Chapter 208: Seeds and Kill

Chapter 208: Seeds and Kill

The deeper level of the dark net, in this mysterious place called the Path of All Gods.

Endless green meadows.

A body fell to the ground, the fresh blood slowly seeped into the grass. It was obvious that this person had just been killed, and the body was still very fresh.

Next to the body was a man, a very bizarre-looking one. His left arm turned into a black boa which opened its jaws and quickly chewed up the corpse, swallowing it, and licking the wet blood off of the ground.

That person cried into the air, letting out a shout of satisfaction, just like an evil wolf that filled its belly.

Then looking at this man’s face carefully, he was a standard human being, one of the latest ones chosen by Sansheng to join the dark net’s Path of All Gods.

There was blood on his face, and his lower jaw was fractured. He seemed to be severely injured, but at this moment, these injuries seem to be rapidly healing, and the eaten body seemed to be providing energy to recover.

In front of the human, there was a breathless god-race soldier. His arrogant face was now covered in fear.

“Are you really a human or monster?! What did you do to my comrade!” The god-race soldier angrily shouted.

“Nothing, I just ate him, that’s all.” The human soldier said with an emotionless face. His pupils were shrunken, into an oval shape, like snakes.

“You ate – ate him?!” The god-race soldier stuttered, “Co – could this be your super power?”

The human soldier wiped his lips with his bright red tongue, and said greedily, “No, it’s a forbidden technique. And do you know what I want to do the most right now?”

“Wha… What?”

“Eat you too.”

“Bastard! Don’t come near me, you demon! Demon!”




“The taste seems to be fine.”

Deep in the depth of the universe, under the contrast of a pink nebula, several god-race super fortresses were arranged into a strange triangular formation, and was marching towards the vast universe.

This was a part of the god-race’s giant fleet. The god-race people believed the so-called dark net wasn’t just a set of network, but was a real existence, hidden at some corner of the universe.

As long as they could find this hidden place of the dark net, with the god-race’s unrivalled galactic fleet, they could capture the dark net at once and acquire unimaginably enormous benefits.

Top tier technology, martial arts, minerals, all will belong to the god-race! That way, the god-race will become the strongest intelligent lifeforms in the universe.

The desperate god-race high-ups initiated this long expedition, through 3 eras, crossed an unimaginably long distance.

But unfortunately, the high-spirited god-race that left the Milky Way, had become exhausted, and suffered heavy losses. The race began to have arguments about this extremely long expedition which was still yielding no results, and there were even signs of internal factions forming.

So, the god-race decided to return to the Milky Way, and give up searching for the dark net.

Although the long expedition ended, the search for the dark net was still not over. This fleet was the legion that was in charge of exploring the dark net, named the Dark Net Conquering Unit.

As you can see from the name, the god-race used the word “conquering”, it shows just how confident they originally were, thinking that they will for sure become the rightful owners of the dark net, and even the entire universe.

All sides were giant windows, capable of clearly seeing the starry sky on the outside. On the elevated chair in the hall, there was a black-haired old man sitting on his side, with one hand supporting his head, eyes closed, listening to his men’s report.

“In short, we are very close to the Milky Way now, maybe that’s why we are encountering more and more humans. These enemies are very different than the ones we’ve encountered before, and they use very bloody and brutal means.”

“According to the report of our men that came back from the dark net, they’ve encountered all sorts of danger, and some people even ate our comrades and turned them into energy and nutrients.”

“This kind of situation cannot be continued. Although these humans just arrived at the Path of All Gods, but you know as well, the biggest feature of the Path of All Gods is not the technology that can be acquired. In fact, us god-race haven’t acquired any new technology from the Path of All Gods in many years. This path gets increasingly difficult the further you travel. Our soldiers have all tried their best and they all couldn’t make any more advancements, but rather got into fights with other intelligent races. It seems like all intelligent lives have all been trapped in this situation.”

At this moment the old man suddenly opened his mouth and spoke in a deep voice, “Straight to the point, if it wasn’t because of how we aren’t making any advancements on Path of All Gods, we wouldn’t have invested the power of our entire race to find the true location of the dark net.”

“This damn decision costed us 3 full eras, and that many talented elites in our race didn’t die on the Path of All Gods, but during this long expedition. You know as well, I was opposed to this expedition decision since the very beginning, but unfortunately, I couldn’t convince the elders.”

His man nodded and continued, “My Lord, I understand that you had your difficulties, because in your opinion it is most important to finish the Path of All Gods as soon as possible. I want to say, these humans are really not ordinary. Besides the benefits, the Path of All Gods can also help people grow rapidly.”

“The three eras long expedition already costed us too many talents, and now, humans suddenly selected a very ruthless group of guys to come to the Path of All Gods. If these humans actually grew up, I’m afraid that they will become strong opponents for us.”

“Strong opponents?” The old man frowned and said, “That’s a bit exaggerated. They just entered the Path of All Gods, and their levels are also very low.”

His man said sternly, “My Lord, you can ignore the present them, but you can’t ignore the future. Very clearly, this batch of humans aren’t normal. They are ruthless and use all kinds of forbidden martial arts without taboos. Our young soldiers are really at a disadvantage against these humans. You’ve also seen the recent loss statistics right? Within a matter of days, we’ve lost more than 5000 soldiers of the younger generation.”

“I saw the report, and the loss is incredible. Then, what’s your opinion?” The old man asked.

“My opinion is to issue a general notice, reminding our people to not underestimate our enemies. And then, we will send elites without too many missions on them to go eliminate these humans. The goal is to prevent them from growing rapidly and eventually become a threat.”

The old man lightly sighed, looked around and said, “It’s not easy to gather elites. Look, it’s been three eras, our battleships are still the same design. The materials used is still tritanium, and all technology and martial art development also came to a halt.”

“The reason for that is, our troops were stuck on the Path of All Gods and couldn’t advance. Our expedition fleet took 3 eras, and our troops were also trapped in the Path of All Gods, for three 3 entire eras.”

“In recent years, we are finally making little advancements in the dark net. It might not be worth it to take away some elites to kill humans. In addition, the Path of All Gods is based on odds, and even if we take out an army of elites, they might not run into any humans and thus wast time and energy.”

The old man’s attendant saluted and said, “My Lord, it is my duty to provide suggestions, and as for the ultimate decision, it will still be you making it.”

“It’s just that these humans are really unpredictable and merciless, I strongly recommend killing them when they are still sprouting, otherwise they will become terrifying demons when they grow up.”

The old man hesitated for a moment, and finally made a decision, “Okay, but I can also draw a few elite soldiers that are already on the verge of being eliminated, to join your plan. Soon I will send you a list of names.”

“We still won’t be able to kill them all. Although we’ve collected a lot of experience about the Path of All Gods, but this road is very random, so our plan will at most eliminate a small group of humans.”

The old man’s man insisted, “My Lord, every human we kill now, there will be one less demon in the future. What I’m truly worried about is, a large group of human demons appearing after a few years.”

“Humph! Humans are humans, puny ant-like existences! You are dismissed now.” The old man didn’t seem to mind.

That old man’s underling left the dark hall, and came to the corridor. With both hands against the window, his face was pale. It was a middle-aged man with devious little eyes. He gritted his teeth as he watched the vast Milky Way outside of the window.

“We definitely cannot allow these humans to grow up, they are all freaks!” The middle-aged man thought for a long time, and these words finally popped out of his gritted teeth.

72 hours have passed, Han killed a lot of god-race beast tamers, but he still didn’t want to leave, feeling like he hadn’t had enough.

The reason was very simple, every time an enemy was killed, Han could complete a robbery. Now there were 17 or 18 dimension rings in his hand, and he still didn’t get the time to check the things inside yet.

But what was strange was that these god-race beast tamers, their dimension rings were all 100 cubic meters big, as if it was their standard equipment.

Comparing with other people can really piss you off, humans didn’t master the dimension and hyperlink technologies, they didn’t have the abilities to produce these kind of dimension storage tools. But in the god race, these dimension rings have already become standard weapons and everyone had one.


After the 72 hours of allotted time is up, Han was forced out of the dark net and sent back to Earth. Han didn’t know what technology was used, but the molecular module in Lunar Mark just suddenly activated, completely ignoring the dimension laws.

Staying inside the pitch dark cabin, Han didn’t intend to open the lid to come out.

He pulled out his score on the display screen. 2900 points, and the first 1000 points was because Han passed the initial Path of All Gods assessment, and every time he killed an opponent, Han received 100 points. Within 3 days, Han eliminated 19 god-race beast tamers.

“I will go check out the transfer station.” Han wondered, and gently tapped on the screen.


Another super space transfer process began. Han was sent to that fortress with many doors. On each door there were instructions. You could enter whatever door you wanted, depending on what you want to trade your points for.