Chapter 402: Blood Rebirth!

Chapter 402: Blood Rebirth!

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Han’s crazy but brave plan worked miraculously. Pluto pinned down the Three-Eyed King’s head right in the middle of the explosion caused by the rigged necklace.


A loud bang ensued and a powerful flame arose where the King once stood, and the ground collapsed underneath with dust flying everywhere.

Meanwhile, Han flew in the air. On the other battlefield, Sky Howling Wolf’s fist struck Han on the shoulder blade. Even though Han had the Sky King’s Armor to protect his body, but after numerous battles and the damage by the skeletons, the armor’s defensive durability became very limited. Han felt a burning sensation in his neck and shoulder area as if it broke into pieces.

Han was thrown through the air but he had a smirk on his face.

Xiao Bao was saved! Han no longer hesitated and could fight without any concerns now!

"Come out!"


Han shouted as he rubbed against the Lunar Mark. Two frantic little things rushed out. It was Black Egg and Blue Star!

They witnessed the abduction of Xiao Bao, and with Han in danger, they were extremely worried but could not do anything!

Now that Xiao Bao had been rescued, Blue Star and Black Egg could not hold back any longer and unleashed themselves after Han set them free.


With glowing red eyes, Black Egg pulled Blue Star aside and began his attack with a soul kill!


This was Black Eggs strongest attack that terminated all living things!

The Black soul kill swept across the land like a typhoon!

Since using soul kill drained enormous amounts of energy, Black Egg had always held back when using this skill. However, he didn’t wait for Han’s orders and gave it 100% right away!

Energy drain? Forget it! All Black Egg wanted to do was to kill, to kill every enemy in sight!


Sky Howling Wolf used teleport as soon as Black Egg used soul kill, and he disappeared from where he stood. The Wolf was only a skeleton of his former self, but he was still a master. He predicted this was the perfect opportunity to finish his job, to use teleportation to avoid Black Egg’s attack and deal a fatal blow to Han.

Han was already hurt and if dealt another blow, he would most definitely not survive!

Sky Howling Wolf’s ideas were wonderful, too bad reality was cruel for him!


With a muffled sound, Black Egg’s soul kill’s shadow directly struck Sky Howling Wolf from his transient state. This was the power of Black Egg’s soul kill, so powerful that it broke teleportation techniques!

Sky Howling Wolf was floating in midair sideways. He did not die from the soul kill because he was a reincarnated skeleton. No blood and no soul, since Black Egg’s soul kill was directed at the soul, it made sense that it could not kill the wolf.

Even though Sky Howling Wolf could still move, but he was damaged significantly as cracks were clearly visible on his white bone skeleton.

Still alive!?

Black Egg was livid and charged forward at full speed! Remember the chubby proud little guy was famous for his speed!

A blue blur followed Black Egg, it was Blue Star. The fearless and loyal Blue Star was also mad, but since it was humble, Blue Star wouldn’t display his emotions on his face.


Han used one arm to hold himself together. Black Egg and Blue Star had bought precious time for Han to attend his wounds. His other arm lifted slightly and popped out a few drugs right into his stomach, and healed himself in the quickest manner possible.

"Void Domain, REOPEN!" Han grimaced.

On the other battlefield, it was Pluto vs the Three-Eyed King!

The battle between the Kings finally exploded!

Pluto fully utilized his strong body to wrap around the Three-Eyed King. No matter where the Three-Eyed King tried to hide, Pluto followed up and was landing blows at a pace of a few thousand per second.

The Three-Eyed King was covered in blood, all his hair was burnt and his entire body was full of wounds and cuts! His third eye was completely shut and blood dripped out. The previous explosion had damaged his eye of reincarnation!

The Three-Eyed King had finally recognized how scary Han was. He was ruthless yet intelligent, a deadly combination on today’s battlefield!

Han’s precise plan not only saved Xiao Bao but also severely damaged the Three-Eyed King and almost broke his eye of reincarnation!

What a vicious plan! A plan that defied all odds!

The Three-Eyed King really wanted to pick apart Han’s brain and see what was in it for himself. He was clearly in control of everything and all of sudden everything changed in a split second!

The Three-Eyed King glimpsed beside him and spat out a blood clot in anger! His eye of reincarnation was almost wasted and Lion Six took off quicker than a hare!

Han had a loyal group of friends that stood by him even in the darkest of times! But the King’s ally Lion Six was as useless as a pig!

At least Lion Six still commanded Sky Howling Wolf to attack Han. Otherwise, the King would have been surrounded from all sides.

Of course, it wasn’t due to Lion Six’s good intentions. He knew very well that had he took Howling Sky Wolf, with him, the Three-Eyed King would have died quicker and Han would have time to focus on him, and there wouldn’t be any escape for him either!

So, Lion Six escaped but left Sky Howling Wolf behind to buy some time.

Too bad Sky Howling Wolf’s teleportation was matched against Han’s Dark Void Domain!

After a short period when the field was closed to rescue Xiao Bao, Han has re-established his Void domain!

Endless darkness forbidding all super powers!

Even though Sky Howling Wolf was a skeleton, as long as he had super powers it would still be stripped!

"Rip his bones apart!" Han stared with his eyes wide open and shouted.

Han was not afraid of anyone’s super power, because once his Void Domain opened, all super powers were useless!

"Path of Yao!"



Han used the Path of Yao!

Black Egg used his speed!

Blue Star used his precise death defying claws!

The three of them charged up and ripped apart the legendary Sky Howling Wolf.

Armor? Stripped down and smashed to scrap metal.

Bones? Stripped down and broken piece by piece.

Black Egg let out all his anger on Sky Howling Wolf. His two chubby claws kept on pounding on the wolf’s bones and smashed it into pebbles!

One word could most accurately describe the action of these three guys, SAVAGE!

The Three-Eyed King heart sank the moment he knew Han had already decisively won his battle.

Pluto was the classic combat master. Once held down by him, no one could easily escape. His body was not even slightly damaged in the previous explosion, as the strong fiber reflected all shrapnel and he absorbed the force.

By the same logic, even if the Three-Eyed King punched him, Pluto would not feel anything. It’d be like punching a sandbag. The more the Three-Eyed King punched, the more damaged he caused to his own hand and not to Pluto.

Everything had two sides to it, even the Three-Eyed King. As a super powerful genetically mutated warrior, all his fighting power relied on his eye of reincarnation. If not for eye of reincarnation, he would not stand a chance against Han and Pluto, not to mention all the others.


The Three-Eyed King took a deep breath, he regretted picking the wrong opponent and was also angry for picking a stupid teammate.


Suddenly Pluto stopped and discovered that the Three-Eyed King was weaker and couldn’t hold even one more punch. The king was sent flying midair by a normal punch!

No! It’s not that the king became weaker, he had changed battle strategies!

He took a blow from Pluto so he could separate himself away from close combat!


The Three-Eyed King was awkwardly in midair, but let out a wry smile on his blood covered face. His third eye now wide open as he went airborne.


The Three-Eyed King dipped two right fingers in blood and laid it across his forehead, he directed his fingertips at the third eye!

Black Egg, Blue Star, and Han were all charging towards the king.

"Don’t move!" Pluto screamed loudly.

Han sensed the strangeness and stopped in his tracks. The Three-Eyed King’s weird position and his blood covered third was rather suspicious. It seemed like something was brewing.

The Three-Eyed King scoffed at Han, "Who knew I’d be pushed to the brink by you! But don’t get happy too quickly. Traps and conspiracy can make you prevail temporarily, but it will not protect you forever! Strength is what speaks in this world!"

Han frowned, "I know, you are about to use the eye of reincarnation."

The Three-Eyed King mocked, "You have no clue what is the eye of reincarnation, you are not worthy to even mention these words!!"

Han replied, "So what I don’t know? I can promise you this, you will die here today no matter the cost!"

"At all costs?" The Three-Eyed King ridiculed, "My eye of reincarnation can control the reincarnation of life, can bury you deep down in hell! No one can stop this type of power!"

"Remember when we last met? I used my eye of reincarnation to merge a few of my clan members! I can simultaneously control several lives using my eye of reincarnation! Once my finger leaves my eyes, it is your death call!"

Han was slightly stunned. Of course he remembered. The Three-Eyed King did merge a few of his clan members into a huge monster. His eye of reincarnation was mysterious yet scary, and he did indeed possess the ability to play with several targets at once.

It would be very troublesome if he used the same techniques again. In a moment of time, Han, Blue Star, Black Egg, and Pluto could all be stranded by the mysterious power of the Three-Eyed King.

No one really knew what the eye of reincarnation was!

It doesn’t matter how hard Han guessed, he could not guarantee what type of power the eye of reincarnation could release.

Suddenly the Three-Eyed King smirked.

"I see that you are worried!" He yelled, "This is your weakness! You are not alone! You care for too many people, you want to protect all your friends!"

"And those with a weakness will never become the strongest of the strong!"

The Three-Eyed King spoke in a self-confident yet arrogant tone as he changed the subject, "You thought I was going to use the eye of reincarnation?"

"WRONG! I want you dead! I want you to be forever doomed!"

"So, I’m not going to use eye of reincarnation since that would be letting you off easy!"

"Look carefully at my third eye! Its name is BLOOD REBIRTH!"

As soon as he finished speaking, The Three-Eyed King wiped his two fingers over his third eye and covered his eye of reincarnation full of blood!