Chapter 399: The Resurrected Sky-Howling Wolf

Chapter 399: The Resurrected Sky-Howling Wolf

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At this moment, even Three-Eyed King and Lion Six, who absolutely hated Han, had their mouths agape.

"I finally understand." Three-Eyed King sighed and said, "With such talent and unique super powers, Han should be known as ‘Genius Han’ or ‘Legendary Han’."

"But he is known as Tough Bone Han. This is his biggest trait! One would not understand if they do not witness it."

"If we were not enemies, I believe, I would admire him."

Lion Six did not speak, his brows became more furrowed. He could not understand… What was the power that was supporting Han?

Meanwhile, Xiao Bao’s cries of despair had transformed into a resolute fury.

This was a deep lesson - Han was using his life to prove what kind of person was worthy of becoming a real warrior!

It was very difficult to change a person’s personality without the proper amount of required time.

But Han’s strong will today left an imprint on Xiao Bao. It silently planted a seed of perseverance in his heart and would one day influence his life!

In Han’s Lunar Mark, Black Egg thought that he was going crazy!

Due to their history of sharing life energy, Han and Black Egg had a special spiritual connection.

Han could detect Black Egg’s restlessness. Black Egg wanted to end everything. He could no longer stand by and watch. Han’s injuries made Black Egg thirsty for Lion Six’s and the Three-Eyed King’s blood.

This was Black Egg’s second lesson.

For the first lesson, Black Egg understood that, beasts and humans could establish a friendship that was stronger than death. This was the lesson Ghost Claw and Demon Claw taught him with their lives.

This second lesson taught Black Egg the reason Ghost Claw and Demon Claw sacrificed their lives to complete the orders of Han -- Han would protect them until his dying breath.

Without a doubt, if the one kidnapped today was Black Egg and not Xiao Bao, Han’s actions would be the same.

This was unacceptable to Black Egg. How could Han be so stupid? Why did he treat others so well? He could let Xiao Bao die. That’s better than dying himself, right?

Beasts had an innate sense to avoid danger. Han’s spirit of defending Xiao Bao to his death completely overturned Black Egg’s world view. He was suddenly overcome with the realization that he had been so selfish, foolish and inferior in the past!

Even the most insignificant creature would not want to live an inferior life, let alone the prideful Black Egg.

"Let me out!"

"I want to kill them! Kill them!"

Black Egg could no longer continue watching, every blood stain on Han was like experiencing torture himself and caused his world view to collapse!

In reality, Black Egg had already helped Han. Han’s ability to dodge in this battle was Black Egg’s gift to Han. During the battles Han had with Black Egg, Han had already undergone an astonishing evolution.

"Let me release more of the skeleton army!" Lion Six yelled.

"No. Stop." Three-Eyed King said.

"What did you say?" Lion Six could not believe his ears and asked again.

"I said stop. You won’t be able to kill Han like this." Three-Eyed King said.

Lion Six reluctantly ordered the skeleton army to stop, and gave Han valuable time to breathe.

Han gasped for breath, and blood dripped freely down his body. But he refused to give up!

"Your name is Han?" Three Eyed King suddenly asked in a strange voice.

Han grinned with his bloody mouth, and said lightly, "Han."

"Look and see who I am." Three-Eyed King said and lifted his long hair.

Han lifted his head and saw a face that left him with a deep impression. His features were sharp like they were carved, and on his forehead there was a closed eye.

"Three-Eyed King?" Han asked.

"Yes. I am the King of the Three-Eyed race. My name is Feng Zhi, the possessor of the Eye of Reincarnation." Three-Eyed King said.

"So the name of Three-Eyed King is Feng Zhi." Han thought in his mind. The name of the Three-Eyed King would not help his current situation.

Three Eyed King said in a deep voice, "You are a warrior and I am a warrior. I always have respect towards a real warrior so I wanted to greet you before your death."

"Nice to meet you." Han threw a few tablets into his mouth. Unlike in the past, these poisons no longer had an amazing effect on Han. However, they were still effective in recovering his physical strength and stopping the blood from flowing.

Three Eyed King said in a low voice, "Han. Do you know why I asked you to come here?"

Han replied, "It’s because many skeletons of the warriors of Sirius are buried here. I have to admit, these warriors of the Sirius tribe are very good at seizing opportunities and are sharper than a lot of the enemies I’ve faced."

Three-Eyed King smiled and shook his head, "Unfortunately, you are only partly right."

"Just like what I’ve said in the past, my third eye is called Eye of the Reincarnation. It can not only see everything in the world, but also discover past and present lives."

"The biggest grave here belongs to Sky-Howling Wolf, the god of the tribe.

"Sky-Howling Wolf has already died?" Han asked in a daze. Even Lion Six was shocked – he too did not know the legendary Sky-Howling Wolf had already died.

Three Eyed King said, "Yes. Sky-Howling Wolf has already died. The Eye of Rebirth would not lie to me. I asked you to come here because I could rely on him here."

"Next, I will ask Lion Six to resurrect the body of Sky-Howling Wolf. Then, you will die and Xiao Bao will also die. I do not plan to keep my promise to let him go. Xiao Bao’s blood is a precious ingredient that will help me get to a higher level."

"I admire true warriors and you are one. That’s why I am telling you everything before you die."

"Also, your body and Xiao Bao’s body will not be kept as they are. I will burn your bodies and scatter your ashes. This is the custom of the Three Eyed race. I hope you do not mind."

The truth was cruel. Han clenched his teeth and puked out a mouthful of blood on the ground.

Lion Six looked impatient. If he could resurrect Sky-Howling Wolf, it would be immensely helpful to him. No matter how strong Han’s character was, he would still die!

"I do not detect any body that I can resurrect in this grave." Lion Six said after trying.

Three-Eyed King raised his hand and waved down with force.

A strange light vertically split the grave apart, spraying thousands of sand rock pieces.

"What about now?" Three-Eyed King asked.

"Yes! There’s a body! It’s so strong! Sky-Howling Wolf is even stronger than I imagined. Wait for your death, Han!" Lion Six excitedly shouted.

Black light emitted out from Lion Six’s body. The ground began to shake. It began as a mild tremor but grew into a roar like the mountains were splitting!


A sound erupted from the interior of the grave.

Next, Han saw a skeleton strapped into a suit of armor.

There were a pair of green, wolf-like eyes. After centuries, the eyes were still vivid.

It was Sky-Howling Wolf! The strongest tribe leader in the history of the Tribe region.

He had been resurrected by Lion Six with the one and only legacy of the Undead Clan.

Unlike the other skeletons, the eyes of the skeleton of Sky-Howling Wolf glowed with green flames. It was like the legendary ghost fire. When he opened his mouth to howl, the flames were also in his mouth!

A strong scent of death surrounded Han. The increasing energy made it difficult for Han to breath.

Han did not know the level of Sky-Howling Wolf, but knew that even when he had faced war god Sima Hunfeng, he had not felt such an overbearing force.

"The level of the legendary Sky-Howling Wolf is actually at the pinnacle of super warlord!" Han thought in his heart.

It was truly a hopeless situation. Han was already heavily burdened. But now, other than the tens of thousands of warriors of the Sirius tribe, there was Sky-Howling Wolf who was at the super warlord pinnacle level!

Furthermore, Han could not fight back!

The moment Han fought back, Xiao Bao would die!

"Let me out!"

"Let me out!"

When Black Egg felt that Han was on the verge of death, Black Egg went berserk!

He was almost begged Han to release him. He would rather fight with his life to help Han defend against these scary monsters than see Han die.

As for the reason, even Black Egg himself did not understand. He only knew that he did not wish to see Han die. Han could not die!

He would rather die himself!

As for the loyal Blue Star, Han knew that he was furiously running in circles in the Lunar Mark, not knowing what else to do at all. This fellow was going crazy too.

But Han still did not release Black Egg or Blue Star, despite the fact that it was very dangerous and he could die here.

Before he knew it, Han was flying.

It was the teleportation superpower.

Han heard his rib cracking and at the same time, he understood why Sky-Howling Wolf could achieve things that others could not.

Teleportation was a scary combination of speed and space superpowers. It allowed Sky-Howling Wolf to instantly get to his prey, kill the prey and avoid danger right away.

If Sima Hunfeng was the strongest man in the galaxy, Sky-Howling Wolf was the strongest warrior in the Tribal region of the Dark Net. His one attack had left Han with a deep impression of his powers.

Han could feel that he was flying in the air. Sky-Howling Wolf‘s brutal attack had caused him to escape gravity for a short time.

Han twisted his body with difficulty in the air, and tried to land safely.

But before he could complete his movement in air, the second brutal attack fell upon him. This time, Han was ferociously pounded into the ground.

A deep hole was formed in the ground. It was a testament to the raw strength of Sky-Howling Wolf‘s teleportation.

Sky-Howling Wolf stood perfectly still by the hole.

"What is he waiting for?" Three Eyed King curiously asked.

"I am urging him to attack but strangely…he seems to have lost the target" Lion Six was bewildered.

Lost the target?

Three-Eyed King quickly touched the eye on his forehead. He then jumped up in shock.

"I can’t see him anymore!" Three Eyed King exclaimed. For the Three Eyed King who had the powers of the Eye of Reincarnation, this was unacceptable. His eye had stopped working?

Three-Eyed King and Lion Six accelerated towards the cave which Han had disappeared in. The cave was dark and dusty.

Under the entrance of the cave was a metal shelter. When Han fell, he had pierced through the shelter and entered a strange metal tube. It was the tube that caused Sky-Howling Wolf to lose the target, and the Eye of Reincarnation to be ineffective.

Two men and one skeleton body jumped down together.

Under the tube which reflected a silver light, there was a pool of blood. The blood belonged to Han.

Yet other than the fresh blood, there was no sight of Han’s body.

Three-Eyed King let out a breath. He looked at the surroundings of the strange tube. It was empty and quiet. No one knew where it led to.

Three-Eyed King thought and said with a heavy voice, "This must be the shelter that Sky-Howling Wolf had left behind. Damn it! Even with my Eye of Rebirth, I did not realize there was such a mechanism under this dimension."

Lion Six twitched his lips and said, "I only want to know…where did Han go?"