Chapter 99: If a Mountain is in the Way then the Mountain will be destroyed

Chapter 99: If a Mountain is in the Way then the Mountain will be destroyed

Lance and Lan Feng noticed that the dark beast army wasn’t chasing them. They could relax now but at the same time, Han was pushed into a hopeless situation!

All the dark beasts were desperately chasing Han! The gap was getting closer, and Han could even hear the heavy breathing sounds of the dark beasts behind him.

Now, the only thought inside Han’s head was to run!


Han rushed through a fork in the road, and was stopped not far after, feeling extreme dizziness.

This damn road he took turned out to be a dead end!

The tough black rocks blocked off the road ahead, and there wasn’t even a slight slow down of the foot steps from the large group of dark beasts chasing Han. Within a few seconds, Han would be completely blocked off by the enemies in this alley.

What to do?

What should I do?

At this moment of life and death, an unprecedented desire for survival emerged inside Han. The hope of the entire Earth was placed on his shoulders, he can’t die! He could’ve accepted defeat any times, but not today because there was just way too much on the line!

If there is no road, then he can still make his own road!

“Power of Darkness, fully activate!”


Suddenly, Han’s right arm began to be covered with miraculous black elements, as deep as the endless dark night sky.

Waving his fists, Han started throwing his fists at that damn rock that was blocking his path!

F**king break!

Forced into a dead end, Han became like a mad beast. The Heart of Darkness’s power completely exploded under the hopeless situation!


After a huge bang, the earth trembled!

Han’s fist mixed with the dark twisting power was able to smash the earth layer that was more than 5 meters thick in one punch. A new road appeared in front of Han!

Before waiting until all the rocks dropped to the ground, Han ran like a bullet that left the gun, bolting right out!

“Extreme Nuclear Energy, 5 doses!”


The automatic drug kit on his wrist ejected out orchid color pills into Han’s mouth, which immediately triggered the hidden source power inside his zero-degree brain region.

There was another dead end in front. Guess it was just not Han’s day today, picking two dead ends in a row.

“Eye of Darkness, activate!”


Suddenly, Han’s right eye became black, as gloomy as the color of his right arm. As well, his vision received the greatest degree of enhancement within 0.001 seconds.

“8.5 meters thick, I can do it!”

Power of Darkness, strike again!


What was the old saying about digging a path when you meet a mountain, and building a bridge when you meet water?

This was the perfect example!

Han, a human, replied with the force of darkness and his “not over until he’s dead” spirit, actually reached an advanced model excavator effect!

He didn’t care anymore about whether there was a road ahead, he would just sweep over with his power of darkness and shatter whatever stood in his way!


Han took out a small sized plant storage box from his spatial ring, placed it bottom up on his left hand, and then pressed the open button.


Fresh blood began to slide down nonstop from Han’s left hand.

The plant inside the box was just like a horrifying bug. After coming into contact with Han’s skin, it used its sharp root to directly pierce into Han’s skin and the vine began to suck out Han’s blood mouthful after mouthful.

Dark class Synthetic plant, Bloodthirsty Black Wind Vine!

Creation of the dark genetic scientists of the dark web, a powerful dark battle-type plant that fed off of the soldier’s blood and source energy.


The Bloodthirsty Black Wind Vine relied on Han’s blood and source energy and quickly grew up. Every second, a large quantity of blood would be consumed by this evil dark plant to turn into their own energy!

Han’s left arm really hurt and his veins were exposed to the air.

The Bloodthirsty Dark Wind Vine was obviously an illegal plant prohibited by the Milky Way Alliance. Plenty of soldiers in the past had gotten all their blood sucked out alive when using it.

But in the situation now, Han couldn’t afford to care too much now. The dark beasts were getting closer. There were even a few times when Han could see the huge beasts’ head and sharp teeth from the corner of his eye.

Han’s situation was really worrying, he kept using his energy to break down the rock barriers nonstop and act like a pathfinder, but the group of dark beasts just needed to follow Han. As time passed, Han’s energy consumption became more and more serious, but the terrifying dark beasts were still quite energetic as they slowly closed their gap with Han.

In order to survive, Han needed to use all the cards in his hand!

Within only a few seconds, the Bloodthirsty Dark Wind vine began to grow at an insane speed!

From the size of a bean, it quickly grew into hundreds of meters of long vines, each vine like a giant eagle’s talon!

Such a monster was grown fully relying on Han’s blood and source energy. At this moment, Han’s face appeared very pale, but he was very different from other soldiers. He had the power of darkness and the incredible anti-toxin body which allowed him to take nuclear source energy pills and other alternatives, so activating the Bloodthirsty vine wouldn’t be life-threatening.

One vine was just dragging behind him, and it began dancing in the air, smashing down the rock walls as he passed!


Since the underground maze was already very confusing, then let’s make it more confusing!

While drilling at high speeds, Han also smashed the walls to destroy the path he created!

Anywhere Han went, the walls collapsed and large areas after areas of rocks were shattered, and the maze-like underground cave suddenly became a bunch of ruins!

The energy consumption was incredible but Han’s face grew more pale, and his footsteps became increasingly frail. However, the mass scale destruction was not stopping yet!

If there was no way to get out of this maze, then we will just destroy it!

Han used his illegal and extreme methods and made his own path! The dark beasts’ roaring noises died away, and Han could finally feel relieved.


The scene in front of his eyes suddenly changed. Han didn’t know at all where he arrived at but the rocky layers disappeared, and it was replaced by azure ice. Inside the ice were circular channels that led deeper underground.


Han’s legs suddenly became soft, and he slipped on the ice. It was like entering a fast downward passage, his speed accelerated, and he was surrounded by blue ice layers.

Now that the rocky layers were destroyed, does he have to destroy these ice layers?

Of course.

He started waving the Bloodthirsty vine around more insanely, shattering those blue ice layers!

Cracked ice land slide!

Whenever Han passed, there was an avalanche effect! Layers after layers of blue ice was destroyed, and they fell on top of each other, resulting in more ice breaking!


Finally, Han was thrown out of the blue ice pipeline, and the giant ice layers behind him began to collapse one by one. The Earth trembled, and the sound of ice layers shattering were extremely harsh.


Han adjusted his body in the air, and he landed on the ground in a very exaggerate gesture. Han looked around and found himself surrounded by broken ice on an open area of dozens of square kilometers.

Under Han’s feet was permafrost, and around him were some pink crystals.


Now that he was finally safe, the exhausted Han sat right down onto the ground, opened the automatic drug kit, took 3 pills of nuclear source energy and two of zero-degree brain region joy pills. The former could help replenish the consumed source energy and the latter could protect Han’s zero-degree brain region from injuries due to overuse.

“So this is actually a star crystal mine vein, seems like my fortune is not that bad after all.” Han smiled and joked.

Speaking of luck, Han’s luck was absolutely not considered good, but now that things already happened, what else could Han do other than joke a bit to amuse himself? Since he ran away from the dark beasts into a star crystal mine, then he might as well just take it.


The Bloodthirsty vine quickly extended. Under Han’s control it pulled out those pink crystals out of the permafrost layer one after another and then threw them into Han’s Lunar Mark.

Star crystal was a very important type of metal catalyst. If it was used when refining advanced metals, it could significantly improve the toughness of the alloy and thus increase its price. A star crystal the size of a finger could be sold for up to a few million GC.

But what Han just harvested was about 600 ores that haven’t been processed. Each one of the pink star crystal was as thick as a human arm, and could be easily sold for about 200 million GC each, with a total value of over 130 billion GC!

Without a doubt, this trip to the A-19 was an absolute disaster and Han’s bad luck could not get any worse. However, he also accumulated quite a bit of fortune. After a brief estimate, the wealth in Han’s hand was already at four or five hundred billion GC! If he can make it out alive, then he’s absolutely wealthy enough to beat little countries.

Anyways, the lifespan of the Bloodthirsty vine far exceeded Earth Claws. As long as there’s blood and source energy, then this evil plant won’t die.

The process of using a Dark Wind Vine to harvest pink Star Crystals was also a break for Han, and he finally recovered about 70% of his energy. Not daring to stay here any longer, he stood up and was about to leave.

The surrounding sides were all sealed by the collapse of the ice, and the only option was to open up a new path, which was no doubt going to be very energy-consuming.

Suddenly, just when Han was preparing to move, something happened!

From behind him, there was an explosion, and the collapsed ice layer was shattered by someone!

The ice shavings came flying like shrapnel! From where Han was standing, he roared as he flew past.

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