Chapter 401: Five Hidden Cards!

Chapter 401: Five Hidden Cards!

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Void Domain opened!?

Han had decided to fight back!?

As the most oppressive power in history, the Void Domain instantly took away Lion Six’s super abilities. But the Three-Eyed King was special. His eye of reincarnation was not a super ability, but a real genetic mutation. It was a form of physiological variation, so the Void Domain could not prevent him from using the third eye.

Han’s momentum soared as his coercion and murderous intent flooded the library. Han was not a rookie soldier, he was a middle close to top warlord! His source power index was above that of Lion Six but below Three-Eyed King.

The battlefield intensified and Han held his left hand behind, ready to retrieve the Flying Feather Bow at any moment. His open right hand indicated his willingness to fight, and he was not kidding around this time.

Han surveyed Lion Six and the Three-Eyed King with his strange black eyes. It was dead silent as the calm before the storm and a pin drop could be heard.


Lion Six laughed loudly.

"You think I will lose control of these skeletons by taking away my super abilities?" Six smirked, "Then you are wrong! We Undead clan possess natural darkness energy that resembles those of the skeletons. To them we are family."

"If you used Void Domain before I reincarnated Sky Howling Wolf, then maybe I wouldn’t be able to control him. But now it is too late as I have finished my preparations, and it doesn’t matter if you strip away my super abilities."

Han believed him because he saw Lion Flying Eagle’s true form. A pitch-black demon-like intelligent creature with a scent of undead. Even without their super abilities, these Undead Clan members can take control of the skeletons.

The Three-Eyed King rubbed his hand against the shaking Xiao Bao. He was confused but still threatened Han, "You decided to give up on this little one? It is the correct decision because you are incapable of rescuing him from me."

"Too bad it’s too late, I have already moved the Dimension\'s entrance. No one would be able to respond even if you call for help. So, what if you have a unique super ability? You will still die in my hand, and so will he."

Han ignored these two, his left hand pulled out the Flying Feather Bow in a movie-like slow motion.

Lion Six and the Three-Eyed King both felt extreme pressure as the bow appeared in Han’s hand. A high-level soldier’s intuition was sharp and combined with Han’s unwillingness to hide his intent, there was a clear indication that Han was ready to commit fully to this battle.

If Han could not save Xiao Bao, then so be it! He would attempt to take as many lives as he could before being killed!

The Three-Eyed King studied Han and knew that he was not the kind and smart person that he appeared to be. Instead, Han was a crazy lunatic when he was mad.

Through the years of battle, Han landed the name of tough bone for his relentless attacking style!

It would be problematic if Han didn’t care for Xiao Bao’s life and was set on fighting to the death.

Lion Six was nervous. Han’s Void Domain was not fully functional but it still limited his ability to control the skeleton army. Lion Six could only rely on his ancestral heritage to control the Sky Howling Wolf, which reduced his fighting powers significantly.

The Undead Clan’s advantage was field control, so he won’t be a match for Han’s super violent type fighting style in close combat.

After some thoughts, Lion Six opened his mouth, "Have you thought it through? You cannot win by yourself."

Han replied calmly, "You mean to beat me with your numbers?"

"That’s right! Take a look around you, you are surrounded, fool!" Six screamed.

Han stood there, his left hand was moving ever so slowly like the most precise machine to mount the Flying Feather Bow. With his right hand, he gestured slowly yet calmly to open the bow.

Of course, these were well-calculated moves by Han.

Why the super slow motion? According to psychology, slow motion won’t trigger the enemy’s reactions and make it seem less harmful than it could actually be.

If Han pulled out the bow as quickly as he can, it would instead trigger the reaction of these soldiers. All high-level soldiers knew that battles were fought based on reactions.

When an enemy punched you, before your brain could process that thought, your nervous system would have kicked in already and controlled your muscles and bones to dodge.

This was the subconscious reactions that came with a strong nerve system.

Han could not afford to trigger their subconsciousness, so he pulled out his bow in super slow motion.

With the bow in hand, Han’s momentum continued to soar and his intent to kill intensified hundreds of folds.

His pupils dilated without focus, so no one knew who Han was aiming at, and this put a significant amount of pressure on his enemies.

It was like someone held a gun to two people. Both would panic and try to guess who would be shot. This was the classic psychologic case of risk paralysis.

If it was one on one, it would be clear who would be shot and a simple decision to fight.

Nothing was easy in this world, especially a showdown between masters. Even a minor movement was well calculated with specific intentions.

The Three-Eyed King let out a sigh because he despised Lion Six for not letting Sky Howling Wolf finish Han off.

The reason was simple because Lion Six was scared. He was afraid that the arrow would be shot at him. If the arrow was aimed at the Three-Eyed King then it would be fine, but Lion Six was not as strong as the king and he knew that well. So, Lion Six needed the wolf to stand next to him to be a protective shield.

And now Six was even more scared to let Howling Sky Wolf attack. Six was uncertain if Han released the arrow, which would be quicker? His undead soldier or Han’s arrow.

This was the tricky part. Everyone knew Han would shoot the arrow, but at whom? Lion Six or the Three-Eyed King?

The air was frozen at this moment and no one spoke a word. Even the sound of breathing was absent.

Han successfully attracted everyone’s attention, but the seasoned old fox Three-Eyed king observed Han while putting a hand on Xiao Bao’s head, ready to rip off his head anytime.

Xiao Bao closed his eyes and he knew Han had abandoned him. As frightened as he was, he was not discouraged, for he could finally breathe.

Han went through a lot of trouble and torture while trying to save him, it was the most unbearable thing for Xiao Bao. He blamed himself for not being strong enough and led Han into such a desperate situation.

He was better off dead, as Xiao Bao’s young self-esteem awakened. He liked Han and did not want to be Han’s baggage.

Suddenly, Han’s right little finger flicked forward. It was not the motion to release an arrow as that would rely on the index and middle finger.

This little move still triggered a violent chain reaction!

Lion Six’s body sank to the floor while he commanded Sky Howling Wolf to attack Han, and the Three-Eyed King also turned sideways and smacked his palm towards Xiao Bao’s head.

In a split second, a little mouth emerged from thin air and sank its sharp teeth into the hand that gripped on Xiao Bao.

It was Silver Fox!

The witty Silver Fox appeared in the most unthinkable way just when Han needed him the most! It turned out that Silver Fox had always been by Han’s side and lurked in the dark.

Han indeed held a card in his sleeve until the final moment!

In one thousandth of a second, from behind the king, another warrior composed of strange fiber threw his body of unnatural strength at the Three-Eyed King!

It was Pluto!

Han’s second hidden card!

He came together with Silver Fox. Silver Fox could go invisible and change the surrounding environment. Simply put, if Silver Fox went invisible while standing on Han’s shoulders, Han would also become invisible to others.

However, there was a fatal weakness to Silver Fox’s ability, as it could not hide the human scent and therefore others could easily spot Han and render the ability useless.

Fittingly, Pluto was not human! His body was a form of high tensile fiber, with a scent similar to a tree, or a blade of grass.

Silver Fox and Pluto made the perfect tandem for invisibility as no one could spot them!

The question was why were they here? The answer was simple, Han was ruthless but not stupid!

Han and Silver Fox had a special gesture between them. Silver Fox was invisible next to Han when Han received the news, and Han gestured Silver Fox to seek Pluto for help!

So Silver Fox found Pluto and snuck onto Han’s dark ship. At first, Pluto did not know why Silver Fox came for him, and why the fox dragged him onto the dark boat to lurk in the darkness.

Pluto was no ordinary soldier, he held his ground until now. He was very powerful, maybe most sedated and experienced within the group, and he had been low key.

If one scouted Han’s base, they would make note of the super Sima Hunfeng, maybe Boya and the Triple Addicts with their loud mouths, or maybe the dark type specialist Luo Ying, or maybe even the group scout Lance.

Only Silver Fox and Pluto would fly under the radar! Silver Fox with his wit and natural intuition to hide within surrounding environment. Pluto always kept to himself and even lived along far away from the blue lagoon, to others he was just a walking pile of fiber!

For this special property, Pluto became an integral part of the team. He was like air, always there to help when Han needed him, and disappeared when not called upon.

Finally, today was Pluto’s turn to let loose!

One tough battle caused Pluto to lose his super powers, but he received the strongest body in return!

Impeccable speed!

Impeccable power!

Impeccable nerve reactions!

Out of all the talents within the team, only Pluto could claim the strongest body title. He was not a life form, but a battle machine made from synthetic fiber!

The Three-Eyed King felt a chill at the top of his head, the sneak attack by Pluto and the sudden emergence of Silver Fox indeed caused a scare. Especially the pressure from Pluto, when he waved his arms around, the air exploded into shockwaves as the air around him was torn.

The Three-Eyed King hadn’t thought of how to deal with them, and then Han showed his third ace in the hole!

Flying Feather Bow, RELEASED!

A white light soared at the Three-Eyed King with speed faster than light!

At the same time, the warlord Sky Howling Wolf had teleported in front of Han and his fist was just above Han’s head. Han chose to not defend and still shot his arrow, he had prepared to sacrifice himself to kill the Three-Eyed King.

Three layers of attack! A full three layers! Han had calculated everything to the dot!

This was why he was so intimidating. For someone known as a hard-nosed fighter, he also possessed a bright mind and was capable of precise calculations.

Han could calculate as well as he could fight, if not better!

Three-Eyed King found it hard to breathe and began to panic. The Feather Arrow, Pluto, and Silver Fox all attacked at the same time. Even for someone as strong as the king, was faced with a tough decision on how to defend.

Three-Eyed King knew one thing for certain. In this moment of truth, the most important thing was to self-defend and not deal the fatal blow to Xiao Bao. Any clear minded warrior would conclude the same thing.


The Three-Eyed King realized something was wrong as soon as he released Xiao Bao. It appeared that Han’s arrow was not aimed at himself but directed at Xiao Bao, towards the rigged necklace.

This shocking realization pushed the already confused Three-Eyed King to the brink. If Han’s intention was to blow up the necklace to cause a huge explosion, then what to do?

The Three-Eyed King was a complete mess after being showered with hidden hands. After one, two, three poisonous hidden cards, Han showed an even more venomous fourth card!

Since it was hopeless to save Xiao Bao, then it’d be better to use him as a bait to cause an explosion and blow the Three-Eyed King to pieces! As for Pluto and Silver Fox, they were just mere sacrificial lambs for Han. The king did not understand Han and thus he thought sacrificing underlings to achieve the battle goal was the norm.

Three-Eyed King’s only thoughts were to escape. His third eye suddenly opened up and his energy was replenished as if he had taken a shot of adrenalin. Too bad under the net weaved by Han there was no escape for the king.

He watched as the white light struck Xiao Bao’s necklace and saw a black blur take away Xiao Bao.

A black blur!?

Now Three-Eyed King was really mad. A black blur out of nowhere snatched away Xiao Bao and Silver Fox right in front of him!

It was Howling Forest, who also possessed the power of teleportation. This was the ultimate hidden hand by Han.

Five hidden cards, a full F-I-V-E card!

Only a monster like Han could set up such a precise and complex battle plan, the Three-Eyed King thought to himself!


Pluto fearlessly charged forward, the strongest warrior pinned down a panicked Three-Eyed King!

Yes, forcibly pinned down!

Pluto’s super strength was unparalleled and no one could escape his hands once pinned down!

Battle of the kings!

Pluto held the Three-Eyed King with his left arm and pushed the Three-Eyed King’s head towards the broken necklace.