Chapter 404: The Crazy Man who was Late

Chapter 404: The Crazy Man who was Late

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Han suddenly heard Howling Forest’s voice as he followed Xiao Bao and Silver Fox into this library that was ripped apart and saw the weirdo with wings.

Han slightly paused, so this was Howling Forest’s teacher. The one who adopted him took care of him. The weird old man that Howling Forest called teacher.

Howling Forest’s teacher was indeed very weird. He started talking non-stop immediately after he landed. He talked a lot, with the ultimate goal of letting the Eye know he was a tough person to deal with and it was better for the Eye to leave.

He puffed out his chest and said: "I am not threatening you, but this is where one of my old friends was buried. You destroyed his tomb and took control of his bones. This makes it very difficult for me to explain to my friends and other people."

"If you keep on being difficult, I will definitely fight back."

Howling Forest’s teacher crossed his arms and stood there with squinted eyes.


The red eye rushed beside Han and observed him thoroughly, then it looked back and observed Pluto.


"So… it is like this… I… understand now." He used the Three-Eyed King’s mouth to say these words, with a hint of surprise.

Immediately, everyone heard a SHOOSH sound, and the eye of reincarnation returned to the Three-Eyed King’s face.

But the Three-Eyed King’s pupils were still blood red, he was clearly still being controlled by the eye of reincarnation.

He turned back again, the Three-Eyed King used odd eyes to look at Han, Pluto, and then Black Egg. He then grew quiet and opened his eye of reincarnation again. The weird eye radiated blood red light, surrounding him completely.

By the time the blood red light had dissipated, the Three-Eyed King, as well as the eye of reincarnation, were both gone.


Han heard a sigh from Pluto, he had taken back his soul, it was almost as if he didn’t have a 100% confidence in winning this battle with the eye of reincarnation.

But Black Egg was howling from anger. The enemy had run away before they determined who was better. This wasn’t an ending that Black Egg liked.

"Okay, I have scared him away! You guys are all safe!" Howling Forest’s teacher said braggingly.

Any reasonable person would know, it wasn’t Howling Forest’s teacher that scared the eye away. Just look at everyone who was here. There was Pluto with an invincible body, the master assassin Blue Star, Twin-Golden-Pupil Black Egg, the sly Silver Fox, the strongest fate organism Xiao Bao, Howling Forest who specialized in teleportation, and Han. This was a group of incredible people!

Regardless of who they fought with, they still had a very good chance of winning.

The reason why the eye of reincarnation had left, probably does have something to do with Howling Forest’s teacher, but it was hard to say whether he was the most important reason.

"Teacher, you are late again." Howling Forest shrugged and said, from his tone, it seemed like this old man was always late.

"This is something you don’t understand, it doesn’t matter if I am early but rather I come at the right time. When I received your message, I was fighting with the number one master from the Eastern Dark Net Ranking Board of Elites! This fight consisted of 80,000 face offs! We fought until the end of the day and the stars and moons didn’t shine!"

"At the end, I used Optimus Thunder Strike to defeat him! And then I came here afterwards." This old man did an exaggerated re-enactment of the scene.

Howling Forest shrugged and said, "Teacher, you are talking big again, the master that was ranked first on the Eastern Dark Net Ranking Board of Elites was killed by you a long time ago, you told me before."

"I said that?" The old man was stunned, and then immediately explained: "Yeah, you don’t understand this either, the ranking board is constantly changing. If the first place guy died, then someone else would take his place, the one I just fought was the newest first place holder."

"Okay teacher." Howling Forest was very humble so he didn’t like it when his teacher bragged, he interrupted him and said, "There are so many people here, this is Han, and these are Han’s friends. This is my teacher Wai Late Dao, his nickname is Clown."


Wai Late Dao slapped Howling Forest’s head and said, "You dumb child, why would you tell them my nickname."

And then he changed into a smile and started talking to Han.

"Don’t worry. From the Big Fives to the Cursed Zone, regardless of what happens, just say my name and nobody would dare touch you guys! Just say you are my friends, even Lu Shui Qiulin and those old monsters would still have a drink with you!" Wai Late Dao said while patting his chest.

Even though Han wasn’t old, but he had been through a lot. After he saw the way Wai Late Dao was acting, he began to understand and started to pay more attention to Xiao Bao and the others.

Han had seen a lot of people who liked to talk big, but Wai Late Dao was the first one to be so skilled at it.

This old man was ridiculous, he started talking about how he fought the Gods of All Gods by himself, then he said he grew up with the Gods of All Gods Corporation. Then he would forget what he said before and talk about how he hates the Gods of All Gods the most.

So there was no truth in whatever Wai Late Dao was saying, Han was too tired to figure him out, but to not embarrass Howling Forest, he decided to not say too much of anything.

Han walked up to Lion Six and kicked him from the back. Lion Six turned around and terrifyingly looked at Han.

Regardless of whether Wai Late Dao liked to talk big, he definitely was skillful too, or he wouldn’t have caught Lion Six so easily. Who knows what Wai Late Dao used, but now Lion Six could not talk. He could open his mouth but couldn’t make any sounds.

Han asked coldly, "So in the end, you still fell into my hand. Let me ask you, what did you do in the beginning? Why did they give up on fighting back and let you capture them willingly?


Just when Han started to interrogate Lion Six, Wai Late Dao suddenly lifted him up.

Han said, "Teacher Wai Late Dao, I have some things to ask him, can you let him talk?"

"No." Wai Late Dao refused Han’s request, this shocked Han.

Wai Late Dao frowned and said, "I need this guy, I will take him away right now."

Han locked his brows. Wai Late Dao’s reaction was clearly abnormal, he was definitely hiding something from Han.

Howling Forest also walked over with a weird expression: "Teacher, what are you saying? Han just wants to ask him a couple of questions."

"If I say no, then it is a no." Wai Late Dao said seriously, Han could tell that he was angry! His nails suddenly exploded into eagle claws.

Wai Late Dao seemed to have realized that he lost his cool and explained in a deep voice, "Well, don’t worry too much about this. This guy will never threaten you guys ever again. But for some special reasons, I must take him away, and before then, I cannot let him communicate with anyone else."

"You are leaving?" Howling Forest said.

Wai Late Dao patted Howling Forest on the shoulders and said, "Yes, I must leave, and I am afraid it’ll be a long time before I come back."

Howling Forest said sadly, "But teacher, if you leave, what about me?"

Wai Late Dao said, "In the past, I never let you enter the dark network because this world is very dangerous, and yet you were so humble and kind, you would definitely get tricked!"

"But now you are already 14 years old, you are an adult now, so you should go out and see the world out there. I think during the time that I am away, you should just go follow Han. Even though he is very sly, he could give up his life to go save a liquid nether. This means he is very loyal to his friends. If you are with him, I wouldn’t need to worry much."

Han blinked, Howling Forest was only 14?

From his looks, he looked more like 34, this child looked so old. If he stands with Han, most people would think he was Han’s brother, or even uncle.

Wai Late Dao paused and said, "Don’t worry, if you run into anything just say my name. At least within the eastern region of the dark network, everyone would recognize me and won’t hurt you."

"I am going to leave now, take care of yourself."

And then Wai Late Dao left and took the mute Lion Six with him.

Lion Six’s eyes were filled with fear, he kept on looking over to Han. It seemed like he would rather fall into the hands of Han.


Howling Forest let out a deep sigh, Han tried to comfort him and said, "Your teacher must have some important reasons, regardless, we have to try to understand him."

Howling Forest nodded kindly.

Black Egg was still angry. Silver Fox and Blue Star surrounded Xiao Bao comforting him. But Pluto came to Han’s side quietly and said: "Wai Late Dao definitely didn’t tell the truth."

"I know." Han frowned and said.



After leaving Han and the others, Wai Late Dao took Lion Six into a dark dimension and threw him on the ground.

He didn’t directly interrogate Lion Six, but he stood there with tears in his eyes, shaking.

"Clown, my nickname is clown, everything thinks I am a joke. I pretend I’m crazy and dumb every day, bragging without even making a rough draft first. But they don’t know how hard it is to continue living in this world."

He turned his head, Wai Late Dao’s sharp gaze scared Lion Six and caused him to start shaking. This was no longer the Wai Late Dao that was known for his lateness and bragging, he became a monster.

"Do you understand what I am saying?" Wai Late Dao asked Lion Six.

Lion Six shook his head first, and then he noticed that Wai Late Dao’s eyes weren’t right, so he started nodding.

"You understand? No, there is no way you would understand. If your father was still alive, maybe he would understand, but you are too young. You don’t know what our generation has to go through and the pressure that’s on our shoulders!"




Wai Late Dao let out screams of anger, releasing all his pressure and his disguise!!

Wai Late Dao finally finished with releasing his emotions, and by now, Lion Six’s face had turned paper white, and he was sweating from his forehead.

He stared at Wai Late Dao, not daring to move.

"Ok tell me the truth, why did Qing and Hong commit suicide? Is it because those people are coming back?" Wai Late Dao asked with the eyes of a killer.