Chapter 397: The Ruins of the Sirius Tribe

Chapter 397: The Ruins of the Sirius Tribe

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Source Energy Index 654 million units!

The data on the display screen made people want to dance. Even Han couldn’t help but wave his fist.

9527 smiled and said to Han: "Close to a 30% improvement within one month. This is pretty crazy."

Han shrugged, "It isn’t just me, everyone is leveling up really fast. I heard Sima Hunfeng is almost past the peak of warlords. Unfortunately he had been really closed off recently during practice, so I haven’t been able to see him in action. I am not even at the peak of warlords yet, so this small improvement doesn’t really mean anything. Ke Lake also reached high level warlord, surpassing me again."

"A little improvement?" 9527 gave Han a death glare. "If I had to comment, I would say you guys are a bunch of monsters, but the effect of the crystal lotus is becoming weaker and weaker. Even though it is at a prime location and has accumulated energy over the past thousands of years, it can’t sustain how greedily you guys have been absorbing its energy."

"I think maybe we should wait until the crystal lotus has fully lost all of its energy potential and then find another place. However, this crystal lotus is pretty rare, and has transformed the violent energy from mother nature into its own energy. This is very hard to find, but I guess we\'ll just have to try our luck."

Han nodded, understanding the difficult task of changing habits. The crystal lotus allowed the blue lake to be a lot more hospitable. The energy inside the blue lake was currently like steak and burgers, but if the crystal lotus didn’t exist, it would be like eating paper. Nobody would like eating paper if they were used to eating good meals.

But he couldn’t change anything, and this opportunity had given all 444 people of the Wolf Fang team a lot, as well as Black Egg, Blue Star, and Silver Fox. They had all improved into a new level as a whole thanks to the crystal lotus.

Thinking about this, Han asked, "When we have absorbed all of the crystal lotus’ energy, will it die?"

9527 shook his head, "No, it would use the next tens of thousands of years to accumulate energy again, why do you ask?"

Han said, "I guess I’m becoming a little emotionally attached to the crystal lotus. If it dies because we absorbed too much of his energy, then I would feel terrible."

9527 smiled and said, "You are thinking too much, a legendary plant like this won’t die that easily. In twenty thousand years, you can come back if you are still alive, and the crystal lotus would still treat you well. From a certain perspective, intelligent humans and beasts are all selfish, but plants are not and they rarely ask for anything in return."

"Okay, let’s talk about what I came to talk to you about today. I have some important matters I need to discuss with you."

"I sent some drones out and noticed that the battleship fleet from the All Gods Corporation did indeed retreat. Yet it is strange because they really hate us, and they wouldn’t leave unless something important had happened."

"So I want to send some drones to the All Gods Corporation’s basecamp to investigate and to see whether the rumors were true. There are some risks associated with this that might expose our current location, so I wanted to talk to you about it first."

Han was taken aback, he frowned and said, "You mean a war between corporations?"

9527 nodded and said, "Yes, aside from tribes, there are the All Gods, Mass Demon, Nightmares, Godsend, and Holy Spirits. These five big corporations and their zones often interfere with each other, and there are Sky Energy Towers on their borders to offer protection.

"In the Big Five, All Gods, Godsend, and Holy Spirits are of the red bloodline, while Mass Demons and Nightmares are of the dark bloodline.

"Of course, bloodline isn’t an indication of everything. Red bloodlines could team up with dark bloodlines, or they could fight among themselves. Even though we left the All Gods and are no longer members of the Big Five, we are still in this zone and we need to know and understand whether there is a war and who is on each side. It could be valuable information!"

9527 showed Han a Dark Net map which showed the territory of the Big Five side by side. In the middle was where Han was at, the Cursed Area, also known as the Tribal Area.

Han thought about it carefully, realizing they would be in a very awkward situation if they left the Tribal Zone. Regardless of which direction they travelled in, they would have to go through one of the Big Five’s zones.

In the past, 9527 knew everything about the All Gods Corporation, and could travel without being stopped within their zone. But now that both 9527 and the Queen had been exposed, they would easily be discovered if they travelled into the zone of the All Gods.

Entering the original universe through the reverse universe seemed even more impossible. As a result of the Space Law, the Dark Net had a set of rules, while the original universe was an open space. This meant that as soon as Han appeared on the other side, the All Gods Corporation could discover their existence too.

The situation right now left Han trapped between the Big Five, so he could not go anywhere else.

Even though the Tribal Zone was big enough for everyone to live in, it doesn’t mean everyone would be happy doing so. It seemed impossible for these people to settle down somewhere. Other than Ye Weiwei, none of them would be satisfied with living a normal life.

9527 sighed and said, "We have to leave eventually, it is not good to be stuck here. Once a war starts, The All Gods Corporation would be able to find us sooner or later, and we don’t have the abilities to fight with them yet."

Han’s eyes suddenly lit up. He pointed to a tunnel on the map and asked, "Where is this? It seems like we can leave from here without coming into contact with any corporations."

9527 glanced at where Han was pointing and said, "Oh, that is the Veins Tunnel. It’s a very dangerous route that nobody had ever exited alive before."

"Even though the Cursed Zone is full of danger, it is nowhere near as dangerous as that tunnel is. Most of the danger zones are known in the Cursed Zone, and back in the day there was a nomadic tribe widely known as the genius tribe in the Tribal Zone called Sirius."

"The map you see today was made by the chief of the Sirius Tribe, Sky-Howling Wolf. If he says this is a dead zone, then it probably is."

Han pouted, recognizing the name of the Sirius Tribe. In legends, the tribe had produced the most scouts, every one of them extremely talented in investigation. The addition to their skillful chief that allowed the tribe to create such a complicated Tribal Map.

The Big Five did not have the map so they could not come into the Tribal Zone. From this, you can see the importance of the Sirius Tribe to every resident of the Tribal Zone.

Unfortunately, the Sirius Tribe had disappeared. Some people said that they were a nomadic tribe so they had not wanted to stay in the Cursed Zone forever, and so had moved on.

There were also people who said the Big Five had really wanted the scouting skills of the Sirius Tribe and had attempted to acquire them. When Sky-Howling Wolf refused, they were killed off by the Big Five corporations because they didn’t want anyone else to have their skills.

In the end, the legendary Sirius Tribe disappeared overnight in the Tribal Zone, meaning that the Big Five no longer had a chance to break into the Tribal Zone and that the residents of the Tribal Zone did not have the opportunity to leave.

"What are you thinking about?" 9527 saw Han thinking so he asked.

Han said, "I am thinking about the people who kidnapped Lion Flying Eagle. They probably left the Tribal Zone already, but if they already left… which route did they take?"

9527 waved his hand and said, "It wouldn’t be the Veins Tunnel, that is the classic dead route. Maybe they have some sort of relationship with one of the Big Fives? We can’t overlook that possibility even though they didn’t look like they were from the Big Five."

"Then what was the risk you speak of with investigating?" Han asked 9527.

9527 frowned and said, "Maps need to be entered into drones in order for them to leave our tribe, and whatever they discover will be sent to us through the Dark Net. If the signal was decrypted or the drones were captured by our enemies, there is a great possibility that we would expose our base camp."

"In the past, I could send out drones whenever I wanted, but now, as you probably know, the hidden scripts I left in the All Gods Corporation’s system had been discovered. They might be able to decrypt the data of the drones."

Han thought about it and said, "I think scouting is still very essential, especially because our information is pretty limited while in the Tribal Zone. It isn’t good to remain in the dark about what is going on in the outside world. Let’s be careful with this mission, and don’t let the drones go too deep into the Big Fives’ territories. Rather, they should stay on the borders instead."

9527 nodded and said, "Okay, then it’s decided."

Han immediately got up to leave the central control room, thinking of all the things he had to take care of. Other than his daily practice, he also paid close attention to the research and development progress on Night Walker’s, Wuyun’s, and Feng Taiji’s projects. Together they were developing a new generation of war weapons more powerful than the Sky King Vine and Green Masked Beast. These would be the foundation of why the Wolf Fang team could survive on the reverse side of the universe.

Right as he was passing through the door, Han ran into Ke Lake who was rushing towards him. He passed Han a piece of paper with words on it and said in a low voice, "Luo Ying and Ye Weiwei couldn’t find Xiao Bao and they are really worried. I found this at the entrance to our zone after a small battleship dropped this letter off and left."

In shock, Han opened the letter immediately, revealing a GPS chip and one line of words.

"If you want Xiao Bao to live, then come alone."

The message was simple and clear, but every single word made Han shiver down to his bones.

Without a doubt, Xiao Bao has been kidnapped again. Yes, again. Xiao Bao’s life really was a tragedy.

Xiao Bao had been following Ye Weiwei and Luo Ying, who were both quite attentive and so were a good fit for taking care of Xiao Bao. On top of that, Luo Ying had the protection of the banshee, so Han didn’t think there would be any problems.

Yet none of them had been able to prevent Xiao Bao’s kidnapping. An enemy that refused to forget you was one of the worst things one could get.

"What do we do now?" Ke Lake asked worriedly.

"Who knows about this?" Han asked.

"Just the 3 of us for now." Ke Lake said: "When I got the letter, I immediately came to find you."

Han nodded and said in a low voice, "Don’t tell anyone, especially not Luo Ying or Ye Weiwei. If they find out Xiao Bao was kidnapped, they would definitely hate themselves. As for the other people in our team, I am afraid they will be too impulsive. If our enemies are definitely targeting us, acting impulsively might hurt Xiao Bao."

"Let’s keep this between us three, I will immediately go to the location they specified and bring him back."

"You have a plan?" Ke Lake asked.

"Nope." Han answered honestly, "I will think about it once I arrive."

"But…" Ke Lake was worried about Han.

But Han said stubbornly, "There is no ‘but’! Things like this can’t be solved by many people. Don’t worry, I will bring Black Egg, Blue Star, and Silver Fox. Nothing bad will happen."

Ke Lake looked over to 9527.

9527 frowned and said, "Han is right, it isn’t necessarily more beneficial if more people go. The most important thing right now is to not anger our enemies. If they only want Han to go, then Han must go alone. I suspect that if they can kidnap Xiao Bao from our basecamp, it is highly likely that they have some spies here. If we all go together, our enemies would find out immediately."

"If that happens, not only would we not be able to save Xiao Bao, we would hurt him."

"In the event that Han needs backup, we can get to him within minutes using the speed of the Dark Net. So yes, I agree to let Han go himself because we need to save Xiao Bao’s life first."

Han and 9527 had evidently decided it would be better to use basic battle tactics against the kidnapper by not surprising them. Bringing a huge group of people would not be not a good solution.

"Give me the GPS chip."

9527 took out the chip and inserted it into the computer to get the location they specified.

"What the f*ck." 9527 murmured.

"What is it?" Han asked.

"We were just talking about the genius level tribe Sirius. The location they selected is the Ruins of the Sirius Tribe." 9527 frowned while removing the GPS chip.