Chapter 229: A Swarm of Starry Spiders

Chapter 229: A Swarm of Starry Spiders

Han smoothly reached the Andromeda. Last time his spaceship passed this place, he received a weak gravitational signal. The signal was an automatic warning, warning nearby vessels to not approach it.

The automatic alarm was activated because the situation was too urgent at the time and the issuer didn’t have time to enter the details of the warning content. He or she could only press the preset button of the command desk, sending out an alarm to inform everyone.

From the signal strength, Han could tell that this alarm had a long range and already became very weak. If it wasn’t because Han liked modifying his ship to the extreme and stuffed in multiple signal scanning arrays, he wouldn’t have detected the signal. If it was other ships, they wouldn’t be able to detect this kind of weak signal at all.

Han stopped and exited the ship. The multi-scan array was not turned off but was controlled remotely by Yuan Yuan, thus remaining in an operating state.

For the past few days when Han was on Earth, he had a suspicion that there was someone following him.

In order to verify whether he was onto something, Han came to the Andromeda. If Han’s hunch was true, then the enemies would probably set up outside the Andromeda and attack him in this desolate mining area. But Han was already prepared so he wouldn’t let the enemy succeed easily.

Assuming Han’s guess was wrong, then he will just check out what the warning signal was about and it wouldn’t cost him anything.

This mining planet floated alone in the galaxy with most of its surface already collapsed, the result of long-term mining in the past.

Now that the valuable minerals have been mined, the planet was naturally abandoned.

The warning signal came from the bottom of a deep mine pit. It was very possible that the mining company used a large mining machine that actually dug a giant hole that was approximately 1000 km in diameter and 3000 km deep. It looks like the result of being shot by a giant cannon if viewed from space.

This planet didn’t have a name, but it still contained some oxygen in the atmosphere from the terraforming procedures it went through. Even if Han’s battle suit didn’t have a respiratory system, he could still survive. It was just that the breathing was not smooth and there was a pungent smell.

Han released the Demon Claw, had it carry him into the pit and ordered Silver Fox and the Ghost Claw to scout.

Very soon, Han arrived at the bottom of the pit. He saw that there was a vintage excavator at the bottom. An Interstellar Alliance model, weighing several thousand tons, and appearing like a little mountain.

The warning signal was broadcasted by this excavator. The door was not closed, so Han curiously went inside.

The people already fled after issuing the warning signal. There was still half-eaten food in the cockpit, as well as a mining plan, shift schedule, and a few family pictures.

Han slightly frowned and mumbled to himself, “What happened? The operators on this excavator left behind everything and ran.”

Yuan Yuan said, “Master, something’s not right. Such a deep pit, even if the operators wanted to run, wouldn’t it be faster to take the Land Speeder? But the two mini Land Speeders at the back of the excavator were not touched at all.”

Han nodded and left the excavator. Everything seemed very normal for a mining field, but why didn’t the operators use the Land Speeders to escape? This was a bit strange.

“Come, let’s use push together and see if we can move this big thing.” Han said.

When the excavator was moved, Han noticed that there was actually a hole below the machine. So the operators ran and didn’t move the excavator because they wanted to block the hole to prevent the things inside from coming out.


Silver Fox was very quick, he rushed to the hole and grabbed something to show Han.

Han saw the thing in Silver Fox’s claws and immediately smiled, it was actually a premature starry spider.

Speaking of starry spiders, they were also a type of star beasts, but they were a relatively weak kind and the beast trainers usually didn’t pay them much attention.

But there was one person that loved using them to create genetic beasts, and that person was Wuyun.

Han’s genetic biology teacher Wuyun. He was an addict, who once searched the world for ancient books on genetic biology.

He obtained a strange book and from then on, he learned to use the not-so-strong starry spiders to create top tier fusion beasts.

Of course, the modified starry spiders still couldn’t be compared with Godly Armored Beasts, but it won in the accessibility of raw materials and could be mass produced.

Han conservatively estimated, this guy Wuyun at least had millions of starry spiders, but Wuyun only made 130 Godly Armored Beasts in his life time, of which ten were ruined by Han. When Wuyun heard the bad news, he was so stressed and scowled at Han for a long time.

Thus one could see, although the Godly Armored Beasts were Wuyun’s highest achievement, but the real capital that was keeping him safe was actually those starry spiders.

Wuyun’s means were very powerful, capable of allowing them to continue reproducing.

And this move was definitely big news in the genetic biology field, being very unique.

Generally speaking, genetic fusion beasts were products of genetic recombination and were infertile but Wuyun could let big spiders give birth to small spiders, and let small spiders give birth to smaller spiders when they grow up.

In those big mountains that Wuyun resided in, if someone was to dig an entrance, it would be truly terrifying because the mountains were filled with spiders! And that was the true reason why people were scared of Wuyun, he was someone that has an army at his fingertips!

Han smiled, thinking that since he was already here, he might as well go in and catch a few starry spiders to play with. And if he actually came across a relatively rare type, Han could also let it reproduce and make a spider army out of it.

As for capturing the normal species, it will be a waste of time.

“Go, let’s go grab some spiders.” Han waved his hand and took them down the spider cave.

The starry spiders ran pretty quickly, not daring to fight against Han. It was like little sheep meeting a big tiger. Not to mention fighting, some didn’t even dare to run and just stayed in place and shivered.

The three helpers of Han were all top tier ferocious beasts. Not to mention these low level starry spiders, even those genetic beasts created by some beast tamers that had the part of the brain that was responsible for fear remove will still be too scared to lift up their heads.

“Just take the high level ones and let go the little ones.”

Han ordered, and the three beasts charged into the spider cavern.

Starry spiders were most adept at digging and the whole planet was probably filled by their holes.

Han was too lazy to do it himself so he just told the three fellows to go and find the powerful ones.

“Yuan Yuan, you tell me, what can be considered a demon?” When the three fellows went to work, Han began discussing about demons with Yuan Yuan.

If he didn’t understand what demons were, then he will not be able to master the fifth ultimate skill of the Six Paths of the Void. Aside from desperately training and studying, he also liked to think and discuss.

“I feel that demons are just bad people.”

Han nodded, Yuan Yuan was still too simple. This kind of answer comes from a three-year old, completely useless to Han.

Han just kept on thinking about what made one a demon, felt annoyed, then went to do some reading. Wuyun, Night Walker, Old Mo all gave Han their research notes, and Han would often take them out.

After a few hours, these three girls actually didn’t come back, and that made Han a bit anxious. Isn’t it just a group of low level starry spiders? With those three’s strength, it shouldn’t take that long.

At that moment, the little fellow Silver Fox came back in excitement.



Silver Fox jumped up and down with a look of excitement.

Han suddenly hesitated and hurriedly asked, “Huh? You guys found big guys?”


The little guy kept on nodding, pointing its claw towards the front signaling Han to follow him.

“Alright! For my big ass spider army, lead the way!”


In the blink of an eye, Han followed the excited Silver Fox into the depth of the spider hole.