Chapter 274: Destination – Delifesi

Chapter 274: Destination – Delifesi

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Han opened the door and saw it was just Jian Jia. This guy slipped right into Han’s room like a mouse, and after sniffing a bit, he said, “Han, you had a woman in your room?”

Han nodded openly, “That’s right, one of my friends came.”

“Where is she?”

“She’s changing clothes in the room.”

Right after his voice faded, Ye Weiwei walked out from Han’s bedroom barefoot in a white skirt.

Due to Ye Weiwei’s special ability, she had to wear a special tight leather cloth at all time, so her skin almost never came into contact with the sun. It was tender, delicate, white, like a newborn baby’s skin, and it made people very tempted to touch it.

At this moment Ye Weiwei was already at the age of a grown girl. In a short dress that was a little revealing, without shoes, snow white skin, she really caught Han’s eyes for a moment.


However, Jian Jia just grunted and said, “Your friend did a really good job taking care of herself.”

“Yep, she is pretty beautiful.” Han said casually.

Hearing Han complimenting her, Ye Weiwei blushed a little.

Han introduced Ye Weiwei to Jian Jia, but Jian Jia seemed to not like Ye Weiwei a lot. He was still well-mannered, although their interaction was a little cold, but he was still polite.

“I heard that you were eliminated from the Wind Forest Volcano mission, so I came to comfort you. Go, let’s grab a big meal, it’s on me, let’s go to the best restaurant.” Jian Jia said very generously.

Han frowned a little, Ye Weiwei smiled and said, “I think let’s just eat at home, Han doesn’t really like outside food.”

Han smiled and said, “You know me pretty well. To be honest, I’m not very interested in the food from outside. Today just let me use my hometown food to play host. Give me a second, it will be ready soon.”

Jian Jia was a little dissatisfied, “Don’t tell me you are going to eat those vacuum packaging foods again.”

Han smiled, “Then you want to cook anything fresh for me?”

Then, Jian Jia was silent. In fact, both she and Ye Weiwei didn’t know how to cook at all.

Just thinking about the delicious meat buns got Han’s appetite going. He had a pretty “bad” habit, and it’s that he didn’t like to change flavours. During training, he could repeatedly practice the same moves over thousands of times, and during meal time, Han could eat meat buns and drink hot chocolate for years without changing anything up.

There were guests today after all, Han was still nice enough to take out four dishes out of his dimension ring. Spicy chicken, mushroom beef, rice sauce pork and salted white shrimp. These were all carefully prepared by the aunty from the Earth Base’s kitchen.

Then, Han also took out two eggs and made a sweet egg flower corn soup, accompanied with the meat buns as the main course.

Although the dishes are simple and the majority are vacuum packaged, the taste was still pretty nice and really fit Ye Weiwei and Jian Jia’s appetite.

Jian Jia took out a bottle of wine that was said to be the top tier. Even the cup for drinking was specially designed. After the wine gets poured in, it would be maintained at the best drinking temperature to ensure the wine’s taste to the maximum extent.

Han didn’t drink, but Ye Weiwei drank a cup.

“This wine is indeed nice. There’s the dryness of autumn and the fragrance of the moist red land. Also, a little bit of pine nuts taste, and an aftertaste similar to butterfly orchid, but not really, I can’t guess it.” Ye Weiwei closed her eyes and enjoyed.

“That’s the after taste of red gladiolus!” Jian Jia said in surprise, “Haha, looks like you are an expert in wine drinking!”

Ye Weiwei was a little shy, “When I’m by myself, I would often drink a little.”

Jian Jia replied, “That’s good enough, look at Han, he actually doesn’t drink at all, as if I poisoned the alcohol or something.”

Han lightly said, “I tested drinking distilled wine with about 45 percent alcohol content. For everyone hundred millilitres I drink, it will reduce my nerve reaction rate by one hundred thousandth of a millisecond, so although espers have high tolerance for alcohol, but there’s still some side effects.”

Jian Jia and Ye Weiwei both looked at Han very oddly, and Jian Jia said, “One hundred thousandth of a millisecond? What is such accurate calculation for?”

Han just shrugged his shoulder, “Anyways, I just won’t touch anything that will decrease my nerve reaction rate. You guys can drink as much as you want, amongst the three of us at least I will be conscious.”

Jian Jia and Ye Weiwei actually started enjoying each others company and drank up. They both knew good wine, and from their love of red wine they also discovered a lot of other common grounds.

“Then it’s settled! After a few days you guys come to my house, and I will let you drink the most precious wine in my dad’s collection!” Jian Jia said a little drunk.

“Sounds nice.” Ye Weiwei nodded and agreed.

“No time.” Han thought for a second and said, “I have to go on a trip these few days.”


“When?” Ye Weiwei and Jian Jia asked one after another.

“Going to a place I should go, and as for the date of return, it might be soon and it might be far from now.” Han said very seriously.

“Then you basically didn’t say anything.” Jian Jia waved his hand and said in dissatisfaction.

Soon it was deep into the night. Jian Jia and Ye Weiwei got up and said good bye, and Han also didn’t invite them to stay overnight.

This attitude made both Jian Jia and Ye Weiwei feel a bit strange at heart, because it seems like Han doesn’t care about them at all and intended to maintain a sense of distance.

Ye Weiwei and Jian Jia left. Han normally doesn’t smoke but he still lit one today on the balcony.

Yuan Yuan came out to clean up, and said to Han, “Master, my scanner shows that Jian Jia is actually a girl.”

“I know.”

“Both Jian Jia and Ye Weiwei are very pretty, and their abilities are both very powerful. Speaking from the genetic point of view, both of them are suitable mates for master.” Yuan Yuan said in a serious manner.

Han slightly smiled, “You little fool, actually considering matching from the genetics point of view.”

“Then what perspective should I consider? Isn’t human’s marriage system’s intention to reproduce descendants?”

Han pinched off the cigarette butt and said, “We will consider these things later on. 9527 is right, there is indeed a need to visit Deliface once. Seeing Jian Jia today reminded me of Zhu Yanan. Since that annoying guy already has the intention to kill me, he won’t easily give up.”

“And seeing Ye Weiwei also reminded me of my worries for the future of Earth and Milky Way. Either way, the situation doesn’t look too good for me, I have to improve myself as fast as possible, so I decided to immediately go to Deliface.”

That night, Han already set sail. Since he wasn’t an official member of the All Gods Corporation, he still couldn’t use the particle module, so he could only rely on the most primitive method, starship.

But since Ye Weiwei and Jian Jia got along pretty well last night, and Jian Jia doesn’t have any friends at the Star Lord City and Ye Weiwei just got here, those two went shopping together. When it got to night time, the two decided to come find Han.

It’s just that this time, Han already left.


The long-awaited space travel, Moonlight Goddess-level heavy-duty assault ship carried Han and stepped foot on the journey to find the next dark crystal.

Destination, Milky Way Galaxy, Delifca.