Chapter 203: Duo Claws versus Star Squirrel

Chapter 203: Duo Claws versus Star Squirrel

“Eye of Darkness, open!”

In front of Han’s peerless dark vision, nothing could hide.

The snakes hidden in the tree were like white ropes in Han’s eyes. The birds flying in the air were more like white dots flying further and further away.

Under the Eye of Darkness, the world became black and white. Living creatures were emanating a white aura, and the lifeless wood, grass, and rocks were all black.

There was just one difference, and that were the espers. In Han’s eyes, Black Tower and Faint Blue were colorful. Black Tower’s zero-degree brain region was dirt yellow, maybe because power descent espers appeared this color under the eye of darkness.

Faint Blue’s zero-degree brain region was colorless, maybe also because of Faint Blue’s super power’s attribute.

And their bodies, there were obvious meridians present, and the flowing aura in the meridians was blue, representative of the source energy.

In short, under the eye of darkness, the world became clear. Where there was life, large or small, Han could see everything clearly. The Heart of Darkness and Genu of Darkness’s additive effects, plus their integration with the zero-degree brain region, made Han’s dark vision much more sensitive now.


Han hesitated, he noticed that on a branch in the distance stood a colorful life. It wasn’t too big, just like a little mouse, and it was looking at them from a distance.


Han was shocked, he doesn’t remember seeing any lives of such color. Even the most bizarre life of dark apostles, in Han’s eyes, were only different in that their zero-degree brain region and body circulated with black energy. Why was this life colorful?

Not thinking too much, Han ordered the Demon Claw to pick up Black Tower and Faint Blue right away and started running up.

“This way!”


The Demon Claw’s speed was very fast, and that little guy that was observing them was obviously surprised that it was spotted. It hurriedly started escaping, jumping from one branch to another. Its gliding posture between the treetops was quite graceful.

At this point, Han already retrieved his Eye of Darkness. Faint Blue’s very excited and shouted, “You are right, the smell in this direction is indeed stronger! How did you know?”

“Intuition.” Han replied.

“What a terrifying intuition.” Faint Blue swallowed his spittle and said.

“Let’s split up and move!” Han’s worried that the magical squirrel would run away so he hurriedly ordered.

Demon Claw threw Faint Blue and Black Tower to its side and then charged at the fastest speed.

“You wait for us!” Black Tower anxiously shouted.

Unfortunately, Han didn’t pay attention and soon disappeared in the depths of the jungle, worrying Faint Blue and Black Tower to the point of shouting.

“Eye of Darkness, open again!”

After getting rid of those two, Han could use his dark vision again, without being caught. His right eye turned pitch black again, locking onto the colorful little guy like a radar, while the Demon Claw lowered its head and focused on chasing.

After a dozen minutes of chasing, Black Tower and Faint Blue were all left behind by Han by a great distance. At this moment, that little guy seemed to have realized, it thought about why it needed to run? Just because someone’s chasing, it has to run?

Angrily stomping its feet, scratching its head with its claws, the little guy turned around and charged at Han and the Demon Claw.

“Good turnaround!”

“Ghost Claw!”


With Han’s shout, the Ghost Claw was summoned!

This is the strongest fusion beast on Han. When the Ghost Claw appeared out of surprise, the force it was able to generate was powerful. Within a hundred-mile radius, all star beasts could sense the feeling of a king’s aura descending from heaven and all fled.


The Ghost Claw chased, and the forest that was in its way was razed to the ground!

This was power that belonged to the most powerful fusion beast!


The little guy jumped up strangely, its claws scratching the air a few times in panic. It wanted to run again, but as if it was also very angry by the fact that he was chased this far by Han, it gritted its teeth and charged right back at the Ghost Claw!

Han first hesitated, then he started getting excited.

The Ghost Claw’s power cannot be compared to normal beasts. This was the combination between dark apostle and dark queen bug, and when it appeared, the forest immediately became filled with chill, as if summoning hell along with it.

When facing such a powerful beast, this little guy actually dared to challenge? This showed that this little guy’s level was also very high!


In the blink of an eye, the Ghost Claw and that little guy clashed. The little guy was very clever, relying on its small head, body flexibility and speed, it actually climbed up to the Ghost Claw’s back.


The little guy crossed its claws, and on cue, its claws became longer and looked like they were strong enough to scratch the Ghost Claw.


The Ghost Claw obviously wouldn’t let the little guy succeed. He suddenly jumped, crazily rolling in the air like a wheel, throwing off the little guy. The little squirrel heavily crashed into a tree, and the thick tree trunk immediately snapped.


The little guy jumped up from the ground, waving its lengthened little claws. That look really looked quite strange, just like a mouse holding two knives and threateningly glaring at Han.

The little clever thing, seeing how the Ghost Claw was not easy to deal with, it planned to attack the Demon Claw and Han. The Demon Claw looked silly, and Han was just sitting on top of it. Those two didn’t seem to be any threat.

And as a result, the little guy got stumped again. It thought the Ghost Claw couldn’t be bullied, but could Han be?

How was there such logic!

Ghost Claw was a creature that was killed and then reassembled by Han, okay? Han plus the Demon Claw, that would be the true definition of terrifying.

“Star-Strangling Boa!”


The Ares-class weapon was summoned, and Han leaped off from the Demon Claw. The edge of the blade drew an arc in the air, bringing out a dark white magical light!


That little guy was almost going crazy!

When it wanted to pinch a soft tomato to bully, the result was that the “soft tomato” was even more tough!

After gaining the Genu of Darkness, Han clearly became faster. Plus, the Ares-class weapon in his hand, the moment he made a move, the little guy began scurrying around.

But at that moment, the Demon Claw suddenly disappeared. When it re-emerged, it actually popped up from underground, waving its claws at the little guy in a comical way.


That little guy uttered a scream, turned and ran away hunched over with eyes were full of resentment, as if it was being bullied.

“Continue the chase!” Han shouted, “This little guy, I want it alive!”

Han felt that this little guy was very interesting, now he doesn’t want to kill him and use him to make fusion beasts anymore. He was wondering, maybe catching this interesting little thing alive might be a better option. Just looking at how it gets surprised and reacts was already funny enough.

Up until now, Han still didn’t figure out what species this little thing belonged to. For the time being, he will just call it Star Mouse.

The Milky Way had a very broad definition of the star animals anyways, as long as it had the crocodile look, all species were called Star Crocodiles. As long as its look resembled a mouse, let it be voles, mice, squirrels, they were all Star Mice.

In fact, human’s study on star beasts was still very shallow. They only knew that there were some species in the universe that were very powerful and could live in the harsh environment that was inhabitable for humans. These species were all generalized to be known as star animals.

The lack of study on star beasts was strongly related to the limits being placed on the Milky Way Alliance. After the establishment of the Alliance, too many research projects were banned, such as genetic engineering, drugs, bacteriological weapons, and so on.

As a result, the result of many projects were all taken from the prehistoric civilizations, the god race, and the Alliance itself didn’t come up with anything new.

Demon Claw, Ghost Claw, the duo was all out, and plus Han as the center command, the small thing’s good luck was coming to an end. It desperately fled here and there, but no matter how, it just couldn’t escape Han’s dark vision.

It almost got caught by the Ghost Claw several times, but the Ghost Claw was a larger fusion beast after all. It was a little difficult for it to grasp on something that was not even as big as its palm, allowing the Star Squirrel to luckily escape.

There was a lake in front, surrounded by the black forest, bubbling white fog which made it very strange and mysterious.

The little guy came to the lake and dove into the lake immediately. Han, the Demon Claw and the Ghost Claw closely followed and also leaped into the water.

With the Eye of Darkness, Han could clearly see that not too far away, the little guy was desperately paddling with its little legs, swimming towards the bottom of the lake. This lake was actually a lot deeper than Han would expect, like the opening of a volcano, but also like a bottomless well.

Demon Claw and Ghost Claw, after all, were not aquatic fusion beasts, so their swimming movements were a lot clumsier than the little guy. The distance between them gradually opened up, and while that little guy was desperately paddling, it would still look up from time to time so see if Han caught up to it or not.

Seeing that they were almost at the bottom of the lake, that little guy suddenly accelerated and made a quick turn to the side.

Han caught up to the bottom of the lake and realized that the bottom of the lake was actually L-shaped. After making a turn, the waterway began to go towards the side.

Not thinking much anymore, they’ve already chased this far, there’s no reason to give up now. Continue the chase!


After a while, the waterway began to ascend, and when Han and the Duo Claws left the lake water, they found themselves in a pool inside a strange cave.

The pool and the lake outside were connected, but due to air pressure, the lake water didn’t pour in.

Han and the two Claws climbed out of the pool, and saw that the cave isn’t too big, it’s a lava cave, and the ceiling is covered in white stalactites.

The little guy had disappeared here. Even with Han’s dark vision, there wasn’t any signs of biological existence.

“How strange. How did it disappear?” Han frowned and said to himself.

Suddenly, Han bowed down and found an area of small paw footprints at the edge of the pool.

“This little guy, it actually forgot to erase such obvious flaws.” Han felt a little funny, that little guy hid its energy, but what’s the point when there’s still some footprints.

After following the footsteps for not too far, Han saw a dead body. It’s obviously from a long time ago, with just a skeleton remaining. When he died, the person was sitting on the ground, and there was a silver dagger in his hand.

And the strange thing is, the footprints of that little guy connected all the way to the dagger, and then disappeared.