Chapter 306: This time, We have to Use Everything!

Chapter 306: This time, We have to Use Everything!

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The power difference was prominent. Right when Han was about to quit because more than half of his resources were gone, the situation suddenly changed.

An enormous amount of spiders emerged like a flood. It was dark and pretty much covered all the ground.

Han was surprised. He knew this large crowd of spiders came from Wuyun, the Beast Addict. The reason why Han tried to build a large army of troops using Seven-eyed Starry Spider was because he tried to copy what Wuyun did.

Indeed, a black shadow came down from the sky, which was Ke Lake. The three Addicts and the Boya’s troops also came behind the crowd of spiders. They didn’t get disappointed when Han suddenly left. Instead, they were so determined to find Han and finally found their way out here.

One thing that has to be confirmed was that the Seven-eyed Starry Spiders used by Wuyun were far beyond Han’s power. As the most well-known beast addict in the Milky Way, Wuyun owned an incredible amount of female spiders that could release tremendous groups of troops.

"If we want to survive, we have to use everything we got!" Han shouted out loud to his comrades.

What does that mean?

It might sound confusing to others, but since the Three Addicts knew Han pretty well, they got it immediately.

On their way here, the three addicts were all shocked. They had never seen the Execution Squad as such powerful enemies.

Eleven executors were all wearing beast masks, each at the Eight-Star level.

What does that mean?

The whole Milky Way including all nearby wild star regions, only Sima Hunfeng reached the Eight-Star level, and it was even the Pinnacle state. The rest of the other warriors at most reached the Seven-Star, and there still wouldn’t be more than five of them.

Therefore, Sima Hunfeng was definitely a really special case. Honestly, the average level for the warriors in the Milky Way wasn’t too high. That’s why even the experienced three Addicts became speechless when they saw all the Eight-Star Level Executors lined up in a row.

What made them more speechless was that, now, Han was paired up with Sima Hunfeng, fighting eleven Eight-Star Warlords!

This time, the fight will definitely be devastating.

Han’s Genetic Beast Army turned out to be a blast within the entire All Gods Corporation, with each selling for at least 100 million points!

Why was it worth such an amount of money?

Because Han’s Genetic Beast Army was not only special but also powerful.

But even such powerful genetic monsters, their corpses covered the ground!

Within a few seconds, Han’s dozens of genetic beasts from the beginning has now decreased to only six. Even Silver Fox, Ghost Claw and Demon Claw, which were the strongest among the group all carried injuries of different degrees.

As well as Sima Hunfeng and his troops.

As the man with the greatest power in the Milky Way, Sima Hunfeng had a group of troops that were deeply loyal to him. The ones that followed him to the Mystic Valley were all top warriors. There were more than sixty of them, and more than a half of them were Warlords.

However, within less than a few minutes, half of them were eliminated and there were only less than twenty warriors left.

Now you could see, the reason why Han and Sima Hunfeng were still alive was not because of their power, but because of the amount of resources they were willing to spend.

Until now, only the Boa-mask executor was severely injured by Sima Hunfeng, and two others were slightly injured within the eleven executors. Not even a single one from the Squad has died since before and were still completely overwhelming Han and Sima Hunfeng.

That’s why Han shouted out loud those words. If they wanted to survive, they have to use all of their resources!

Those words were for the Three Addicts and their troops, which meant if they don’t use all their investments and resources they had now, everyone was going to die!


Wuyun shouted out loud, gritted his teeth and rubbed his Dimension Ring with his finger, completely opening up his dimension!

"All of you come the f*ck out now!" Wuyun shouted out loud.


Within a second, a large group of fine warriors jumped out from the dimension ring. They were all the masterpieces from Wuyun—the Armored Godly Beasts! Each of them had the power that was similar to the warlord.

In addition, more Seven-eyed Starry Spiders, Twin Head Demonic Wolves, some unsuccessful Armored Godly Beasts that were still prototypes and more than ten unfinished humanoid Genetic Beasts that were lacking a few limbs also came out from the ring all at once.

Wuyun used all his resources first, and the others also followed. Pathless Origin also called out all of his priceless Ares-class equipment. All the Ares-classes that he had collected for his whole life, now he kept throwing them out as if they were nothing.

Penta Thunder Roaring Sword!


Poseidon’s Trident of Raging Wave!

Out as well!


A streak of thunder suddenly shot down from the sky. It was Ye Weiwei’s Thunder-Storm protector.

Ye Weiwei obviously cared a lot about Han. She slowly removed her gloves, and showed herself at the side of the Execution Squad.

Blue-Blood Boya also used a mysterious trick that separated himself into two. Two blue buddies suddenly showed up on the battlefield.

All in all, after Han’s reminder, everyone realized that merely fighting with strength against the executors would be useless. Nobody, except Sima Hunfeng, could be a match for the executioners.

Therefore, they had to make full use of all of their cards!


The battlefield went insane!

Numerous Ares-classes were pulled out and thrown straight towards the Execution Squad like a storm.

The Three Addicts all had an interesting characteristic. They tended to keep lots of cards up their sleeves. When they were hiding in the Oblivion Realm to avoid Sima Hunfeng, they understood that they might need to store some tricks that can keep them alive in case Sima Hunfeng would come back one day and destroy them. Therefore, they had plenty of useful gadgets stored up.

Besides, there were numerous elite warriors in the Oblivion Realm, and it is really boring just dwelling inside there all the time, so they just decided to exchange small talks about all kinds of skills to pass time, and also discuss different little gadgets that would piss people off. Thunder Fire and Sky King Vine which Han loved using were all invented in that situation.

Certainly, before the Three Addicts arrived, Han had already used up his Thunder Fire and Sky King Vines.

However, it didn’t matter since the Three Addicts also brought all those stuff with them. Other elite warriors from the Realm also brought different insidious gadgets.

All in all, the Three Addicts and others had hundreds of people in total. With all the tricks and gadgets each of them brought out, the power was indeed tremendous.


At that moment, Night Walker brought out a knife and cut through his right arm. He sucked some of his blood and spat at the beast-mask executors. His blood suddenly turned into mist and started disintegrating everything.

Poison addict Night Ruins, he was well-known for his poison.

Everyone knew how powerful Night Ruins was, but not so many knew that everything he uses is poisonous, but nothing is more poisonous than himself. Since Night Walker had tried out different venoms in his life, he already accumulated an enormous of it in his body.

This is what they called the joker card in one’s sleeve!

The Poison Addict has even contributed his blood!



Since the battle, Han and other warriors had all used up their resources, and they kept in a tie with all the beast-mask executors.

Although these executors were powerful, they couldn’t avoid being surrounded by those different tricks. The Sky King Vine surrounding them almost expanded into a forest! The Sky King Vine’s seeds brought by the warriors were all used on the battlefield, without a single one left.

All of these hardwork and struggles were witnessed and marked down in the heart by Sima Hunfeng.

Sima Hunfeng was extremely powerful. As the only special case in the Milky Way, he was even stronger than any executor.

However, he was also really arrogant. He never looked up to anyone. Not to mention Han or the Three Addicts, he didn’t even care about the All Gods Corporation as he stepped onto the Path of All Gods. This was how arrogant he is, but he indeed deserved this arrogance.

The severe battle they experienced today though, made him realize something. He was certainly the most powerful one, but the one that contributed the most was Han.

What made Han contribute the most?

There was only one answer.

Tougher! More brutal! More tricks! More brothers!

Before the Three Addicts arrived on the battlefield, Han had already released his Genetic Beast Army, Thunder Fire, a bunch of Sky King Vines , as well as so many other countless tricks.

Han, by himself, already had the power close to the entire troops that had more than Sima Hunfeng’s personal guards of sixty people.

When the Three Addicts arrived, they were all real friends with Han that had experienced different hardships in fights! They were all real men! Besides fighting alone, they were all capable of bringing out enormous amounts of Ares-classed equipment and gadgets!

On the battlefield, Ares-class weapons were flying everywhere! Genetic Beast Armies were also spread all over the ground.


Sima Hunfeng took a deep breath. He, as such an arrogant man, felt extremely shameful at the moment.

By far, he hasn’t even killed one executor from the squad. It was such a humiliation to him.

If there wasn’t the help of Han and others with their Ares-class equipment attracting fire, as well as all the hard work everyone has contributed, he might have been dead already.

So far, the battle was just about to balance out. But, experienced people would know, balance in the battlefield was the most unstable situation. As soon as the executors gives a little more push and kills a few more warriors from Han’s team, or if Han’s side runs out of little gadgets or consumables, the situation would tip to the unfavorable end completely.

Therefore, in order to break this balance, someone has to stand out and do something different.

Realizing this issue, Sima Hunfeng shouted out a long groan and finally made a substantial decision.

At the same time, Sima Hunfeng heard a deep heavy sound behind him. No. he heard two consecutive sounds! Han smashed two pieces of the Dark Crystals and swallowed them.

At any time, Han would always keep a secret trick for the last use. It has no exception this time.

Although Han had run out of all his Genetic Fusion Beast Army, Thunder Fire, Sky King Vines and others, he still had his two most powerful boosters—the Dark Crystals!

Han had a determined mindset and a sharp insight. He knew that it was time for him to fight with everything!

The temporary stalemate only lasted for less than ten seconds, and Han and Sima Hufeng fought with more strength again!

This time, they were really going full out!