Chapter 207: The Most Combat-Capable Beast-Tamer in the History

Chapter 207: The Most Combat-Capable Beast-Tamer in the History

“What’s the matter?” In the face of double-teams and the genetic fusion beasts that were lurking in the snow, Han’s biggest reaction wasn’t fear, but curiosity.

This was still Han’s first time really encountering the god race. According to the legends, the god race members were very powerful. Although they came from the same origin as humans, they despised the humans, thinking that the suture on their forehead was a gift from god, and humans were a lower lifeform because they didn’t have them.

The god race left behind the prehistoric civilization ruins, and everything humans have were developed on the basis of their legacy. Humans were just like the god race’s students.

But from this meeting today, Han realized that these god race teachers don’t seem to be that scary? The source energy fluctuation on these two god race wasn’t high, meaning that their level wasn’t high and their combat strength must be quite ordinary.

As for the genetic beasts under Han’s feet, they were indeed quite scary. Han guessed that it might be a snake type or a type of tunneling claw beast type like the Demon Claw.

“You don’t understand our words or something? You puny humans, didn’t you study our language since birth? Why not answer me?!” The enemy behind Han shouted. These two guys, they still maintained a safe distance of about 200 meters with the Han.

Han still didn’t answer. Both god race members were simply trash in front of Han’s eyes and could be eliminated even without the use of his power. But why do they still dare to threaten him? Could they have some traps Han was not aware of?

Even though their genetic beasts were pretty powerful, but they still can’t determine the outcome of the battle. Other than genetic beasts, there are still people, and the people is what mattered the most!

“Just kill him! This puny human might be retarded!” The enemy in front of Han said, “If more humans were sent here later on, then we would be at a disadvantage. The batch of humans recently are kind of abnormal, very different from the ones we’ve met before.”

“Different from the ones they’ve met before?” Han thought. The humans that passed the selection of the dark net meet were all the weirdest ones among humans, and Han was very clear about that.

“Okay, since he’s not talking, let’s kill him!” The god race member behind Han finally made the decision.

Right after his words, he pulled out a blade, a really bad quality one in Han’s eyes. Not sharp enough, but very light, like those ones used by lower-level fighters or amateur fighters. They can’t use too heavy or skilled weapons, so they always use some very light but weak blades.

“You asked for it! Puny human! The rats that live in the universe! Go die!” The god-race enemy shouted.


Just at the moment that enemy pulled out his blade and shouted, Han also took out his weapon at a professional speed, Ares-Class Star-Strangling Boa.

“You call that a blade?” Han finally spoke, using the language that they understood. He smiled and said, “Even the blades I used as a beginner were heavier than yours. Your blade is only for children and woman.”

The two god-race enemies didn’t know what to do anymore, the color of their faces completely change, don’t know if was from, fear or the cold weather.

What’s called the speed of a professional?

Just 0.001 seconds before, Han’s hand was empty but now there was a large, silver, triple edged blade in Han’s hand. He readied himself in a rather weird posture, but it was definitely for both defense and offense.

The Ares-class Star-Strangling Boa was heavy, sharp, and anyone with a little experience could tell. What Han was using was called a weapon, but the thing used by the god-race enemies could only be called toys.

“That’s what I meant, these humans are getting weirder!” The enemy behind Han shouted “Kill him! Charge! Snow Boa!”

That was the signal of attack, but Han’s reaction speed was at the level of a professional warrior, even faster than the enemy’s voice.

They just saw Han leap, twisting his body in the air, and the Ares-class weapon drew a sharp arc and directly hit the ground. In that not even 0.001 seconds process of exerting his power, Han even added in his unique power of darkness!

“Path of Earth, Ground-shattering Godly Hammer!”


The powerful force drilled straight into the ground, kicking up the snow on the ground and destroying the frozen land!

Without batting an eye, the half a meter depth of snow on the ground was gone, cleared out by the energy storm. There was not a single snowflake in a 10-mile radius.

The permafrost earth was shattering, along with the painful cries of the genetic beast. All the genetic beasts inside Han’s attack radius were all severally injured.

As for those two god-race enemies, they couldn’t even hold their position, and were sent flying by the energy and murderous force Han released!

This was the effect of the forbidden martial art Six Paths of Void coupled with dark energy, such a domineering force!

What beast tamer? Han’s true profession was a soldier!

Although his level had yet to reach quasi-warlord, but Han has a lot of cards in his sleeves which allows him to be fearless even in front of warlords!

Two god-race enemies with the profession of beast tamer?

Want to kill Han?

Go f*ck themselves!

This was simply impossible!

And this was the starting point for beast tamers in the Path of All Gods, maybe these two guys were also considered beginners among the god-race’s beast tamer crowd.

Meeting Han right after entering the Path of All Gods, they were out of luck.

Han’s professionality wasn’t limited to just the one-time power of the demonic strike. At the moment the Earth-Shattering Hammer penetrated the earth in the 10-mile radius range, Demon Claw, Ghost Claw, and Silver Fox all charged out, charging straight towards the two god-race enemies.

The bright and sneaky Silver Fox instantly disappeared to scout the distance, looking for any hidden enemies.

What was overwhelming force?

This was!

What was complete control of the battlefield?

This was!

Within less than a second, completely killing all the enemy’s genetic beasts! Total control of the god-race enemies! And the search for the whole battlefield was also completed.

This was called the absolute stomp in power!

Why cause this kind of result in what was an disadvantageous situation?

Very simple.

Han might not be the best genetic biology expert or beast tamer.

But he was the most combat-capable one among the beast tamers!

By mistake, Sansheng threw Han, who was originally a warrior, into the beast tamer crowd.

So, Han completely dominated the two god-race opponents.

The two claws dragged both enemies to Han’s front. The Silver Fox also came back, shrugged its shoulders to say that there’s not even a single shadow in the area. It learned this move from Han, and now this little squirrel just shrugged its shoulders or shook its head when it was bored.

The two enemies were shivering in the snow. The weather was cold, but their hearts were even colder. (TL: meaning that they feel hopeless).

This opponent known as Han was truly a terrifying one. A genetic biology expert, beast tamer, but was more powerful than real warriors when it comes to fighting. They didn’t even get time to let out more genetic beasts, and Han already took care of them.

Time to “clean up” the battlefield.

Thinking about that, Han completely striped these two captives naked, dimension rings, not even leaving them with underwear on. The genetic beast Snow Boa’s dead body, and even their particle module, were all taken by Han.

These two god-race people shivered in the chilly wind. That was how beast tamers were. Wuyun had laughed at Pathless more than he can remember about having to train every day and getting himself covered in scars, and feeling very proud about that he doesn’t have to work as hard, just needing to make some genetic beasts and let them fight the battles.

These two enemies clearly had the same idea, judging by their smooth skin and skinny body.

“Speak, where have your god-race’s fleet arrived at now? How far away from the Milky Way?” Han asked.

“We, we were specially trained to attack dark net’s Path of All Gods, as for things about the fleet or our race, we don’t know anything. We did hear about returning to the Milky Way, but the progress status information is only accessible by the higher-ups.”

Han nodded. Indeed, these two were just two small fries from the god-race.

“Then what do you guys know about the dark net and the Path of All Gods?” Han asked again.

“The Path of All Gods is completely random. According to our years of study on the Path of All gods, this kind of test is completely random. Any intelligent races in the universe, no matter how big their population is, it’s still impossible for them to occupy absolute advantage. For instance, we have a thousand of beast tamers entering the Path of All Gods at the same moment, we were still distributed to countless mutually isolated battlefields. Like today, it’s already very rare for us two to be here together.”

The other captive rushed to continue, “Yes, the Path of All Gods is really unpredictable. But in general, initially, warriors will run into warriors, pharmacists will meet pharmacists. But later on, different professions will begin encountering each other. No one knows how the Path of All Gods is set up, nor does anyone know when this road ends.”

Han slightly nodded, looks like the god race didn’t gather too much intelligence as well. The Path of All Gods is randomly set by the dark net, there’s not too many patterns.

Han thought for a few minutes and then mumbled,” You two god-race members are here, so according to the rules, there won’t be any more god-race beast tamers being send here. But what if I kill you guys…”


Both god-race captives swallowed their spit, and their eyes are full of fear.


Han’s blade flew into the air and ended their lives. Then, he waited at the same place to verify his guess.

This place was like a novice village. After they died, it’s very possible that someone else would be sent here.

After about an hour, Han was quietly practicing the 46 Ensemble in the snow. No matter what happens, you can’t slack off on practice, no matter where.


Silver Fox who was sent out by Han to scout, came back, and took Han to the foot of a snow mountain. There was a new enemy, and he was also god-race.


Facing the most combat-capable Han who had also already prepared, this guy didn’t stand a chance. He was also striped clean by Han, and after getting everything robbed, he was killed.

Han continued to practice 46 Ensemble, until the third enemy showed up, and then the same thing happened.

Come one, kill one. The enemy’s dead body gradually froze, and the fresh blood was soon covered up by the snowflakes. The only thing that could not be covered up was the scent of blood, which gradually spread in the snow.