Han shrugged his shoulders, “The robot legion of 450,000 in total, they won’t be able to complete such a large amount of construction even if we exhaust them. Just the flagship-level shipyard will be enough work for them, and for the whole plan I will need at least 5-10 million robots in order to manage.”

“Unfortunately, the robot technology is tightly sealed by the Alliance, not to mention logic chips, it’s even very difficult to buy normal robots. All the robot part sellers I know on the dark net already sold me everything but that was just enough for a few thousand sets, which is way too big of a gap to the amount I need.”

After listening to that, Old Mo looked down for a moment, and then whispered, “Han, in fact, I know another place with a lot of robots.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Han was surprised.

Old Mo waved his hand, “This moment is different from the past. In the past, you were after all still under the Alliance, now you and Earth are planning to be independent and that’s why I dare to tell you this, but the degree of danger over there is incomparable to galactic wilderness.”

“Tell me, how can I expand my robot legion? Now I need them more than ever.” Han asked anxiously.

“The place I’m talking about is called the Robot Cemetery. This place is extremely hidden, only us Kui race skinners know. Before discovering the wreckage of the robot transportation ships near the Undercurrent Fortress, our ancestors were already looking for helpers at the Robot Cemetery.”

“It’s just that the robot cemetery is just too dangerous, if not a last resort, we wouldn’t go anywhere near it. Then the Undercurrent Fortress got their own robot market, and we have never been there again. The last time a Kui race skinner visited that place was during my grandfather’s generation.”

“Look, this is the star map our ancestors passed down, the cross on this map is where the robot cemetery is located.”

Han took over the hand-drawn star map Old Mo handed to him, took a few glances and asked in curiosity, “We need to pass through the meteorite belt?”

“Yes, this meteorite belt is very dangerous and also accompanied by electromagnetic storms. After you pass through it, you will arrive at a junkyard left behind by the prehistoric civilization, Robot Cemetery. The defective products from when the prehistoric civilization manufactures robots, would have its logic chip taken out of them and then discarded at the garbage planet.”

Old Mo deepened his voice, and then said in a very serious tone, “Don’t think that there’s no more danger after passing through the meteorite belt. On the contrary, that’s just the beginning of all the danger.”