Chapter 405: Howling Forest's Bloodline

Chapter 405: Howling Forest\'s Bloodline

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Sirius Tribe’s old location.

The entrance to the space had been re-opened and his whole crew was there. They were really angry about the fact that Han didn’t tell them about all that was happening and took on everything by himself.

At the same time, they were very happy because Xiao Bao, Han and the rest of them were all alive, and they also brought back Howling Forest, a new comrade who could teleport.

Teleportation was a very rare ability. It was known in the space ability descents as the peak of the system. Everyone had heard of it before but they had never seen it in real life.

After they saw that Han was still alive, they all crowded around Howling Forest so he could show them how he teleports.

Han was speechless to these people. They are always only serious for a little while, and the rest of the time they were super weird and immature.

Night Walker was treating Han’s injuries. After hearing about the whole battle, Night Walker couldn’t help but call Han very lucky. And the fact that the Eye of Reincarnation was actually an individual being also surprised him.

Han smiled and said, "It isn’t all my credit that I am alive. There was Pluto, Silver Fox, Blue Star, Black Egg, and especially Howling Forest. If it wasn’t for Howling Forest, then even if I had a strategy, I wouldn’t be able to implement it. "

Having heard that Han was praising him, Silver Fox started nodding his head proudly. Blue Star was still emotionless on the surface even though he felt happy on the inside, and as for Black Egg, he was proud for one moment and then he realized that as a Twin-Golden-Pupil beast, he shouldn’t be satisfied with the praise of a mere human. That would be embarrassing!! So Black Egg resumed the careless expression on his face.

In reality, Black Egg had been greatly influenced by Han. He had learned a lot from him which made him happy. But he’s still too proud in his mind, so he was still a little unwilling to let Han treat him like how he treated Silver Fox, petting him and touching his furry tail. Even though Black Egg wanted to be liked by Han, he still couldn’t put down the ego of his royal bloodline. The most he could do was to not fight with Han anymore.

"Speaking of Pluto, where did he go?" Han looked around and saw Pluto wasn’t with everyone else.

Night Walker shook his head, "Not sure, Pluto never spends any time with us, he is always alone."

"Okay, well, you are very lucky, these are just physical wounds. If you go into the blue lake and sit for a while, you will get better."

"And keep these medicines for now."

And then, Night Walker gave Han some pills. They were a weird purple hue.

"What is this?" Han asked.

Night Walker said, "This is the improved version of the Fission pills you have, it is called Mad God."

"In the past, we needed a lot of types of drugs to suit all our needs. For instance, Fission pills improved our source energy, Sense pills improved our reaction speed, and we needed separate drugs to protect our zero-degree brain region."

"For the past years, I’ve been thinking whether it was possible to combine all these drugs together so we don’t need to take a bunch of individual pills and avoid taking the wrong pills. If the wrong medicine was taken during an intense fight, the result could be lethal."

Han was slightly shocked and immediately followed up, "So Mad God is a drug that can improve all aspects?"

As a fighter that often relied on drugs, Han was very familiar with the pros and cons of drugs. Han’s dual energy property makes him almost immune to drugs. If other people took one, Han would need to take a handful.

But if someone with less tolerance for drugs took the wrong pills then it could be very problematic. The drug industry had always been trying to figure out how to eliminate this potential issue, but no one had succeeded so far.

Night Walker said, "This isn’t really considered a success, I did, however, find a way to mix these drugs, but I haven’t found a mediator agent. This generation of Mad God has a lot of side effects. If an average Joe took it, he might go crazy. But of course, you can have it. Even though you will experience some side effects as well, it wouldn’t be as severe as other people. Just control the quantity."

"With your current level and tolerance, you can take a maximum of 3 pills. Remember that!"

"Thanks a lot!" Han thanked Night Walker, and immediately replaced his current medicine in his container with Mad God.

Recently, Han hadn’t observed any positive impacts from taking the pills he originally had. As a result of unlocking all of Lu Yao’s energy potential, his tolerance for drugs had improved. These drugs could improve his abilities by maybe 3%. He thought it was insignificant so he stopped eating them.

Having Mad God changes all that, one pill could increase his abilities in all aspects, allowing Han to continue to walk the path of taking drugs.

"This is great! This is great!" 9527 basically danced towards Han and said: "This is amazing! Fission Metals is actually a magical existence! I was just testing its properties and potential, I discovered that these metals have the ability to weaken all sorts of signals!"

"To put it simply, if we put these metals on our ships as an inner layer, we can become invisible! There are so many fission metals here, it is enough for us to use for a very long time!"

Han nodded, "So that means we can leverage this unique property and make high-level invisible ships to enter the territory of All Gods Corporation?"


9527 shook his head, "It isn’t like that either. The fission metal’s specialty is not to hide from comprehensive radar signal. That is what the All Gods Corporation uses, I doubt it can hold up against their detections."

"The Fission Metal’s property is like your Voids End, it blocks God’s Sense."

God’s Sense?

Han was shocked, he didn’t know what this meant.

9527 said, "It is like this, Ye Weiwei has the ability to control storms and lightning if someone approaches her they might get attacked. But Ye Weiwei might not have consciously decided to attack that person. It is a force that cannot be explained, and that is God’s Senses. "

"When Luo Ying and Ye Weiwei are together, Luo Ying wouldn’t get shocked. It is because Ye Weiwei’s God’s Sense accepts the existence of Luo Ying. But if Night Walker approaches her, he would get shocked because her God’s Sense doesn’t like him."

"I also don’t understand why Ye Weiwei has the power of God’s Sense, she is the only person I’ve seen with this power in my whole entire life."

9527 said again, "Do you understand now? God’s Sense is like a force of nature, it is different from our subconscious. Our subconscious belongs to us, but God’s Sense doesn’t belong to anybody, it belongs to nature, the universe."

Han nodded. He kind of understood what 9527 was trying to say now, "So you are saying, Ye Weiwei’s special armor has a probability that it wouldn’t be able to control her abilities. But if we change her armor into Fission Metal, then it would hide her God’s Sense, so she doesn’t have to worry about hurting anybody."

"Exactly!" 9527 yelled excitedly.

Han said, "Yeah, that is nice, but if we can’t use it to avoid the radar detection of the different corporations, then it still isn’t very useful."

9527 laughed proudly, "Even though Fission Metal can’t avoid radar detection, but it can hide the God’s Sense of the Vein Tunnel."

"The only reason we can’t go through the Vein Tunnel is that it contains an unpredictable electro attack that could be aimed at anybody and any aircraft, but if we have Fission Metal, then we can successfully pass through the tunnel!"

"Do you understand now? We can leave! Go to the bigger Dark Net! Nobody can stop us! We don’t need to be blocked by the Big Fives in this stupid Cursed Zone!"

Han was also very happy, though he had no intentions of leaving the Tribal Area right now. But if he was stuck here, then he would have no freedom and that made him unhappy.

Having Fission Metal meant they could leave if they want. Fission Metal was very rare, but what is even rarer and more valuable is the fact that now nobody can take their freedom away.

Regardless, this whole place belonged to Howling Forest’s Great-Great-Great Uncle, and now Sky Howling Wolf had been destroyed beyond recognition. They still wanted to dig up their graves for some metals? That seemed unreasonable if it wasn’t explained properly to Howling Forest.

So Han called Howling Forest over to explain the situation to him.

Howling Forest thought about it and said, "My teacher had said, every intelligent life is a part of nature. It is best for the same kind of things to find each other, and integrate into a part of nature."

"My Great-Great-Great Uncle’s tomb has already been destroyed. If you guys want to take it down then I guess that is fine. But I want to store the stuff he had left behind as well as the bones of my relatives, I need to give them a proper burial."

Han agreed without hesitation.

This was great news. After everyone heard, they started to work. Han went with Howling Forest to go get his relatives’ bodies.

Howling Forest didn’t jump out from a rock, as Howling Sky Wolf’s great-great grandson’s nephew, his family didn’t leave and stayed to accompany Howling Sky Wolf’s remains. They were all top notch scouts and all had the ability to teleport. Nobody even knew that there were still people living in the ruins of the Sirius Tribe.

But then, Howling Forest’s family died one by one, except for him. When he was born, his mom died too, thank god that Wai Late Dao came to find Howling Sky Wolf and found him instead and brought him up.

According to Howling Forest, his race all had some hereditary disease, so they cannot live very long, or they wouldn’t have gone extinct leaving him as the only one left. From this point of view, Howling Forest and Xiao Bao share a lot of similarities.

Howling Forest’s people didn’t care much for ceremonial needs. Howling Forest took the remains of his family and sunk them in a pond. Then he said some words and that was that.

Han followed him to go get the leftover stuff of Howling Sky Wolf. What Han didn’t imagine was that Howling Sky Wolf had left behind tons and tons of books, even though he was the most prominent warrior of his time.

According to Howling Forest, Howling Sky Wolf really enjoyed reading. He didn’t care much for what he ate, drank, or wore. He could eat buns all day and he didn’t care if he wore a ripped shirt.

But he really liked to read, and if he didn’t read for two days, he would be extremely uncomfortable.

So Howling Sky Wolf left behind a huge amount of books.

After entering the basement of the library, Han saw a lot of automatic elevator bookshelves.

Originally, Howling Sky Wolf used elevators to store books, not because he was afraid of dust or corrosion, but because he had too many books, and if he needed to construct a library that would fit everything, it would take a very very long time.

So Howling Sky Wolf would store these books in elevators and number them, whatever he needed to read, he would move the corresponding elevator above ground.

"Ok, let’s go to the next level." After collecting these books, Howling Forest said.

"There is another level?" Han asked curiously.

"Yes, but there is only one book. My teacher said that it was my Great-Great-Great Uncle’s most valuable possession. It was more important than his life. He usually doesn’t even let me go down there. He doesn’t go either, he said after my Great-Great Uncle died, there was no one else left in the world who could understand the book. He said there is no point in going, he just instructed me to protect it." Howling Forest said honestly. He didn’t really consider Han as an outsider.

After they walked past the long spiral staircase, Han and Howling Forest came to the third floor of the library below ground.

It was just a small room, only around 100 meters squared in size. The four walls were made from gold. Even the ground and the lights were made from gold.

Han was confused, Howling Sky Wolf was someone who would eat buns and drink cold water, and didn’t want anything in life. He didn’t really know what wealth was. The fact that he made a luxurious room like this made no sense.

Howling Forest came to the middle of the golden room and pulled out a knife.


The knife was sharp and left a scar on his finger, and then his blood started dripping.

"The mechanisms for protecting the book is extremely complicated. I can only unlock it with blood from my family. I don’t understand why my Great-Great-Great Uncle spent so much effort making this." Howling Forest explained to Han.

Han saw the blood dripping out of Howling Forest’s fingertips and was stunned.

He saw Howling Forest’s blood. It was half red, half golden.