Chapter 372: Remolding Life!

Chapter 372: Remolding Life!

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Han was shocked. He and Black Egg had been together for some time, but it was the first time he begged Han like that. His golden eyes revealed how genuine he was. It seemed like Demon Claw and Ghost Claw’s sacrifice left Black Egg feeling extremely pressured.

This proved that Black Egg was conscientious. All the pride and all the selfishness seemed to have dissipated upon Demon Claw and Ghost Claw’s deaths.

Pluto said in a low voice, "All intellectual beings have the potential of experiencing epiphanies, it\'s a side effect of wisdom. Some of the most vicious people become the complete opposite upon the death of a loved one, some cold-blooded killers become the most devout people. These are all examples of epiphanies."

"From what I see, Black Egg really has changed. He would have never begged you like this in the past, due to the innate pride that powerful species possess."

Lance added, "Yeah help him Han. Regardless of how stuck-up he was in the past, how could you stand him looking so pathetic now? Even his scales look dimmer, not to mention the way he limps, like he’s drained of energy."

Pluto said, "It must be because Black Egg removed the most precious thing he had from his body—the black crystal must be his energy crystal—he wants to use it to save Ghost Claw and Demon Claw and now he’s weak."

"Animals and humans are different in that most animals don’t spend energy on flirting, nor on technology, nor on the quality of life. All they do throughout their lives is saving up energy."

"Black Egg is undoubtedly an energy-type beast, which is to say that energy is his life! He literally put it on the line to save Ghost Claw and Demon Claw!"

Han froze for a second. In fact, he had already felt incredible energy from this black crystal, and it turned out that Black Egg’s life energy was all stored in it!

Han shook his head; he did not know whether to be sad or glad that Black Egg changed from a proud, selfish, existence to being someone who would sacrifice precious energy. It was a good thing but for Black Egg to learn this lesson, both Demon Claw and Ghost Claw had to die.


Black Egg collapsed onto the ground, all the while fixing his gaze on Han. Having lost so much energy, Black Egg was incredibly weak, even to the point of endangering his own life.

Han knelt down by his side, and took the teardrop-shape crystal from his chubby paw.

"I get it. I’ll try my best." Han said gravely.

All of a sudden—

From Black Egg’s eyes shot out happy sparks, but it only lasted a split second, before he promptly fainted.

A legendary soul beast like him, who possessed twin gold pupils, collapsing because of the lack of energy?!

It seemed like he had really changed for the better, showing incredible persistence and courage to make up for his past behavior.

Han took Black Egg into his hands lovingly, checked for signs of life, and pocketed him in the Lunar Mark, saying, "He is safe for now."

Following that, Han swiftly collected the remains of Demon Claw and Ghost Claw. War-type genetic beasts are special in that they are born to fight; even when severely injured, they carry on in battles.

This time, however, they were both injured to the point of no return. Their energy cores were damaged.

"Just now Han said Black Egg was safe ‘for now’?" Lance asked Pluto bewilderedly, "What does ‘for now’ mean? It can’t mean..."

Pluto frowned deeply and replied, "It’s Black Egg’s choice, let us wait."


"How did it become this way?!"

"Damn Three-Eyed wolves! I will kill you all!" Lance shuddered. With bloodshot eyes, he turned to stare at the top of that snow mountain, where the strong force of energy disappeared.

Silver Fox also gritted his teeth and flashed his claws. He was also furious.

The situation now was:

Ghost Claw and Demon Claw were both torn into pieces.

Black Egg was drained of energy and his life was on the line.

Suddenly, Han muttered to himself, "There’s only one crystal, who should I use it on….."

Hearing this, even the calm Pluto was shaken.


Black Egg was powerful. There must be something powerful about this crystal for him to extract it and put his life at risk. Giving it to Han meant that he was confident it could bring Demon Claw and Ghost Claw back to life.

"I know—DNA fusion technology!"

Upon thinking this, Han brought the two broken cores to the crystal, while beginning to use the fusion technology.

Miraculously, the black teardrop-shaped crystal started to absorb both Demon Claw\'s and Ghost Claw\'s cores’ energy, liquefying the cores and absorbing them into itself.

Soon enough, the black crystal started glowing; energy pulsed within it—not only Black Egg’s, but Demon Claw and Ghost Claw, as well as the two beast claws\' memories!

Han was excited. He could not predict what exactly would happen.

He began to re-sculpt the two other Claw beasts’ bodies. Since he only had one crystal, his only choice was to combine Demon Claw and Ghost Claw, using what he had to create a new, powerful, claw beast.

The germ-less, sterilized, operation table was released from the Lunar Mark. The longer the genetic beasts were dormant, the lesser chance they had to live, so Han had to race against time.

Lance and Pluto watched the focused Han work. He had always been this way, dedicated to the point that if other people gave their 100%, he gave 200%!

To be fair, watching Han work was rather enjoyable—he was no longer a warrior, a commander on the battlefield, but an artisan—an incredibly detailed, serious, and efficient artisan.

The laser scalpel danced in Han’s hands. Neurons, which normally were invisible to the naked eye, were joined effortlessly in his hands.

Han’s hands were stable; there was not even a nanometer of deviation.

Han’s ideas were always beyond the ordinary. Lance and Pluto were witnessing the birth of a whole new, weird, creation; it exceeded anything Han had every created. Han was becoming a master of creating genetic beasts, and even exceeding that.

"It’s so weird." Lance frowned slightly, muttering.

People with extraordinary ideas were often not easily understood by others. For a long time, Demon Claw and Ghost Claw were seen as monsters, for the simple reason that they exceeded people’s imagination of claw beasts.

And now, after people knew how powerful Demon Claw and Ghost Claw were, others began to imitate Han, creating beasts with exaggerated appearances and giving them more functions.

Imitations, nonetheless, could never surpass the original. Even Lance, who knew nothing about DNA beasts, could tell that Han was taking on another entirely new and bold attempt.

Demon Claw and Ghost Claw’s designs were undoubtedly exaggerated, and incredibly intricate; even masters of creating DNA beasts would have a hard time copying it.

And now, Han drastically reduced the intricacy of his design; the new beast did not have as many knife-like claws, nor did it possess morphing abilities. Han abandoned the body structure that allowed for both crawling and walking, along with most signature characteristics that Demon Claw and Ghost Claw had—he even got rid of claw beasts’ most important digging ability!

With sharp and straight lines, this new beast resembled a viciously sharp knife more than a claw!

Gradually, a beast possessing the DNA of three top beasts, Ghost Claw, Demon Claw, and Black Egg, was coming into form.

Lance felt the urge to yell out of excitement, but he stopped himself in fear of bringing Han out of his zone.

This whole new war-type genetic beast was remarkable!

Han did an impressive job, but not as impressive as the new beast’s appearance and overall vibe!

Without a question, the beast was Han’s unprecedented masterpiece!