Chapter 403: Chaos Everywhere!

Chapter 403: Chaos Everywhere!

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Outside the battleground, Howling Forest kept his promise to Han and saved Xiao Bao. Furthermore, he pulled Silver Fox and saved him from the explosion.

A couple of jumps later, Howling Forest put some distance between him and the battleground. Then he put Silver Fox and Xiao Bao down and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

The events in the last couple of seconds scared Howling Forest, when he did what Han had said and used teleportation skills to save Xiao Bao. He felt like his heart was about to pop out of his chest. It was very dangerous - if anyone made any sort of mistake, he would’ve exploded.

But of course, Han’s precise calculations and everyone else’s determination made this plan work out successfully.

Howling Forest suddenly felt very proud, Han and his people were a very effective team and even though this was his first time joining them, he was able to accomplish his task. Especially since it was a very important task, maybe his abilities were not as bad as what his teacher said.

Howling Forest had a very weird teacher. Even though he taught him a lot, he still wouldn’t let him leave this dimension. His teacher often said that the outside world was very dangerous and he just wasn’t ready, if he left now he would get ripped into pieces.

Howling Forest was very humble and loyal, so he believed whatever his teacher had said. Now that he met Han’s crew and they were all evidently masters, the fact that he could fight side by side with such an elite group made Howling Forest very proud.

Tsh tsh~

Silver Fox ground his teeth and widened his eyes. He was evidently angry at Howling Forest.

Howling Forest was scared, he didn’t understand what was going on.

But looking at Silver Fox, he seemed to be blaming Howling Forest for bringing him outside the battleground.

Silver Fox was very loyal to Han. Everyone was fighting for their lives now but he left, this was very not loyal and proper of him!

But he didn’t linger on this issue too much because he knew Han probably got this guy to come to help. If it wasn’t for him, there would be no way of saving Xiao Bao.

Silver Fox howled at Howling Forest and then patted Xiao Bao on the head like an older brother. He wanted to tell Xiao Bao that as long as he is here, he didn’t need to be afraid.

And then he turned around, soosh~

Silver Fox headed back into the battleground without turning back, this action stunned Xiao Bao a bit.

He saw loyalty and bravery in Silver Fox. Everyone was fighting and as the person who was saved from the battle, how could he just sit here and watch?

Xiao Bao’s whole body started shaking. At this moment, his thoughts changed dramatically, he forced himself to have courage.



Xiao Bao started hammering his chest and rushed into the battleground.


On the battleground, the Three-Eyed King finally opened his eye of reincarnation. His most powerful fighting battling method, Blood Rebirth!

Three-Eyed King’s fingers were covered in blood, and he wiped it on his eye of reincarnation. Immediately, the eye on his forehead became dark red, like a small hurricane, sucking in all the blood that was on his body.


At the same time, a blood red whirlpool appeared beside him moving rapidly, radiating blood red light, as if it was a whirlpool of blood and light.

Everyone felt the huge force from this whirlpool, pulling them towards the middle.


Three-Eyed King laughed maniacally, giving a cold stare to everyone who was there and said, "Blood Rebirth is my strongest skill, yet every time I use it I need to sacrifice a lot of my own blood."

"I wasn’t going to use it against you guys because I don’t think you were worthy."

"But now, you guys are forcing me! My blood isn’t free however, your lives will be the cost!"


Suddenly, Black Egg let out a loud howl and opened his mouth!

He was about to use Soul Kill!

Black Egg was a Twin-Golden-Pupil soul beast and had one of the strongest bloodlines in the universe. His Soul Kill could rip warlord leveled warriors apart! It was also especially for killing these high-level warriors!

However, the Three-Eyed king didn’t react, he seemed like he wasn’t scared, as if he knew he could take care of Black Egg’s Soul Kill.

Han saw the Three-Eyed King’s eye of reincarnation disappear, and the red whirlpool became a huge, blood red, calm, and cold eye. With a sudden movement, it flew to the Three-Eyed King’s forehead and stared at everyone with its blinding red light.

After the eye of reincarnation disappeared from Three-Eyed King’s head, he seemed to have aged significantly. He said, "You know why the eye of reincarnation isn’t considered a skill?"

"It is because my eye of reincarnation came from a parasitic organism of the God of Creation. I am very lucky that it selected me."

And then, he looked at Black Egg while frowning and said unhappily, "Of course, you are an exception, I just don’t understand why you would stay with lower class people like this even though you have such a noble bloodline."


Black Egg’s golden eyes opened and released a Soul Kill at the Three-Eyed King.

The black shadow moved across the ground at an amazing speed, carrying the aura of death with it.

At this moment, that blood red eye started moving as well.

Suddenly, it stopped in front of the Three-Eyed King, and the energy released by that pupil dilating was no weaker than Black Egg’s Soul Kill!

Soul Kill vs. Blood Rebirth!

The black shadow and the red light collided in this space. The floor was turned over, the roofs were pulled up, no walls existed around them! Even Pluto, who had immense power was almost thrown to the ground by this force.

This was such a great match between two great powers!!

Han couldn’t believe his eyes, even if he used all his might, no, even if Sima Hunfeng used all his might he wouldn’t cause such destruction.

When Han looked up, he was able to see the top of this dimension.

That was basically saying, this underground cave that was constructed by the Sirius tribe now no longer existed! Half the whole dimension was ripped open!

Han could clearly feel like that space was shaking, it was almost about to cave in completely.

If it wasn’t for Blue Star who dug his claws into the ground and supported Han’s body, Han would’ve been blown away by this huge force way before.

The weirdest thing about this was that this wasn’t a fight between Black Egg and the Three-Eyed King, but rather a fight between Black Egg and an eye!


So the eye of reincarnation doesn’t actually belong to the Three-Eyed King, but it came from a more powerful body and was passed down as a parasite.


Han heard some weird sounds, and it was from Black Egg burning all his energy on his Soul Kill.

The black shadow was not able to move the eye of reincarnation before it disappeared.



Black Egg was very angry, he continued to howl angrily while shaking his fat head, his eyes were filled with the determination to kill.

Han suddenly remembered, when Black Egg was locked in Lunar Mark, he was very angry because firstly he didn’t want to get hurt. Secondly, it might have been because he saw his mortal enemy, the truth of the eye of reincarnation.

Black Egg had always been lazy, but his level was very high. He never even put Sima Hunfeng in his eyes, the only times he had been excited had been when he saw food.

But today, Black Egg had used 100% of his energy to fight off the eye of reincarnation, all the fur on his body was standing up, his eyes filled with hatred, and his wings spread wide, almost as if he was ready to dodge whenever necessary.

Ready to dodge?

How is this possible!

He had been the strongest being Han had ever seen, but now even he thinks the eye of reincarnation can hurt him?

If the eye of reincarnation can hurt Black Egg, then how strong does it have to be?

Weird things continued to happen, Han saw that Pluto’s hands made a weird gesture that Han had never seen before.

Even though Pluto was still like before, nobody knew what he was thinking about. But Han could feel that his aura had changed significantly today, and he could clearly feel that his life energy was jumping faster and faster.

When Han first found Pluto, his body had been destroyed, only leaving behind an indestructible energy which was his soul.

Ever since 9527 gave Pluto a fiber body, he no longer had any energy fluctuations. It was almost as if he became a tree.

This was the first time that Han felt Pluto’s soul!

Could it be because that he felt the threat of the eye of reincarnation, which pushed Pluto to activate his soul?

"Oh, this is going to be difficult." The Three-Eyed King said seriously while taking a couple of steps back. The eye followed him, making a battle triangle. The eye was no longer facing Black Egg but rather facing Pluto!

It seemed like the eye of reincarnation recognized Pluto and made him his enemy.

Black Egg, Pluto, Three-Eyed King, the weird eye, all made a very weird stand-off.

But Han suddenly became an outsider to this fight. The eye didn’t consider Han as an enemy but rather focused on Black Egg and Pluto.


The blood red eye of reincarnation started glowing, increasing its energy, but the Three-Eyed King closed his eyes as if he was being controlled by a mysterious energy.


The voice came from the Three-Eyed King, but it was clearly not his voice, it might be from the eye of reincarnation! This mysterious eye, it started talking?

"Hello to you too," Pluto said calmly.

"Please leave… I don’t want… to fight… with you…" The voice said again.

"I won’t leave," Pluto said calmly again.

‘But… Why?" THe voice was surprised, "You.. clearly...know… who.. I am…"

"Of course I know, but I won’t leave today," Pluto said again.

Shoosh ~

The eye of reincarnation changed its position and looked at Pluto all confused.

This turn of events stunned Black Egg as well. Who was this Pluto character, where did he come from?!

Black Egg was extremely strong but the eye of reincarnation didn’t say a word to him. But now Pluto showed up, the eye of reincarnation was asking him to leave! Using the word "please".

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed again!

Making this situation even weirder.

"I think, you should leave."

A calm, resonating voice descended from the sky!

The voice gave Han a lot of pressure, but the weird thing was, Han felt an energy inside him fighting back, letting him stand still.


Blue Star finally gave in to that strange voice and could no longer support himself, he fell to the ground.

When this voice sounded, Silver Fox and Xiao Bao were rushing towards Han.


Silver Fox flew backward and hit the wall while Xiao Bao fell down.

As for the eye of reincarnation, it suddenly looked up, looking in the air cautiously.



Someone with wings flew down from the sky!

It wasn’t a person, it was an elder eagle with a human face!

He had gray feathers and was holding a person with his big black claws, Han looked carefully and he noticed that it was Lion Six! He had run away before but was recaptured by this eagle elder!


The eagle-faced elder suddenly landed between the eye of incarnation and Han. He slowly closed his feathers and turned them into the hair on his body, his feet and hands turned normal as well. Other than the fact that he was hairier, there was no real difference between him and a regular human. He had a bun on his golden head, like a Taoist priest.

"What is going on today! Where the f*ck did this guy come from?" Han ground his teeth and thought to himself.