Chapter 305: Cloud of Devastation

Chapter 305: Cloud of Devastation

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Han was utterly shocked by Sima Hunfeng’s actions; this guy wanted to take on the Mass Demon Corporation’s Beast Sector Execution Squad single-handedly?!

Without a question, Sima Hunfeng had a very complicated personality. On one hand, he was a stubborn man who always played by the rules. Extremely proud and extremely confident, he punished anyone who challengd his rules, even forcing the Three Addicts to escape to the Oblivion Realm.

But today, this stubborn old man was standing up against the powerful Beast Sector Execution Squad, fearless and even willing to die for loyalty.

Han did not know how to describe Sima Hunfeng, or decide whether it was the galaxy’s luck to have such an enigmatic old man.

Just as the war between Sima Hunfeng and the Execution Squad were about to start, Luyao said in Han’s consiousness, "I feel the power that was within my original body."

"Where?" Han asked dumbfoundedly. Luyao’s original power? Wouldn’t that be the Dark Crystals that he transformed into after his death?

Luyao said in a low voice, "Right behind you; go check Heyuan’s body."

Being right under the Execution Squad’s gaze, Han did not dare to move. Instead, he quietly motioned for Silver Fox to inspect Heyuan’s body.

Soon enough, Silver Fox passed along one of Heyuan’s Dimension Rings to Han. Being deep within the dimensions, Han was immediately shocked to see that inside the ring were two Dark Crystals, among the three that were still out there!

Han could not have known what the Apostles of Darkness were planning behind his back: realizing that collecting all seven Crystals was impossible, they hoped to kill Han and extract the Power of Darkness within him.

Although there would be losses in the process of extraction, they could not care less since Han already possessed four out of the seven Crystals, and the Disciples and the Three-eyed Race had been losing.

Once the Three-eyed Clan had approved of this plan, the Disciples handed over two Crystals over to Heyuan, who cooperated with the Mass Demon Corporation as representative of the Clan. They had hoped to possess more Power of Darkness upon Han’s death.

It was a smart plan, only it was completely disrupted by Sima Hunfeng, who killed Heyuan out of anger, and now the two precious Crystals were in Han’s hands.

The two Crystals were the Bone of Darkness and Eye of Darkness; Han only needed one more and he would possess all the Powers of Darkness.

"I will fight with Sima Hunfeng and use the Crystals at the right time!" Han decided quietly, standing next to Sima Hunfeng.

From experience, Han knew that once he consumed the Dark Crystals, he would be much stronger within a matter of seconds, and so he planned to use them only in desperate times.

Sima Hunfeng spared Han a glance, "So you’re the three idiots’ apprentice?"


That was harsh.

Han nodded, deciding not to argue with Sima Hunfeng. This old man was so proud that he looked down on everybody. Indeed, people like the Three Addicts would only be Three Idiots to him.

"Good, come at me!" Sima Hunfeng said.

The moment he said it, the beast-faced Executioners started. Those folks not only were highly skilled as well as cruel, but also had fantastic cooperation with each other. Every strike of theirs was for the kill.

Forming an incredibly scary supernatural combination, the boa-faced Executioner could move speedily in stealth; the rodent-faced Executioner used earth type ground demons; the eagle-faced Executioner flew, and his supernatural ability does not even belong to Ke Lake’s Celestial Dominator!



Right from the start, the warriors next to Sima Hunfeng were struck down one by one. Those warriors were not weak at all, half of them were even warlord-level warriors, only that the Execution Squad was too strong—the Ghost Head in their hands were unique in that its shape changed to their will; sometimes small, sometimes incredibly huge.

Not only were many of Sima Hunfeng’s subordinates lost, Han’s Genetic Beast Army was also in a dangerous situation.

Han originally had two Seven-eyed Starry Spiders, but both were lost in the battle against King Fantasy Neptune. Han decided to stop utilizing mass armies, and to rely on the twenty or so newly-created Fusion Beasts, along with Ghost Claw, Demon Claw, and Silver Fox, to form a small army.

In a battle of this level, the Seven-eyed Starry Spiders served a special function: the smaller spiders do not exist to kill, but to be killed. It would take up plenty of the Execution Squad’s time and energy to kill all of them; the Spiders’ real purpose was to gain time and even opportunities for the main forces.

It was only now that they were lost, that Han realized how big of a loss it was. Now he had no choice but to utilize the Fusion Beasts to stall the enemy, and their low numbers meant that they worked less well than the lower-level Starry Spiders, who, despite being weaker, had numbers.

With a stern face, Sima Hunfeng transformed into a cloud of gray smoke.

The Cloud of Devastation. Despite not being on an extraordinarily high level, still allowed Sima Hunfeng to rule the world with this powerful supernatural abilities.

The Cloud of Devastation had a rare corrosive ability. Not only did it corrode people’s bodies, it also eats up their soul.

That was also why the Three Addicts and so many skilled warriors in the Oblivion Realm avoided Sima Hunfeng—to be killed by him would mean for their souls to be destroyed!

According to legends, the souls of strong warriors do not die, but enter a realm after the death of their physical body.

This type of legends in the Galaxy is equivalent to the belief in Heaven among Earth people; many warriors believe that their souls could sublimate into a higher form of life.

Therefore, if they were killed by Sima Hunfeng, they would never get to enter this spiritual realm.

Not only that, but Sima Hunfeng was good at exterminating families. Whoever got on his wrong side would not only get their both their bodies and souls destroyed, but also their families and friends.

Under such mental pressure, most people would choose to surrender.

Either way, Sima Hunfeng was not a nice guy. His reputation of killing mercilessly preceded him.

But undeniably, Sima Hunfeng wholeheartedly wanted the Galaxy to be better and was willing to guard it with his life, and that was enough!

After all, nobody was perfect, and it has been proven that the smarter you were, the weirder your personality was, and the stronger you were, the more unexpected your actions would be.

People with common personalities could never become legends—those who could are all obsessive and crazy!


Sima Hunfeng, someone who possessed those characteristics, brushed past the Boa-faced Executioner in the form of gray smoke. Then, it was as if the Executioner had poison poured on him. His armour corroded, and the hair that was exposed was burning, making him howl in pain.

Sima Hunfeng was indeed the strongest man in the Galaxy—he was powerful.

But Han knew that they did not have much time.

Once warriors with such skills went against each other, it would be hard for either to kill the other. If Sima Hunfeng had enough time, Han was sure he could finish off more than one Executioner.

Time, however, necessitated sacrifice, and that would require a large number of comrades to use up the opponent’s fire. In the case that both Han’s Genetic Beast Army and Sima Hunfeng’s army were struck down, Sima Hunfeng would have to fight off the Execution Squad on his own.

If that were the case, even the immensely powerful Sima Hunfeng would die.

Vroom Vroom—

Suddenly, just as Han witnessed the dropping numbers of his Genetic Beast Army, an extraordinary change occurred.