Chapter 132: Didn’t Eradicate Root after Cutting Grass, Trouble!(Part One)

Chapter 132: Didn’t Eradicate Root after Cutting Grass, Trouble!

(TL: it’s an idiom for trouble coming after not completing the job completely, e.g. didn’t kill all the enemies)

“Went too far! Die!”


Han then came to the fourth soldier, that guy’s lips moved but the words didn’t come out yet, Han’s blade was already drinking blood!


“Your reply is too slow! Die!”

Then it’s the fifth soldier, he saw Han walking towards him so he hastily opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but as a result Han still slashed down! Not giving him the chance to talk at all!


“Just now I let you guys talk and you guys didn’t say sh*t, now whatever you guys want to say I don’t want to hear about it too!”

“Today, you motherf*ckers are all going to hell!”


So brutal!

Those men that Thunder Royal Family’s young master brought were all so scared that their faces all turned pale, they feel like they for sure won’t be able to live pass today. In fact, Han also thought about that, fully exterminate the threat and all roots to avoid any future trouble, since he already took action, then might as well leave no survivors!

Han’s eyes gleamed cold light, he’s going to slaughter every one of them.

Just at that moment, a bird flew over from the distance, laid on Han’s shoulder and whispered, “I’m Wuyun, teaching them a lesson is enough, let them go back.”


That’s Wuyun’s voice for sure, and this little bird should be a fusion beast made by Wuyun and sent to deliver message.

Do not kill?


Han’s eyes already turned red from all the killing.

Besides, if you don’t remove the root when cutting grass, then trouble will come back later!

At this time, the little bird added, “Little Flower died, I’m just as sad as you, but after all we still have to live in Oblivion Realm after this. Well, just let them go.”

Han suddenly hesitated, the murderous intentions in his eyes gradually receded.

Yes, after killing, Han can leave any time, but Wuyun and the others can’t leave Oblivion Realm. They are wanted outlaws in Milky Way, only Oblivion Realm can give them asylum, and if Han keeps acting by his will, he’s afraid that he will create trouble for Wuyun, Pathless and Night Walker.


Thought about that, Han let out a long sigh. The three teachers have helped Han a lot, and Han would never do anything that could harm his friends. Even when the heart is splashed with ocean of anger, he could only endure it and suppress it.

Han became silent, commanded the Starry Spiders to lift Little Flower’s body.

No need to die anymore?!

Thunder Royal’s young master and his men were all in tears, they all felt a great sense of panic from surviving such a catastrophe.

“Get out! Be afraid knowing that I will change my mind again!” Han packed up Little Flower’s dead body and said coldly without even turning around to look.


In the hall, it was silent, Han was looking at Little Flower’s dead body in a daze.

Although it’s just a fusion beast, but Han still feel that Little Flower is a lot better than the majority of people. She’s loyal, fearless, and she was always leading the charge when executing commands. Han felt like he has just lost his own daughter.

Wuyun let out a long sigh, walked in, looked at Little Flower, then looked at Han and said in a deep voice, “You did well, I saw everything.”

Han tilted his head a little and looked at Wuyun, asked in curiosity, “Why didn’t you let me kill those people? I already got my hands dirty anyways, must eradicate the roots of the grass in order to avoid future trouble.”

Wuyun replied calmly, “That man I know, Thunder Wang Mian’s grandson, named Wang Qin. As for this Wang Mian guy, he’s a thunder descent esper, warlord level. No one in Oblivion Realm is good, Wang Mian was an executioner-like figure in the past, and now he already washed his hands and quit, secluding in the Oblivion Realm like us.”

“The reason I didn’t let you kill Wang Qin was not that we are afraid of Wang Mian. Old Monster, Old Black and I roamed in the Milky Way for so many years and we weren’t scared of anyone. But now since we chose to seclude in Oblivion Realm, then we should forget about the fighting and killing, and endure whenever possible.”

“Besides, even if you kill them all, Little Flower won’t be revived from that, so it won’t help.”

Han gritted his teeth and said, “I understand that you don’t want to get into any trouble in seclusion here, but trouble is sometimes hard to escape from. If Wang Qin goes back and tells his grandfather, and then comes back with an army, then we will be at a disadvantage at that time.”

Wuyun gently shook his head and said in a deep voice, “Believe me, it’s nothing if Wang Qin keeps quiet when he gets back. Even if he does say something, Wang Mian can naturally guess who I am. I’ve let his grandson live, he will already be very appreciative, it will be impossible for him to come and seek trouble.”

“Really?” Han slightly doesn’t believe in Wuyun’s words. In his eyes, Wuyun’s just this old man that knows how to make fusion beasts, while that guy’s family has a warlord level esper, it’s a bit hard to believe how they won’t dare to seek trouble from this old man.

Wuyun nodded, “For real. Today I’m a bit tired, you go back first. Tomorrow remember to bring Demon Claw here, let me see if I can help you return it to hibernation state or prolong its life. And there are some little secrets about fusion beasts like Earth Claw, I will also tell you.”

Maybe it’s because he saw Han’s reaction today, Wuyun realized how much Han differs from other people. Han really holds no prejudice towards fusion beasts. Seeing how Little Flower got killed, Han immediately went berserk.

That scene makes Wuyun feel very moved, that’s why he uncharacteristically decided to teach Han some techniques about fusion beasts, and his attitude is very sincere.

Han was still a little upset, he nodded, brought Demon Claw and went back to Pathless’s house on his Falcon class frigate.

After Han left, Wuyun sat down beside Little Flower’s dead body. His eyes look significantly different from the time when Han was here, it’s now bloodshot, cold, and full of murderous intention. Very difficult to imagine Wuyun to be this furious.

During normal days, although Wuyun’s character is a bit devilish, but he’s still good to talk with. Han always tampered with his things, and at most Wuyun just mumbled a few words at Han.

But now, Wuyun is like a death god ascended from hell! A demon making its reappearance! All the fusion beasts were scared and kept stepping back, all hid into the corners.


Wuyun let out a long breath, took three red pills in one breath, forced himself to calm down, and he mumbled to himself, “Must endure, must endure, you are not the Wuyun from before, since you chose to retire, isn’t it good to just peacefully work on fusion beasts? Isn’t this your desire all these years?”

“Must endure, must endure, every time things went wrong due to your hot temper. Must fix this temper.”

The drugs gradually began to play a role, Wuyun finally calmed down, and he sat down on the sofa.