Chapter 398: Meeting Solo

Chapter 398: Meeting Solo

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The Dark Net starship carried Han to the entrance of a dimension. A long time ago, this was the residence of the legendary tribe ‘Sirius’. It had long been deserted. There were remnants of flags and stone tablets commonly seen in the entrance of tribes. Now all that was left was an empty energy barrier.

Han got off the starship and walked towards the barrier.

The white energy barrier opened automatically. Obviously, someone had been waiting and watching him. Han frowned slightly, then walked inside.

A Graveyard.

The residence of the Sirius tribe had been replaced by a graveyard. The customs were different from Earth. There were no engravings on the tombs. None of the people who died had any names, and would not be remembered by later generations.

The chilly air blew and caused the dimension to seem wild and desolate. The Sirius tribe should have been praised as the benefactor of all tribes. They were the first ones who had risked their lives to investigate the Cursed lands. But after their destruction, not one tribe had bothered to visit the graves of their benefactor. It was a testament to the law of the Jungle in the tribal territories.

Han suddenly heard a loud boom behind him. When he looked back, the entrance to the dimension had disappeared.

Han had already predicted that the person who kidnapped Xiao Bao would try to control him. Thus, he was not startled, but continued to walk towards the interior of the graveyard. When he had reached a grave the size of a small mountain, he finally heard the kidnapper’s voice.

"Stop.", the voice commanded. Han felt that the voice sounded familiar, but could not recall where he had heard it before.

"Very well. Just as I predicted, you are a man of your word. I have been waiting for you for a long time. If you had not come alone, you would not have been able to enter this dimension or see the little liquid nether." the voice continued.

"He was watching me?" Han thought in his mind. This was no easy feat. As the designer of the mighty All Gods Corporation, 9527’s defense in the territory was not flawless but still near impossible to infiltrate.

Even then, the man still knew Han’s each and every move? That was very strange; Han wondered what kind of tool he had used to investigate that even fooled 9527.

Yet despite this, Han was relieved that he had not spoken of this matter to the others. Doing so may have brought harm to Xiao Bao.

"I am already here. What do you want?" Han asked loudly.

"What do I want?" the voice laughed loudly. "Han …you have already entered the land of your death but you are still so arrogant. Do you not know how the word death is written?"

Han pouted and said, "Enough talk! I am here to exchange myself for Xiao Bao. Let him go!"

Ha Ha Ha

As the laughter continued in the distance, a figure slowly emerged from behind the biggest tomb.

"Xiao Bao!" Han saw Xiao Bao, who was in the hands of the unknown captor.

It was an elderly man. He had very long black hair that almost touched the ground and entirely covered his face. He was well built and had a powerful pace.

Xiao Bao was in his arms and shivering like a puppy. The man used his rough fingers to caress Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao could only helplessly look at Han and was too afraid to resist.

On Xiao Bao’s neck, there was a golden collar that reflected a cold light. Perhaps it was how the old man was controlling Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao was just like a kid. He was scared but also happy that Han had come alone to save him. Yet he quickly realized that Han had put himself in danger because of him, and it couldn’t feel happy again. His mouth twitched and tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Don’t cry. I swore that no one would harm you as long as I am alive." Han said heavily with emotion.

The sound of Xiao Bao’s cries became louder. It was hard to determine if it was out of sadness or guilt.

"You want to save him? Think about yourself first! I have isolated this dimension and the liquid nether is under my control. I know you are trying to come up with a plan but you had better be careful. Did you notice the golden collar on his neck? If I snap my fingers or if you get less than 10 meters close to him, the collar will explode and blast this boy into a million pieces."

"Believe me. You would not want to see a dead liquid nether."

Han clenched his teeth. "I believe you. But what do you want? If I hesitate, I am a coward!"


The strange long-haired man laughed wildly. He pointed at Han and said, "You are tough! If you want to be direct, I will directly tell you too!"

"What I want is very simple. I want you to die! Not killed easily, but tortured to death!"

"From now on, you cannot fight back or use the Flying Feather! If you do, this little boy will be be buried with you!"

"I promise you!" Han had no hesitation. He responded loudly to the man. Before he had arrived at this place, he had already considered the worst possible outcomes. All the old man had asked was that Han would not fight back. Han did not need time to think before he agreed.

Xiao Bao finally let his cries escape. He had seen the cruel demands that Han had agreed to in order to save him. He could no longer hold back his cries. He felt that he had harmed Han himself.

But that was Han!

A warrior that originated from a small home planet like Earth. Was the reason for his achievements his one and only super power? His strong talents? Or his intelligence and schemes?


The two most important things for a warrior were to keep to one’s words and to be loyal to one’s brothers and comrades!

Han’s group of brothers did not associate with him because of his talent but because of his strong character and the loyalty he showed them!

Whether it be a person or a liquid nether, when it was necessary, Han would bravely step forward no matter the consequences!

"Do you know who I am?

On the other side of the large grave, another voice sounded. The voice was younger and colder.

Han looked at the man who had appeared later, and said lightly, "Even though I have never seen you before, I think you are the Gryphon’s tribe’s Lion Six."

"We have never met. How did you know?" Lion Six asked curiously.

"It’s simple. You wear the the Winged-Lion gold badge of the Gryphon tribe. From what I know, the other people who wear this have all gone missing or died." Han said in a deep voice.

Lion Six’s voice turned cold, "Since you already know who I am, you can predict what I am going to do the next. I am seeking revenge and I will use your blood to worship my tribe and clan."

"Resurrect! Kill him! All of you who have been in a deep sleep."


Han was put into a daze. This seemed to be Lion Flying Eagle‘s technique to resurrect the dead. Could it be that Lion Six was trying to..


Before Han could react, the worst outcome had appeared. The arms of skeletons appeared from the nameless tombs and pushed up from the ground. Entire skeletons had climbed out of their tombs!

Lion Six had the same black light that appeared on Lion Flying Eagle. It was a magical light that resurrected the dead men on the battlefield. Lion Six had taken it one step further: he had resurrected skeletons instead of dead bodies.

Everyone knew that a strong warrior never truly dies. These graves were filled with the bodies of the dead warriors of the Sirius tribe. Even though they were not all-powerful, the accumulation of source energy and the many years of training provided their skeletons with a much more potent strength than ordinary people.

Even if they had been buried for many centuries, only their flesh had decomposed. Their skeletons which had laid buried behind the biggest tomb, were still as deadly as a skilled warrior. Harder than steel!

One, two, three, four!

Numerous skeletons were resurrected under Lion Six’s will. They were the strongest warriors of the tribe and the most skilled warriors in history!

Even if they had turned into skeletons, they were still powerful!

Lion Six panted for breath. He was still young and inexperienced. Resurrecting these skeletons had taken a lot out of him.

However, Lion Six’s eyes were still bright and thirsty for revenge. It was a thirst that would not be quenched until Han was dead.

Once the attack had started, Han realized that this was the most hopeless situation he had ever faced.

Since he had started fighting, Han’s talent and his unique path had allowed his combat skills to grow at an incredible speed.

For the most part, it was Han who was unloading the beatings onto others. He had rarely taken beatings himself.

But today, he could not avoid the attacks so easily and could only dodge using his Path of Yao movements. For each second that passed, Han could feel countless claws coming at him.

With the number of skeletal enemies increasing, Han’s situation became more and more difficult.

It was already difficult to dodge without attacking. Han was now faced with an enormous amount of enemies who had a sharp sense of smell and practiced judgment in combat.

The resurrected warriors of the Sirius tribe were the strongest warriors in the tribe history. Other than their combat ability, their judgment during battle was also better than others. Even if Han’s steps were difficult to predict, the pressure from so many enemy attacks caused him to gradually become more tired.

Han wanted to kill the strange long-haired man and Lion Six to put an end to this situation.

But he could not do that. He could not even get within 10 meters of them or the collar on Xiao Bao would explode. That was an ending that Han could not accept.


The sharp claw left a bloody trail on Han’s face but Han did not make a sound.


A claw appeared from underground and grabbed Han by the ankle. Blood oozed out and Han began to limp.

Until the end, he would not give up!

You promised to protect Xiao Bao!

If you can’t even do that, how can you consider yourself a man?!

Han warned himself. He would not fight back, even if he was covered with cuts and bruises, he would not give up!

In the eyes of these people, promises are nothing. They never keep their promises and think that those who do keep promises are fools.

Han would fight for his home planet until he was covered with wounds. By doing this, he could fight for his brothers by shedding his own blood. Han would not go back on his promises, even if people mocked him for living a tiring life.

In Han’s mind, one had to live for the things they cared about most. If one could not even keep their promises, that would be a meaningless life!

Even if people thought that Han was a fool, Han was willing to be a fool. If he thought it was worth it why would he care about the opinions of others?

It was his life. He did not come here to listen to other people’s opinions!

An hour passed, the ground was speckled with blood.

Two hours later, Han’s body was covered in injuries.

Three hours later, more than ten thousand skeletons surrounded Han. Han was swaying but he refused to fall!

His eyes were still bright and thoughtful, there were no signs that he was going to give up!