Chapter 400: The Second Person that can Teleport

Chapter 400: The Second Person that can Teleport

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When Han was smashed into the ground, his body was full of pain, but his mind was still clear.


Unexpectedly, Han felt his body halt suddenly as if hitting a wall, and he then he fell into a long metal pipeline.

Han’s first reaction, of course, was to prepare for landing. His body began to twist in the air.



A strange and powerful force erupted from this metal pipe and took Hang away in the blink of an eye!




Han felt the grasp of a powerful arm around him. This person traveled quickly with Han, moving in a strange way Han had never experienced in his lifetime - not running, but jumping!

Every jump reached as far as thousand meters. The intervals between jumps were merely a tenth of a second!

"Is it teleportation!? It\'s teleportation again!" Han thought in utter amazement.

This person who took him to teleport was obviously not the resurrection of Sky-Howling Wolf, which left only skeletons. This person was indeed flesh and blood, and Han could even hear his heart beating.


Han felt himself being placed on a cold stone platform. A pale face resulting from a lack of sunlight was looking at him in curiosity. He looked around 20 years old, with a square face and ordinary facial features. The most noteworthy feature was probably his wide jaw. People with this kind of jaw often had a strong bite and were good at gnawing bones.

"Don\'t move!" the stranger said to Han.

Then he took out a little yellow bottle and sprinkled some white powder on Han’s wounds.

After a sharp pain, the places where Han had been scratched began to heal quickly. The efficacy of the drug entered his blood and began to work on his bones. The rib fracture in his chest felt numb, a sign that the bones were beginning to heal.

This surprised even Han. Poison Techniques and Pharmacology were in fact interconnected. Having learned Poison Techniques, Han certainly knew that even the best medication brewed by the Night Walker would not have been able to heal his external injuries in such a short time. Could this person be the hidden pharmacological master? He looked so young, yet could he be a genius even more talented than Night Walker?

On top of this, he could teleport as well. What a crazy super power!

"Alright, try to see if your arm and chest still hurts." this mysterious man asked with in a kind voice.

Han sat up, moving his arm like he had been told and nodded in approval, saying, "It isn’t too painful, and the ribs are healing quickly. Who are you?"

"I’m Howling Forest." said the man.

"Your surname is Howling, and you can teleport? Are you the son of Sky Howling Wolf?" Han asked in a startled voice.

"Not his son, but the great-great grandson of his nephew." replied Howling Forest.

This man did not appear to be crafty in any way. As Han asked him questions, Howling Forest answered truthfully, with a frank look in the eyes.


Han felt a chill run down his spine. It had been such a strange day, beginning with Han first getting beat up by the resurrected Sky Howling Wolf, and then saved by a great-great grandson of Sky Howling Wolf’s nephew. It was almost too chaotic a story to comprehend.

"Why did you save me?" asked Han.

"Because you are a good guy!" Howling Forest said loudly. "I saw how brave you were, but you were getting beaten up like that. I couldn’t stand that! I would feel bad if I didn’t save you! Those bastards resurrected my great-great uncle! If he could see this from heaven, he would never forgive them! "

"What is this place then?" Han asked, continuing his attempts to make sense of the chain of events that had occurred.

"It’s the tomb of my great-great uncle. Don’t worry, they can’t find you. The tomb is made from fissile metal mixed with dark matter. It’s a pity that old man damaged the outer layer of the tomb. Otherwise they wouldn’t have found my great-great uncle’s body at all. It’s all his fault! "

Han looked around. The metal used to build this underground pipeline was a form he had never seen. Fissile metal mixed with dark matter? This was the first time Han had heard of something like this.

"Did you just say that the old man damaged the tomb?"

"Oh, that\'s my master. He also gave me the medicine that I used to heal you just now. My mother died when I was born. That strange old man happened to visit my Great-great uncle. He saved me and brought me up as his own. Although eccentric, he is very capable. No one could find my Great-great uncle\'s tomb but him. "

"Unfortunately, he didn’t find the entrance and rushed in directly, which caused some damage. Then the other old guy with three eyes found my Great-great uncle\'s body. If the fissile metal had not been damaged, no one would have found out."

"Great-great uncle once said, when building this underground fortress, the thing he hated most in his life was the super vision ability. Because this super vision ability could observe him from afar, even if he was in the washroom."

"So Great-great uncle made this underground fortress with precious fissile metal. Not only did he live here, he was buried here after his death." said Howling Forest.

Han nodded, the Reincarnation Eye of the Three-Eyed King was indeed very annoying. He knew every move of Han clearly, trapping him into passivity. If only he had some fissile metal.

Howling Forest noticed that Han’s left hand was tapping rhythmically, as if passing some kind of signal he didn’t understand. Staring at Han’s hand, Howling Forest found it quite strange.

"They\'ve come after us." Han murmured suddenly. "Lion Six controls a large number of resurrected warriors of the Sirius tribe. They are the best scouts."

Howling Forest found Han’s knowledge incredible, and asked in surprise, "How do you know this?"

Han answered lightly, "Though I’m stubborn, I don’t like dying. So, I’ve prepared a little gimmick. Of course, my method was not as advanced as this fissile metal. If I had this thing earlier, those two would not have survived this long!"

"Anyway, it’s not the time to talk about this now. I have one thing to ask. You said you hate them for moving your Great-great uncle\'s skeleton?"


Howling Forest nodded firmly, his eyes full of anger.

Han murmured, "I have an idea of how to kill those two guys. But for this idea to work, I need your help. To be honest, this is very risky, and you may be injured or die."

"OK, as long as I can kill these two guys who control my Great-great uncle\'s ghost, I\'m willing to help!" Xao Lin said firmly like a silly boy.

"You really don\'t want to think it over more?" "Han frowned, asking.

"No need to think it over. I know what you did to save Liquid Nether. You are a real warrior, and I admire you. I’ll listen to you!" Howling Forest patted his chest and said.

Howling Forest was humble and loyal. Born and raised here, he hadn’t experienced the complicated ways of the world. He helped Han out for the same reason he had saved Han. Seeing Han’s battle had given rise to a boiling passion within him, causing him to respect Han from the bottom of his heart.

Han looked at him in silence for several seconds, and then murmured, "Great, tell me your jumping distance."

"From 1500 meters, up to 1650 meters." replied Howling Forest.

"That’s good enough, plus your ability to teleport!" Han said excitedly," First we need to find an open area that’s not too small but not too big. 500 meters in diameter is the most suitable, with many secret channels to hide in. Is there such a place in the base?" Han asked.

Howling Forest thought for a while and said, "Yes, on the next floor in my Great-great uncle\'s library. The bookshelf is the lifting type and usually empty. We need to start the organ to lift the shelves to the ground. There is also a main channel and seven secret channels so that my Great-great uncle could enter the library from any direction."

"Sounds good, we\'ll go there!" Han said as his eyes widened.


Admittedly, teleportation was a fascinating super power. Han calculated in his mind that Howling Forest could move 12 times per second, with each straight-line distance reaching 1500 meters.

Like a slide show where the pictures keep flashing, Han saw a completely different scene every time he blinked.

Within another blink of his eyes, Howling Forest took Han to Sky Howling Wolf’s favorite library. It was as if Han was in a dream, and he wasn’t sure how exactly he had gotten here.

The bookshelf was still beneath the ground. It hadn’t been raised yet. It looked very empty. Han asked Howling Forest to point out the location of the other secret channels. Then after giving it some thought, he decided the hiding spot for Howling Forest would be the secret tunnel behind the front door.

"Hide there, and wait for my signal." Han explained what he wanted Howling Forest to do in the simplest and quickest way as possible.

This was an extremely complicated strategy, and as for whether Howling Forest could understand his intentions in such a short time, Han couldn’t be sure. He could only try his best.

Though honest and loyal, Howling Forest wasn’t stupid. Lowering his head, he thought it over and suddenly realized what Han was planning, saying, "I understand! But what happens to you if I do as you say?"

Han murmured, "Don’t worry, I won’t have any problem! The most important thing is timing. You must be patient before I give out any signal. Whatever happens, you can’t show up. It all depends on you to determine whether we can win this battle!"

Han\'s serious words made Howling Forest feel extremely pressured. Yet, he tried his best to nod calmly.

There were footsteps coming from the distance. No wonder the Sirius tribe was known for having the strongest scouts. Even as skeletons, the Sirius tribe scouts had managed to quickly locate them and chase them here.

"Go! Please!" Han said to Howling Forest with a sincere voice, waving his hand forcibly.

"I’ve got this covered. You just worry about taking care of yourself." Howling Forest said to Han, biting his lip. Then he disappeared into the center of the library.

In the darkness, the skeleton warriors gradually approached. Entering the library, they didn’t rush to attack Han, but surrounded him under the behest of Lion Six.

Into this passage came three figures, and they were none other than Lion Six, Triple-eyed God, and the resurrected Sky Howling Wolf!

What a terrifying formation. Any one of them alone would have been tricky enough for Han to handle. But now they were not only a combined power, but they also controlled Han’s weak point, Xiao Bao. This battle was indeed going to be extremely difficult.

"Run! Keep running! Why aren\'t you running?" Lion Six asked in a sarcastic tone from the distance.

Han slightly shook his head and said, "I’m tired. I don\'t want to run anymore."

Three-Eyed King looked around and said in dissatisfaction, "I don’t like it here. That strange metal blocks the power of my Reincarnation Eye. Kill him quickly so we can go back up to the surface."

Lion Six frowned, saying, "I haven\'t figured out how he managed to escape just now. Does he have some power that we don’t know about?"

"It doesn\'t matter, let Sky Howling Wolf kill him." Triple-eyed King said in an impatient tone. It was obvious how uncomfortable he felt here.

Lion Six felt depressed in his heart. They had agreed to be allies, but he felt like Three-eyed King’s follower.

But he also understood that it wouldn’t work without the Triple-eyed King, and so he was ready to execute the order to let Sky Howling Wolf kill Han in one breath.

Just then, he suddenly heard Han’s voice.

"Darkness, Void!"


Lion Six and Triple-eyed King raised their heads simultaneously, only to see that Han’s eyes had turned to black.

There was something about that black colour that was deeply unsettling, as if those eyes belonged to a demon.

During this physical transformation, Han’s right hand had opened at some point.