Chapter 184: Robot-murdering Bugs

Chapter 184: Robot-murdering Bugs

Han heard a noise. There seems to be something crawling up the shell of the warship.

“Hurry and go!”

Suddenly, Han grabbed Yuan Yuan and put him into the Lunar Mark. He then rushed to the emergency landing module at the back of the ship, opened the door and jumped straight down.

With the light of the distant stars, Han saw many black creatures rapidly crawling towards him, presumably the horrible insects.

If you looked from the end of the warship towards the front, you will realize how wise of a choice Han made to immediately exit the ship from the back. Countless dark insects had surrounded the front of the ship, if they decided to attack, there would be no time for the reactor to restart and the bugs would’ve already used their sharp claws to rip open the armor and rushed into the warship.


The Ares-class Star-Strangling Boa came out. Han chose a direction and began to break the siege.

That silver edge iron-tower blade in his hand was indeed sharp enough, any material encountering the blade would be cut apart immediately.

When Han waved this Ares-class weapon, an invisible blade faintly shot out. That was Han’s source energy output, as if the air also turned into sharp blade edges, and when the actual blade was about half meter away from those bugs, it was already displaying amazing destructive power.

“Eye of Darkness!”

Han’s right eye became black, and he was able to see this so-called Robot Cemetery place clearly.

The surface of this planet had many mountains, mountains of robots piled up, as if millions of robots were thrown out from starship warehouses.

Most of these robots already lost their power or were never activated, but they were all still intact before they were relentlessly abandoned.

At that moment, Han simply didn’t have time to collect the robots and he blazed a trail out of the bugs’ siege towards places with less bugs.

This was a type of insect with 6 legs and a pair of sharp segments making up the mouth. There were also two long tentacles on the head and a pair of black dragonfly-like eyes.

Ordinary insects could grow to more than one-meter-long, and the bigger ones were over two meters.

Things were getting worse, not that every where was full of insects, but no matter where Han went, there would be insects drilling out from the ground and forcing Han to move again.

Fortunately, these bugs couldn’t catch up with Han’s speed, and after chasing for awhile they would just shake their big head and drill back into the ground.

From the Heart of Darkness, Han got two types of power, one was to turn his arm black to use the Dark Fist, and the other power was to turn his right eye black, allowing him to see situations from afar and even the energy distribution inside the enemy’s body.

But now, Han had obtained another dark treasure, the Genu of Darkness.

And the Genu of Darkness of course also brought Han some benefits, but just not as obvious as the Heart of Darkness. In simple terms, Han’s speed increased.

Now he could move at a speed of hundreds of meters per second, being able to run more than 5 kilometers a minute!

Although such mobility couldn’t win against the true speed-descent espers, and it was even a bit slower than conversion-descent espers like Cheng Zhong, but after all it was an additional power. Han’s true ability was still the Void End, a special ability capable of obliterating all the enemies’ powers!

Now Han could already be regarded as a high-speed fighter, coupled with the Six Paths of the Void’s nature style movements, Han was like a flea that was jumping around.

Against such a large number of insects, Han was obviously insignificant, but he was also very agile, moving in completely unconventional ways, suddenly to the left and suddenly on the right, completely disorienting those bugs.

In an instant, Han had already charged out a great distance. He knew very well that the insects were not powerful as individuals so there wouldn’t be any problem killing them. But, the key was that such a quantity of bugs was not something he could eliminate.

“I must find a safe place to hide, there’s no end to fleeing.” Han thought.

But this planet, in addition to the mountains of robots, there were countless bugs. There was no safe place, whenever Han moved to a seemingly safe place, within seconds, tens of thousands of bugs would crawl out of the dirt.

The insects were not only great in numbers, but they were also very good at hiding. After they drill into the ground, they would then use their hind legs to level the dirt, making it completely unknown where there were bugs and where there wasn’t, or maybe under every centimeter of the ground there were bugs.

“Perhaps I should go back and see if the insects that surrounded the starship had already left, and then I can take the opportunity to start the engine and leave this hell.” Han thought as his heart pounded.

Although the chance of this plan to succeed was very low, Han still decided to give it a try. After all, only starships could take him away from here. If that didn’t work, there was still the escape capsule. Although the escape capsule for sure couldn’t take Han across the meteorite belt, that was also a problem.

Maybe first escape with the capsule and then tell Yuan Yuan to call reinforcements?

Just when Han turned around and prepared to return, a robot suddenly rose up from the dirt and shouted at Han, “Human, run this way!”

Han hesitated. Although he was not shocked, suddenly seeing a talking robot still surprised him a bit. Usually only robots with artificial intelligence would take the initiative to talk, ordinary robots only knew to bury themselves in work and follow orders.

In the mountain-like pile of robots, a robot that was buried at the edge on the bottom also raised his head and arm and said, “Human, quickly run this way!”

“This way!”

“This way!”

As if the arrival of Han activated some response among the robot groups, thirty minutes after landing, more and more robots began to wake up and provide directions for Han to escape.

“Back to the ship or listen to these robots?” Han thought.

“Well, let’s gamble!”

Soon, Han decided to listen to these robots’ guidance. After all, Han was very curious towards robots, and these loyal electronic heads probably wouldn’t harm him.


When the robot made a sound to guide for Han, those black insects actually rushed up to them, used its big iron plier-like mouthpart and directly cut down the robot’s head!


The robot’s head was connected to many wires, and those connections were destroyed, emitting a series of sparks. This robot fell to the ground once again and never got up!

Han was extremely angry, he charged up with a blade and cut the insects into halves, smell-exuding green juices were sprayed all over the ground.

But this was still useless work. Those awaken robots knew that guiding Han would get them tragically killed, but the program was still set for them to do so.

“Here! Hurry this way!”


The insects caught up and bit off the head of the speaking robot.

“Human under threat! Human under threat!”


The insects charged up and bit off the head of another robot that was issuing the warning.

Han suddenly felt a hysterical anger!

These black insects were like prison guards, and those robots that were abandoned as garbage were like innocent prisoners. As they tried to help Han, they were all killed one by one!

What kind of evil world was this!

“Path of Earth, Ground-shattering Godly Hammer!

The power of the Six Paths of the Void instantly destroyed the earth!

Han saw, all those disgusting bugs under the yellow dirt were all crushed into pieces, and there was a malicious pleasure surfacing in his heart. If he could use this skill continuously, Han was very willing to kill all the insects on this planet clean!

And with the support of the Ares-class Star-Strangling Boa, Han’s Path of the Earth was enhanced as well. The fissures he created were at least few hundred meters deep, like being cut down by the axe of god!

But Han knew very well, although the energy-consuming ultimate strike could kill large amounts of bugs, it couldn’t eliminate them all. More insects were being gathered, and Han will fall into a siege soon again.

“Protect the human! Protect the human!”

“Run this way!”

“That way is safe!”

The robots were still struggling to warn Han, protect Han, and then be mercilessly murdered and destroyed by the black bugs.

Han now realized, if he wants to avoid more sacrifice, he must follow the direction pointed out by the robots and move fast forward. These stubborn machine heads would want to save him in any case, and as long as there’s a moment he’s in danger, the robots will not stop shouting and be killed.

Han gritted his teeth and sped up.

He wanted to move faster, and that will reduce the robots’ casualties. Han liked them, anyone that helped Han, whether people or machines, Han liked them all.


His speed got faster and faster, in order to reduce the loss of robots, Han crazily sprinted.

About ten minutes later, Han saw a shaft in the distance, and the covers were opened. Over there, a robot was waving at him.

“Come in here, it’s safe!”


The robot just shouted, and a bug rushed out from his behind, its iron pliers-like big teeth pierced the robots body, and the bug dragged it aside and began to crazily demolish the robot’s body.

At that moment, another robot drilled out of the vertical shaft and continued to wave at Han.


In desperation, Han leaped high into the air and jumped straight into the shaft, and then the robot pulled down the thick roof.


Surrounded by darkness, there were many handrails in the shaft, Han grabbed onto one of them and looked around.


Many lights were turned on. They were headlights on the robots, and their bodies were also shimmering.

Han saw that the depth of this vertical shaft was incredible, robots stood on top of each other like a pyramid all the up to the entrance of the shaft, as if they did it in order to greet Han.

Since landing, Han had discovered that the robots on this planet were all the same model, one that he had seen before at Old Mo’s place, that kind of human-like robots with four limbs.

Those engineering robots at the Undercurrent Fortress also had four limbs, but different from these robots, which had a higher quality material for the chassis. It was a glowing milk white metal.

“You are safe!”

“This is the strategic weapon launch tunnel created by magnetic materials, and the magnetic materials will make the insects dizzy so they won’t come here.

“Go on, there’s a lot of room.”

“Humans need calories, but unfortunately we don’t have any food here, I’m sorry.”

Seeing how these robots were just freely making conversations, Han opened his eyes wide and exclaimed, “My god, could it be that all of you have a logic chip installed?!”