Chapter 303: Unreliable Teammates

Chapter 303: Unreliable Teammates

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It has been more than ten hours since Han left the team. He moved at a rapid pace and didn’t encounter any other teams on his way. However, Han was pessimistic about the whole situation, because he could already feel the intense murderous atmosphere behind him.

Although Han hadn’t seen the Execution Squad yet, he could feel that they were reaching swiftly based on the atmosphere and blood odor spread in the air. The feeling was extraordinary, as what Luyao said, the Execution Squad was an undefeatable existence.

Han saw a river from a distance. The river was broad and fast-flowing with water dark yellow in color.

A large group of people was gathering at the river. It seemed like they were hesitating about whether and how to cross the river.

Han saw Zhu Yanan in the group. It turned out that they were just those noble brats coming from the aristocratic families. Similar to Jian Jia, they must be using some type of navigation system to pass through all the traps. No wonder they could move forward so fast and leave other teams far behind.

Zhu Yanan also saw Han. He yelled at him, "How come there is only you, where is Jian Jia?"

Han shook his head and indicated he had no clue. In the past ten more hours, he was exhausted from leaving. He didn’t have the time nor the intention to contact the rest of the others in the group.

Zhu Yanan suddenly became furious, and shouted at Han, "Did Jian Jia die because of you? You guys were together before, why there is only you now?!"

Han didn’t respond. He had no time for this.

Zhu Yanan was more convinced the death of Jian Jia after seeing the reaction of Han. He shouted at those noble people, trying to convince them that Han was a malicious man that had evil intentions to stay with Jian jia, and now has even left Jian Jia to death.

These young noble crews knew Jian Jia was with Han. They were curious why Han was by himself now. They approached altogether and looked at Han with hostility.

"I think we need an explanation. We didn’t like Jian Jia but at least she is Mr. Shui’s daughter. Mr. Shui is our admirable elder and has a close bond with our family. If Jian jia had truly died because of you, we wouldn’t let this slide easily." A man in a silver armor that was slightly older in the crew said to Han, frowning his brows.

"I didn’t kill Jian Jia." Han said.

"Then where is she?"

"I don’t know."

"Huh? What do you mean you don’t know? I feel like you are messing with us."

"Think whatever you want, I don’t have time for this."

"Give me an answer! Go, everyone, go get him! We will let you go once we make sure Jian Jia is safe. Otherwise, we will take you to Mr. Shui."

Apparently, the guy in the silver armor was the leader of the group. Overall, his mind was still calm compared to others. He didn’t believe that Han killed Jian Jia, but since Han was really suspicious, there shouldn’t be any problem to detain him at the moment.


In the distance, a black mountain collapsed. Undoubtedly, the one with such power could only be the Execution Squad.

Han suddenly smiled and said, "Fine, I’m your slave now, I will go with you."

No one understood why Han suddenly became so obedient. Luyao didn’t get it either and began yelling from the inside of Han’s brain, "Run, Han! What are you waiting for?! The Execution Squad is almost here!"

Han also replied back in his mind, "Run? Where can I go now? I’m going to die anyway, I want to die at least with some dignity."

Luyao was shocked, he stopped saying anything.

He knew Han would not have the ability to fight against the Execution Squad. Although Han has his Void End, Genetic Beast Army, and lots of other tricks, they were not strong enough to keep Han surviving till the end. The Squad came with a whole team of executors, the most powerful group in the Mass Demon Corporation.

The young man in silver armor was also shocked. He waved and said unkindly, "Tie him up. Some of you go check what happened on the hills over there and find out who’s over there."

Han shook his head and said, "You don’t need to tie me up. There are so many of elites here, and you are worried that I will flee away?"

The aristocratic crew seemed to agree. They were all heirs of famous teachers and were well-instructed. It would be such a shame if they couldn’t even keep Han.

Han looked behind and said, "You don’t need to check, I know who they are."


"The Execution Squad from the Mass Demon Corporation."


Right after Han finished his sentence, everyone’s face in the noble crew turned pale. They had definitely heard of this notorious squad.

Han saw Zhu Yanan start shaking and sweating like a wimp.

In fact, there were only a few people in the aristocratic group who were in slightly better condition than Zhu Yanan. Although being born in a noble family did guarantee them more resources and better growth, but at the same time, they were more afraid of losing their life. Unlike Han who was born with nothing, he didn’t even fear the threat of death. He knew that it would eventually happen to anyone.

"Luoyi, use your vision technique to check who they are!" The young man in silver armor said with some character of a general.

Soon, the blonde-hair Luoyi said frighteningly, "It’s really a team from the Mass Demon Corporation! I felt the intensity that they might indeed be the Execution Squad."

Zhu Yanan went crazy after hearing that. He grabbed Han’s hand tightly and shouted at him, "Goddamn it! What the heck did you do? How come this squad is coming here?! We all are going to die!"

Han said it back emotionlessly, "Does it matter how they are coming now?"

The young in silver armor was surprised, and then he said calmly, "You’re right, why they are coming is not important, what matters is they are the enemy!"

"Everyone, be ready to fight!"

Zhu Yanan seemed like he didn’t have the resolve to fight back. He kept holding Han, "You! You attracted the squad here and that’s why Jian Jia was killed, right?! You bloody freak!"


Han suddenly twisted his wrist and pushed off Zhu Yanan, and then he said coldly, "Wimp, stay away from me. Jian Jia didn’t die, I distracted the Execution Squad away from them and let Jian Jia escaped towards another direction with others."

Some people began looking down upon Zhu Yanan, he did indeed embarrass himself today which did not match his noble identity. Especially the young man in the silver armor. He spat on the floor, and clearly snorted at Zhu Yanan.

"My name is Carmen." The man in silver armor reached out his hand, trying to shake with Han.

"Han, H-A-N." Han shook his hand with him with a smile.

Although other young noblemen were also frightened of the Execution Squad, they still kept their calm. For all the education they have taken, they have learned that no matter what happens, they cannot lose their dignity in front of fear.

"Great! These young people are all decent fighters. If you can work well together, we might be able to save a bit more time." Luyao murmured in Han’s head.

Han cringed, most of these noble people were top warriors and were taught by well-known masters. However, even with such power, Luyao still thought that the most they could do was to only save some time. The Execution Squad was indeed terrifying.

Honestly, the one with the least fear out of everyone was Han. Since he didn’t know who the Execution Squad was before, it would make more sense to explain why he had no fear. As the old saying goes, they that know nothing fear nothing, and also, ignorance is a bless.

On the contrary, since those young noblemen have heard of many horrible things done by the Squad, they were frightened before even seeing them.

The enemies were finally approaching. They all dressed weirdly, all of them were in black armors, black cloaks, and colored masks, without showing any parts of the body, just like a bunch of robots.

Yet, the weapons they carried with them were quite distinctive. Everyone came with a gigantic, black beast-skin-wrapped blade on either their back or their shoulder. Each blade is around three meters long and half meter wide, looking like a huge slate.

Their masks were also in shapes of different animals including apes, pythons, bears, leopard and so much more.

The intense atmosphere felt like brutal wind blowing through everyone’s body. Before the fight started, Han already felt his muscles twitching and tingling. He had to push up his chest to keep his head up. The lethal atmosphere made Han and the noble crew look like little chicks that were waiting to be slaughtered.

The Execution squad was moving closer and closer with their gigantic blades, walking without any facial expression.

Han could see how everyone, including Carmen in the group, was shivering.

"Black Cloak, Beast Face, Ghost Head, Silent Kill! It can’t be wrong. They are definitely the Beast Sector Execution Squad under Mass Demon Corporation!"

"Damn it, they finally came!"

A few bold men in the crew murmured. Carmen kept silent, sweating all over his face.

"I don’t want to die yet! I still have to become the hier of my family!"

Zhu Yanan was the first one to turn around and flee. His action caused a butterfly effect that more and more people in the crew started to follow him and run to the river behind them. They didn’t even care whether there were traps in the river since nothing could be more devastating than the Execution Squad under the Mass Demon Corporation.

"All of you, come back!" Carmen said with anger and frustration, "We can’t lose our dignity for our family even if we die!"

Zhu Yanan kept on sprinting, and replied, "So what if we lose dignity? It’s more important to survive!"

Carmen and some remaining others in the crew who have more guts tried to run to the river to hold back their teammates, yet they also slowly disappeared in the river. Then, Han was the only one standing there.

"Indeed, they are not my own brothers, they can’t be relied on." Han said with a bitter smile.

Han also wanted to run away, but his mind told him that it would make no difference. Running away now was just wasting his time and losing his dignity.

Although terrified, Han still decided to face it.

He slowly pulled out the Star-Strangling Boa from Lunar Mark, and pointed the triple-edged blade was towards the ground…