Chapter 204: Silver Fox (Part One)

Chapter 204: Silver Fox (Part One)

Han curiously took the silver dagger from the hands of the skeleton. Strangely, the place where the star mouse’s footprint disappeared was where this silver dagger was lying.

The material used for this dagger was very light, unusually flexible, completely unlike one that should be used for battle, and the edge was also not sharp enough.

On both sides of the blade was engraved two different pictures. On one side, there was a little squirrel eating pine nuts with a very naughty look. On the other side was also a squirrel, but this one’s hair was all standing up, claws clinging to the ground and baring its fangs with a ferocious look.

Han felt that the cute version of the squirrel was comparably better looking, and it looked very much like the little guy he had been chasing.

Suddenly, just when Han began to play around with the dagger in his hand, the handle suddenly vibrated once and a silver needle pierced Han’s fingers. Han suddenly saw a holographic scene.

There was a blacksmith in the process of developing a new weapon. He was whimsical looking, and actually wanted to create a biology weapon, integrating weapons with star animals.

So he tried it with a precious star soul mouse and made a dagger.

There were two ways of using this silver dagger. The first way was to use it like a normal weapon, but the other way was a lot crueller. The user would shoot the edge of the dagger, and when the edge was inserted into the enemies’ body, the blade will immediately become that star soul mouse, and that little guy will drill into the enemy’s body, and completely crush all internal organs within seconds.

This was kind of like the blade’s user manual and history.


When the holographic scene disappeared, Han suddenly felt a chill down his spin, which was not just because of how vicious this dagger is, but because this blacksmith was part of the god race!

Han bent down and observed. Indeed, there was a suture on the forehead area of the skull, which was a very obvious god race feature. There were a few fractured ribs in the chest area, and also significant damage to the femur and skull.

Clearly, this god race’s blacksmith suffered heavy injuries, and when he was at the verge of death, he fled here, died, and the corpse slowly rotted.

Han searched for a while, didn’t find other valuable things. He stood up, and weighted the dagger in his hand.


The dagger was shot out by Han into the ground. Then, that star soul mouse really appeared. This time, it didn’t run. It was because when Han’s finger was pierced, it was a setting for weapons to recognize owners, allowing the Star Soul Mouse and Han’s DNA information to integrate and become one entity.

Vaguely, Han seemed to be able to feel this little guy’s thoughts. It sadly lied next to the skeleton, using its head to rub against the old bones of the arm.

“Looks like this little guy has feelings too, knowing that this black smith gave it life. So even though the black smith already became a skeleton, the little guy is still a bit attached to him.” Han thought.

This feeling was very strange. Although the Demon Claw and Ghost Claw were all created by Han, they actually didn’t have too much of a spiritual connection with Han and were more like two of Han’s tools.

But with this Star Soul Mouse, Han could see its inner world, and he believed that as time passed, this telepathic connection will be more intense.

But why would a god race black smith appear here? Han didn’t understand.

Whatever. There were too many strange things happening at the Dark Net Meet anyways, wouldn’t mind there to be one more. Maybe a long time ago, this was also the god race’s territory or something, just like how even Earth had god race inhabiting it before.

Han thought for a second, and decided to dig a pit to bury this god race black smith’s dead body.

The Chinese people have a saying about returning to soil to reach peace. Although Han doesn’t know him, but his painstakingly developed whimsical fantastic weapon was now inherited by Han. There was still some fate.

In addition, Han never had felt racial segregation. He believed that not all god race members were enemies, and not all humans were allies.

After burying the skeleton, Han took his leave by saluting with both hands folded and raised in front.

That Star Soul Mouse actually also copied Han’s moves, waving its little claws towards the grave, a really comical sight.

“Alright, let’s go!”

With the command given, Star Soul Mouse immediately climbed into Han’s hand and changed back to that silver dagger.

Han weighted the dagger, and he mumbled to himself, “From now on let’s just call you Silver Fox. Although you are not a fox but rather a big tail squirrel, but who cares. Can’t blame you for being even smarter than a fox, actually copying my actions, it was really funny.”

“Blacksmith? Biology weapon? Looks like blacksmithing is also a very interesting profession.”

Han pondered as he took back the Demon Claw and Ghost Claw. These two guys weren’t funny at all. The Ghost Claw had a chilly temperament, whereas the Demon Claw was like a silly soldier.

Of course, Han still liked them both very much because they were both loyal to him. For all partners that are loyal, whether people or beast, Han treasured them all.