Chapter 356: An Inescapable Prison

Chapter 356: An Inescapable Prison

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In the prison beneath the castle, Han saw found most of his friends in the All Gods Corporation. But it didn’t make him happy at all. Because of him, they lost freedom, and this was a consequence Han couldn’t accept no matter what.


The metal alloy gate of the prison closed. Han observed his cell. The facility was user-friendly, and there was an independent washroom, a desk and a chair, and a simple single bed.

As for the alloy structure of the cell, it seemed vulnerable to Han. With only one hand, this iron alloy bar could be bent, as if the prison guards weren’t concerned that prisoners would escape at all.


A sharp noise sounded, and then all the doors of the cells opened up. Han walked out of the cells like the others. In the center of the prison area were lots of wooden chairs where the prisoners were allowed to move freely.

Boya shrugged, "I heard from the prison guard that this was the most robust prison in the All Gods Corporation. These iron cages are merely decorations. What really traps us are those layers of special alloy walls, which can counteract Source Energy automatically. Even warlords like Sima Hunfeng cannot destroy these alloys."

"In the external layer of the prison, there are law enforcers of the All Gods Corporation. They are all cold-blooded killers. The corporation trains these emotionless warriors exclusively so that they don’t have any free will, just like robots that only obey orders."

"I’m sorry to drag you guys into this too." Han said with a wry smile, "Did they do anything to you?"

Sima Hunfeng patted on Han’s shoulder and said as if it was not a big deal, "At first, they told us to tell them about your secret. They said you had connections with a traitor of the All Gods Corporation, but we didn’t know anything. As the time dragged on, these guys didn’t bother to bring us in for interrogation, but they still didn’t want to release us."

"Look at this prison, most of the time it was open, the doors weren’t even closed. No one cares what we do at all. They tell us to go back to our cell only when they need to interrogate someone, but when they’re gone, we can walk around again."

Han nodded. Though it seemed that they weren’t abused in prison, Han still didn’t feel happy about it.

As with what Sima Hunfeng said, it was to console Han. But in fact, they were trapped in the most robust prison in All Gods Corporation, unsure about life and death, and also feeling helpless.

Silver Fox lied on Han’s thigh in peace, Ghost Claw and Demon Claw guarded the sides of Han as usual. Han’s friends didn’t blame Han. No one even asked if he was related with any traitors. They all showed enough faith to Han.

Han didn’t say a word. His finger gently brushed across his neck, and pitch black light flashed past his eyes.

On the back of the dark universe, 9527 Phantom Space Station.

Aye ~

On a spacious bench, 9527 rubbed his temple, and let out a sigh, looking worried.

"Master, this is not your fault. After all, we have been doing as we pleased for so many years in the All Gods Corporation. It is reasonable that they have developed the system to block us. Besides, you said it yourself that even if you leave, there are still plenty of masters in the corporation." The artificial intelligence Queen consoled 9527 in her synthesized female voice.

9527 pouted and said, "If I knew it earlier, I wouldn’t have let Han go back. I just thought Lu Shui Qiulin’s granddaughter really likes Han. But I know too well about Lu Shui Qiulin’s temper. This narrow-hearted guy will definitely trip Han in the shadow."

"But it turns out that I now wish Han had to deal with Lu Shui Qiulin instead. From how this matter is being executed, it must be the old fellows in the executive board that took up the matter. They had been hiding this from me. All this time, I claimed to know exactly what the All Gods Corporation was up to. Now I’m completely defeated."

Queen said, "According to my information, this message was given away by Zhu Yanan, reaching the top of the corporate hierarchy. They stepped in to investigate Han and the people related to him. During the process, they used the blocking measure directed to us that was developed by the council. We’ve never come across any similar issues before so we lacked preparation, and thus leading to a total loss of control."

"Master, this is not your fault."

Meanwhile, a voice from the distance murmured, "It’s meaningless to discuss who is right or wrong at this time. What matters is how we can save Han."

9527 looked back. It was Pluto. He frowned, "It’s not that simple. The Executive Board have already invented a blocking system directed to me, but it happened to let me know details of Han being locked up in the prison."

"They did it deliberately to trick me."

"If I go to save Han, it proves that I’m with him. But if I don’t make any move, Han will be trapped in the prison to death."

"This is not the worst. I know this prison and the city very well. That is the Judgement City of the All Gods Corporation, an extremely robust military fortress. Even if I put my old life on the line, it is still very unlikely that Han can be saved. The most likely result is me, Han and everyone else will die in the battle."

Pluto King hesitated for a second, and murmured, "In that case, Han can’t be saved. Not only everyone will die, but it will also involve Han’s army and the people on Earth, which is what Han really cares about."

9527 waved his hand and said, "It wouldn’t go so far as to involve ordinary people. People in the Dark Net never intervenes with issues in the universe. Unless Han was bold enough to invade the All Gods Corporation with his army on Earth, there wouldn’t be problems for immigrants or the earth army and the Twin-Horse Galaxy."

"Take this time for example, the All Gods Corporation certainly knew that the Solar System was a group of hidden Star Gods. But they didn’t react at all."

9527 glanced at Pluto as he said this. When he talked about Star God, Pluto’s eyelid hopped slightly. Though it is a very small detail, it couldn’t escape 9527’s eyes.

Pluto asked, "What should we do now?"

9527 shook his head, "No plan at all. The All Gods Corporations had come prepared this time. The existence of this Judgement City is not for locking up a small character like Han. Once Han got in, he can never go out. This prison looks like commonplace, but it is exactly the feature of this Judgement City to benumb everyone."

"Whoever wants to escape will be stomped relentlessly. Whoever wants to rescue will be destroyed with no remains left!"

"The Judgement City is like an automatic scaffold, waiting for traitors. As soon as they take action, they will die!"

What 9527 said was so absolute that Pluto felt like it was tearing his heart out. For some reason, Pluto had a favorable impression towards Han, wishing that Han would not get hurt from the bottom of his heart.

"We need to prepare for the best and the worst." 9527 added, "With Han’s personality, he will probably choose to escape, which falls right into the corporate council’s scheme. They do not need trial or investigation to have enough reason to kill Han."

"These guys have always been willing to get 1000 innocent people killed rather than letting one real criminal get away. I can feel that they are waiting for Han to escape so they can kill him. Worse, they might encourage him, or even help Han to escape."

"Han once told me about a place called the Oblivion Realm. He said there wasn’t any good people in Oblivion Realm. But he never knew that, neither were there any good people in the Dark Net."

In a blink of the eye, three days passed.

In the central control room of the Judgement City, the supervisor of the city Tanding was facing a flashing screen. On the screen, Han and his friends were sitting on the bench in the prison center, drinking tea and whispering.

Suddenly ~

An invisible wristband on Tanding’s wrist vibrated. He stood up immediately and left the control center. He entered a dark room, and opened a light screen.

On the screen was an elder in a white robe with a golden ribbon – a standard attire for the executive board members of the All Gods Corporation.

"Director Stephen, were you looking for me?" asked Tanding.

This Director Stephen nodded, "Yes. Though it wasn’t going smoothly, the result of the council discussion was released. So I’m communicating the final decision of the board to you."

"Not going smoothly?" Tanding asked curiously. He rarely heard Stephen speak like this.


Stephen sneered, "It’s all because of Kabri. He and his fellows in the Border Legion thought that Han was a rare talent that could be play an important role in the army in the future. So Kabri brought it up over and over that, even though Han was guilty, we should give him a fair trial.""

Tanding asked, "So is Han guilty?"

Stephen said, "We lack evidence. I didn’t expect that even Lu Shui Qiulin intervened with this issue. His granddaughter Jian Jia provided a very favourable testimony of Han. Also, this issue was not valid logically neither."

"Han is a nobody in this universe. It is very unlikely that 9527 had ever had a connection with him. 9527 likes being alone. The assumption that he arranged Han as a spy in the corporation is too farfetched."

Tanding nodded, "I think so. In this case, Han and his people will be released?"

"Released!?" A chill flashed by Stephen’s eyes. He said in a strange tone, "Are you kidding me? Whoever is related to 9527, we have to kill them all!"