Chapter 304: The Man with the Biggest Balls in the Galaxy

Chapter 304: The Man with the Biggest Balls in the Galaxy

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Facing the legendary Execution Squad, Han was fully prepared. He looked into the distance with his blade facing down.

Hundreds of meters away, the Execution Squad stopped moving forwards. They stuck their scary blades into the ground.


Heyuan from the Three Eye Race suddenly jumped out and said to Han with a tricky smile, "What a surprise that we meet again, right?"

"But what might make you surprise more is that our race’s star fleet has already traveled into the Galaxy fourteen hours ago. Our vanguard troops have already seen the beautiful arms of the Galaxy. Without much time, we will become the owner of the Galaxy again! You all as human beings would then just be killed and removed from the Milky Way forever.

"That’s impossible!" Han was extremely shocked.

Heyuan said, "That’s what I believed too, but now it is the truth. The Mass Demon Corporation created a gigantic Hyperspace Transitional channel with a part of the Dark Net they controlled so that our star fleet can directly travel to the periphery of the Milky Way."

"It’s been three centuries since our Race came back! Right now, we are going to take over the Galaxy where my ancestors belonged, and become the rightful owner of this place again!"

"To be precise, it’s where OUR ancestors belonged," Han said.

"Shut up!" Heyuan shouted out of anger, "How do you as such a powerless human have the qualification to share this pride with my ancestors? You all haven’t even been through any genetic mutations. What a shame to be in the Galaxy! I can’t believe you guys still exist. With all the power that you have, you are as weak as an ant!"

"If we were ants, we would be at least killer ants!" Han yelled back furiously.

Heyuan took several steps back. He was surprised how angry Han was at the moment. He could even see Han’s eyes being bloodshot.

It would totally make sense why Han had such a reaction. Three Eye Race has brought a lethal threat to the Milky Way with the power of the Mass Demon Corporation, while Earth was where Han would fight for everything to protect.

When Han knew the Three Eye Race had almost entered the Galaxy, his limit was pushed to the end and he went completely wild.

At this moment, a warrior walked out from the Execution Squad. He pushed away Heyuan and stood in front of Han.

This man was in a black armor and wearing an eagle mask. He said to Han, "I know you are with the betrayer, Luyao. I have some questions for him right now."

Han replied, "Luyao doesn’t feel like talking to you."

The man in the eagle mask said, "Tell him that these questions are not mine, they are from our leader. If he refused to answer, the consequence is serious."

"Serious consequence?!" Han laughed bitterly, "You are going to kill me anyway and you still want me to answer your question? Are you ok?!"

"Still acting tough moments before death, that’s fine. First make this brat half dead, then forcefully open his zero-degree brain region!" The eagle-mask executor was clearly furious, he waved and commanded.


In a flash, eleven masked executors aligned as a row, pulling out their Ghost Head Blades and removed the cover. Suddenly, a silver flash shined bright that made everyone hardly able to open their eyes.

On the other side, Han also released his Genetic Beast Army and threw down three Sky King Vine’s seeds.

"Huh?! Are you trying to fight against me with these little tricks? In your dream!"

The Eagle-masked executor charged up after finishing his words. At this moment, the boa-masked executor showed up and said, "We don’t need to get him altogether. Let me handle this, I don’t want you to kill him by accident."


The Beast-faced executors found it made sense. It wasn’t worth the whole group to strike just to get a little human.

The Boa-masked executor started approaching Han step by step with his gigantic blade. Although he wasn’t moving fast, each one of his steps did left a deep trail of foot marks in the ground.

"Void End, activate!" Han shouted out loud, as he ran towards the executor with his Ghost claw. Although the Execution squad was undefeatable, Han thought he could at least fight against one of them with his power.

While the tricks released by Han was approaching, the Boa-masked executor sneered and suddenly disappeared.


The boa-mask executor suddenly turned into a beam of dark light. The dark light was moving in zigzags like a snake instead of in straight lines, it passed around the genetic Beast Army and showed up aggressively in front of Han.

"Void End didn’t work!?" Han’s eyes opened wide, and he immediately twisted his body like a drunk person losing his balance.

The Boa-masked executor approached at a rapid pace while Han also detected it quickly. All of a sudden, Han dodged the attack from the direction the Boa-masked executor launched after a series of complicated calculations.


The Boa-masked executor tried to catch Han but he failed, which made him really surprised. After all, he was one of the top warriors in the squad with his lightning-like speed. He then stomped his left leg on the ground, trying to raise up his speed and catch Han again.


Han suddenly raised his body that almost fell. He pushed up himself over the floor, with the same calculations in his head and extraordinary neural reflex.

It was proven that Han did become a lot stronger than before.

Unfortunately, there is still a big difference among the powers between these two people. When the Boa-masked executor tried to grab Han for the third time, Han has used up all of his strength in the two previous moves and couldn’t avoid the last attack. Now, Han was caught on his neck by the boa-masked executor.

An unprecedented intense feeling went through Han’s whole body. He felt an instant freeze as if the person that grabbed him was not a soldier, but a devil that climbed out from a frozen hell.

Han started to understand what Luyao said before. They were both espers, yet there was still a huge gap between the powers from him and the Execution squad. Not only was the boa-masked executor not restrained by the Void End, but he could also hunt Han down by using a few simple moves.

Han could do nothing in front of this powerful opponent.

The major reason now is certainly the speed. What Han lacked is neither power nor teammates, but time. Time allowed both power and teammates to cooperate and work well together. However, the speed of the boa-mask executor didn’t even allow Han to have any time to react.

Han felt his vision turning black, his body was getting colder and colder, and he could hardly feel his heartbeats.

He never had this feeling like he was about to die before. At this moment, Han could be killed anytime the moment the boa-mask executor put more force into his grip.

All of a sudden, a stream of thick gray fog spread out at a speed even faster than the boa-mask executor.

Han felt like he was going crazy.

As a regular human being, he has never seen so many elite warriors at the same time like this before! It was unbelievable!


Right when Han was at the pinnacle point of amazement, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

The gray fog didn’t actually come for Han, it came for the boa-mask executor.


The mystical gray fog hit hard on the boa-mask executor. Just a second ago, Han was attacked by the boa-mask executor before he could react, but now, the boa-mask executor became the one attacked by another Esper and could hardly react.

Han felt like he flew into the air. At the same time, he saw the boa-mask executor also flew into the air. Fear and shock filled the boa-mask Executor’s eye through his mask.

"Who’s that? Who released such a powerful strike?!" Han asked surprisingly.

"Can’t believe Sima Hunfeng would actually help you! Watch, this is the power of Pinnacle Eight Star Warlord! The power of the strongest man in the Milky Way!" Luyao said excitedly in Han’s mind.

"That’s him?!" Han was shocked again, landing on the ground in his unconventional way and coughing roughly.

The atmosphere on the battlefield started to get more and more intense. Han could feel another group of troops approaching behind him. The group belonged to Sima Hunfeng, which has been following him loyally for a long time.

Beside Han, the thick gray fog gradually turned into a human shape. Sima Hunfeng finally walked out from the fog.

"Take back your Void End." Sima Hunfeng said to the surprised Han, "They are too strong for your Void End to fully work. Instead, it weakens my power too."

Han nodded his head as he took back his Void End.

In this universe, even the power of Warlord could not avoid the fate of being deprived by Han’s Void End. However, the power of Sima Hunfeng and the Execution Squad could only be weakened by Void End. Thus it’s clear, they had the strength of Eight-Star.

"Who are you?" The leopard-masked executor from the squad tilted his head, asking Sima Hunfeng.

"The man with the greatest power—Sima Hunfeng!" Sima Hunfeng said with pride.

"Your superpower is the Cloud of Devastation?" The leopard-mask executor asked again.

"That’s right!" Sima Hunfeng responded again with pride.

Han had no idea what the Cloud of Devastation is, but he could sense it must be a terrible thing, since all of the executors showed a rare hesitating look to each other after hearing the superpower.

The boa-mask executor shook his head, "Pinnacle Eight-Star Level, Cloud of Devastation. I didn’t expect there is such a powerful man like you from the Milky Way. We are the third Execution Squad under the Mass Demon Corporation, also known as the Beast Execution Squad."

"We are all Eight-Star warriors. You should have known what the result would be if you really want to fight us. If not necessary, I don’t plan to cause any conflict with you. All I want is the person behind you."

Sima Hunfeng asked arrogantly, "You mean Han?"

"Exactly," the boa-mask executor nodded, "He is with a soul that we want to take. If you want to compromise, we can leave his body and only take that soul with us."

Heyuan got anxious after hearing this and he shouted out loud, "You promised that you would leave his dead body to me!"


The boa-masked Executor suddenly disappeared. Meanwhile, Heyuan was easily sent into the air.

Without the power of Void End from Han, the strength of the boa-mask executor was completely released. He doesn’t even seem like a person but more like a shadow, and when his snake-move activates, his speed could match lightning.

"You are not qualified to talk." The boa-masked executor said rudely to Heyuan, "If you say one more word, I’ll kill you."


Sima Hunfeng suddenly burst into laughter and spoke out loud, "That’s exactly what I’m going to say. As long as I’m still alive, you are not qualified to have me compromise!"

"Why?!" The leopard-mask executor asked confusedly, "You should know that we have more people and better cooperation. Even though you are stronger than us individually, it would be extremely terrible if we once start to fight against each other."

"I don’t need your reminder, I know that!" Sima Hunfeng shouted out loud with his eyes wide opened, "Listen up! No matter how bad Han is, he’s still a member of our Milky Way! It’s not yet your turn to make the decision!"

"People from my galaxy can only be killed by me. This not only goes to people, but everything else as well! You don’t even get to touch a single piece of glass here. This is how the rule goes!"

Han went silent. In his eye, Sima Hunfeng was the stubbornest dude he had every seen and only cares about rules.

However, Han also felt touched that this stubborn dude would even risk his life just to keep everything in order.

"So, we will be fighting each other for sure? We have so many Eight-Star warriors here. Once we start the fight, there are going to be a lot of casualties, even this planet would not be saved, and all of this will happen just because of your stupid rules!" The boa-mask executor said with laughter.

‘Wait!" Sima Hunfeng suddenly said.


He suddenly turned into gray smoke, speeding to Heyuan at an extraordinary pace that made all other Three Eye Race’s Warriors hovered in the air.

"Three Eye Race! I am coming to end your life!"

"Why did you come to attack the Galaxy?! Why!? How dare you!"

"I, Sima Hunfeng, am the man with the greatest power in the Milky Way! How dare you invade my planet? I’m going to end each and every one of your life!"

"This is how it’s going to look like when you broke my rules!"

Han saw that Heyuan was already limp like a dead fish, but Sima Hunfeng still didn’t let him go. Heyuan’s bones were snapped in the gray smoke, which must’ve been done by Sima Hunfeng.


A hand stuck out from the smoke. Heyuan’s hidden third eye was grabbed out from his head and was smashed by Sima Hunfeng.


Heyuan’s dead body was then thrown out straight over Han’s head from the smoke, and dropped hard on the ground behind him.

"If I can leave here alive today, I will exterminate the Three Eye Race! I swear with my name, I will kill whoever breaks my rules!"


Sima Hunfeng showed up again, standing right in front of the Execution Squad. He pointed at them with his blood-dripping finger, "It’s your turn now. You guys helped Three Eye Race break into the Galaxy and broke my rules?! No one is going to leave here alive today!"


The boa-mask executor spat on the ground, said with disrespect, "Old dude, don’t you even know already? You are not going to win against us. The worst situation will only be no more than two of our teammates die from this fight, and you will also die."

"Shut up! Of course I know how it would turn out!" Sima Hunfeng yelled loudly, "I’m still going to fight anyway! You broke my rules, I’ll kill you! As simple as that!"

"You are only by yourself, but we have eleven of us!"


"You come from the small Milky Way, but we are backed by the powerful Mass Demon Corporation!"


The execution Squad was shocked. They didn’t expect Sima Hunfeng to be such a stubborn person that would fight whoever breaks the rules, even at the risk of death. Such a character was really rare to come across.

At the same time, Han was also shocked. He suddenly found that Sima Hunfeng was not only the man with the greatest power, but also the man with the biggest balls in the Milky Way!


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