Chapter 204: Silver Fox (Part Two)

Chapter 204: Silver Fox (Part Two)

“Demon Claw, Ghost Claw, Silver Fox, Yuan Yuan, my team is getting bigger and stronger haha.” Han smiled in his heart and thought.

Han went back along the same route, and coincidently Black Tower and Faint Blue also chased all the way here. After the encounter they anxiously asked Han what happened.

Han only told them that the little guy was already caught by Demon Claw, but didn’t tell them about meeting the god race black smith in the underwater cave. Those two all complimented how powerful the Demon Claw is, and didn’t mention Silver Fox at all. They all thought that Han, as a genetic biology expert, will kill it for sure and then make fusion beasts out of it.

“On our way here we discovered a very fragrant valley, but we were in a hurry to find you so we didn’t get the time to check it out yet.” Faint Blue pointed at behind him and said.

“Oh, then let’s go check it out now.” Han said.

The three came to the place Faint Blue was talking about, and it was indeed extremely fragrant. That strong fragrance was like the sweetest wine, making people fall in love with the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, this valley was a dead end, being sealed off by a net-shaped energy barrier, so they couldn’t get to know which plant inside the valley was emitting the wonderful scent.

Black Tower sighed and said, “I know that there are a lot of good things in Universe Valley, unfortunately the dark net organization only opened up a small part for us to access and sealed away the majority.”

Han nodded. He already experienced the magic of Universe Valley, but speaking of any extremely extraordinary goods, there really wasn’t too much. Han got the little Silver Fox, so the trip was worthwhile, but Silver Fox was that god race black smith’s relic, so it couldn’t be considered to be part of Universe Valley.

“Well, let’s call it a day and return.” Han thought for a second and said.

The dark net meet’s day was still continuing, and because Han had enough points, he also had more free time for himself. Other than making 5 fusion beasts everyday to exchange for things he was interested in, Han would also go to all kinds of arenas to observe.

Just now, Han finally felt that this dark net meet was getting interesting. After a brutal selection process, everyone who were still left are all freaks.

Han would often go see the final competitions among soldiers, and he noticed that among all the soldiers, the majority of techniques they were using were forbidden, leaving Han dazzled. He thought that him learning the demonic attack forbidden martial art was crazy enough, but after observing he finally realized, there was no such thing as craziest in the world, only crazier.

This day, when Han, Faint Blue and Black Tower came out from a warrior matchup, they were all covered in cold sweat. Han really was shocked by the last match, they felt a chill down their spine so they stood under the scorching sun.

Black Tower shivered a few times and said, “Holy shit, Ambushing Demon Kill (TL: online name for an individual) is really brutal. His substitute body is actually using his own father and refined under secret techniques? If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would refuse to believe that there’s such a vicious technique.”

Han nodded, “Substitution Killing techniques is all about synchronization. Ambushing Demon Kill used his own father to make his substitution body, perhaps it’s in order to achieve thought integration and a high degree of synchronization.”

“These crazy bastards. I’ve never even seen my father, and even if I have, I wouldn’t kill my father and make him into a mummy and carrying him on my back everyday. If that happens, I would probably die from all the nightmares I have at night.”

Faint Blue looked very calm though. Ambushing Demon Kill’s such vicious act of using his family to make substitution bodies didn’t shock him. He said very calmly, “Ambushing Demon Kill can be considered to be from one of the top tier assassination clans, and I have some knowledge about them. Their families were not killed, but volunteered to be sacrificed.”

“In their clan, seniors consider it to be an honor to sacrifice themselves for their children. After a few years, Ambushing Demon Kill will also choose to suicide, leave behind his own body and protect his children. Their clan had all followed this kind of sacrifice to exchange for victories.”

Han looked at Faint Blue, “You seem to understand all various types of assassination clans?”

Faint Blue nodded, “Indeed I do know something about them, I can even recognize who they are in reality. To be honest, I’m starting to get a bit worried. After all the draining and filtering, the ones that are left are definitely gold, but they may also be monsters.”

Black Tower laughed and said, “Us three all stayed, that means we are all monsters too?”

Faint Blue smiled bitterly, “We are the normal ones among the monsters.”

Black Tower had a simple character, he didn’t mind after hearing that and started laughing out loud, but Han and Faint Blue all couldn’t conceal the worry and anxiety in their hearts.

Han whispered, “Yesterday, I went to go see the electronic genre arena matches, and the game topic was radar array competition. Some guy, in order to win, he took out his own brain, placed it into his system and connected it to 460 million wireless neurons.”

“Combined with the match we saw today; I feel that Faint Blue’s right. The people that were left behind are either crazies or monsters, and all the people that are not crazy enough were all eliminated.”

Faint Blue frowned, “In your opinion, the dark net’s founder gathered all the crazy people and monsters that dwell on the dark net, what do they really want to do?”

Han shook his head, with a deep look in his eyes he said, “Not clear, but the founder Sansheng said that he held this dark net meet to select some people to help him accomplish something. But now, seeing how he picked a group of crazy people and monsters, I think, what he wants to accomplish might be a bit difficult and tricky, something that will need a group of lunatics and monsters to do.”

Black Tower said frankly, “What’s the big deal, worrying won’t do us any good. Judging by the progressing speed right now, the selection will be over in three days, and we will immediately know the answer.”