Chapter 328: Black Egg, Arise!

Chapter 328: Black Egg, Arise!

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Fight to the end!

Never back down!

This was Han’s unstoppable fighting style!

Soul Beast Harvey became more enraged and let out a sharp roar.

Han continued to impose his advantage over Harvey as he got more aggravated. In Han’s battle philosophy, there was no such thing as letting your enemy get comfortable.

But Han knew himself was also nearly spent.

To continue intaking drugs was suicidal, but stopping the drug dosage which empowered his source energy meant immediate death.

Until now, Han still could not find a way to kill Soul Beast Harvey. His body was rigid, felt like it was composed from diamonds. Even Han’s prided demonic strike could only stop Harvey in his track but not destroy him.

As Han’s source energy slowly depleted due to heavy consumption, it was finally affecting his mind.

His conscience began to fade and blur, and he faintly spotted a pair of bright golden eyes and heard a deep yet coarse voice.

It seemed like the sound came from Black Egg.

He was battle hungry, he wanted to challenge the powerful Soul Beast outside, not even slightly afraid of the beast.

But first he needed to reach an internal understanding between Han and himself, because the Black Egg was not only trapped inside the egg shell, but also by Han’s space ring. The space ring containing Black Egg was unique, with only Black Egg inside.

Han once absorbed Black Egg’s energy, so he has a subtle spiritual connection with Black Egg. Not as enemies, nor as friends, more like two benign competitors.

The Black Egg was not convinced by Han.

Han of course would not yield to the Black Egg either.

They were both very stubborn. When Han threatened the Black Egg before, the Black Egg sealed himself in the eggshell, and was prepared to stay inside his whole life to prove his stubbornness.

"You are interested in Soul Beast Harvey? You want to come out?" Han asked the golden eyes in his spiritual world.

The golden eye blinked once in the darkness.

"Simple, you come out, become my personal Soul Beast, I will treat you just like Demon and Ghost Claws, I guarantee to treat you with respect." Han replied in his own spiritual consciousness.

The golden eyes appeared agitated in the darkness, like Han had insulted him.

Han was surprised, "What, you want to negotiate with me?"

The golden eyes blinked once again.


Han laughed. He has never seen someone as stubborn as Black Egg, it appeared that if Han did not compromise, he really intended stay inside forever.

Han in a deep voice said, "I can get along with you on equal footing, you do not need to make a pact with me. But you have to promise to stay by myside for three years and never hurt me, my friends, and my home folks."

"After three years, I shall grant you your freedom. You can go wherever you wish to go!"

"This is my bottom line, if you do not agree to it, then stay in the dark space for rest of your life! I’d rather die than to release you!"

Han sounded very determined. After making that statement, he completely ignored the golden eyes in his spiritual consciousness.

Now Black Egg was in panic. Was Han trust worthy? Of course he was! After spending so much time around Han, Black Egg at least knew this much. Soul Beasts were gifted with intelligence after all.

If this really truly was Han’s bottom line, then there was absolutely no room for negotiation.

Only three years, after three years I shall be free!

Black Egg was complacent on these terms of condition.


Black Egg let out a huge roar in a rush as he felt Han’s attention has drifted away from himself.

"So… you agree to my terms?" Han asked.

The golden eyes blinked rapidly.

"Okay! I believe you!" Han replied loudly.

Han did not believe that Black Egg will break his promise since all Soul Beast have a sense of honor, a pride of existence.

This could be seen from the Fierce Demon and Harvey’s actions.


Spiritual world communication occurred simultaneously as the battle outside, just as Han and Black Egg reached this three-year agreement, Han and the Soul Beast Harvey exchanged intense blows on the battleground.

Han had really had enough. Soul Beast Harvey was rigid as a rock! Han felt like he was hitting a giant stone with his own head.

Han trembled, wobbled side to side, but was still standing tall! Fight to the death and never back down! Han really was a tough bone to chew. It does not matter how strong the enemy was, unless facing death himself, Han never backed down!

Jian Jia and Luo Ying were almost in tears!

The man in front of them was so tough! So manly!

"You are dead! You are dead! Damn humans, let’s see what else you can do to stop me!" Harvey’s voice passed on from the Twin-Black-Pupil Soul Beast’s body.

In fact, he was not in much better condition after facing an enemy like Han. The continuous attacks also left him exhausted.


Jian Jia and Luo Ying both rushed in front of Han, they wanted to take over for Han, who was on the brink of collapsing. But Han yelled loudly.

"Go away!" Han with a bit of machismo tone, "In any case, I am a man, I am not dead, I do not need you to protect me!"

Female mentalities can be strange at times. To the girls, Han’s arrogance was a display of love, he’d rather die protecting them, then to let them face danger. This had touched them deeply.

Soul Beast Harvey finally gained an advantage and he would not pass on this opportunity, "You are almost a dead man! Next time, it will be the end for you!"

"I will take your life!" Han would never concede defeat, he immediately replied in an even louder voice and screamed at Harvey.

"As a soldier, you should always save a card in your sleeve. I don’t care if you are human, or soul beast! Black Egg, kill him for me!"

Han screamed with ferocious momentum, he then spent his final energy to take out a space ring and ruthlessly smashed it against the floor.


Soul Beast Harvey thought it was Han’s secret weapon, or maybe because Han was so tough to handle that his nerve reflex helped him immediately jump back a few steps, nervously looking on.

Gulu Gulu~

The result surprised everyone. Han had all the momentum, but what came out of his space ring, was an egg, a black oval egg, rolling around on the ground.



Soul Beast Harvey saw the egg clearly, and almost broke down laughing!

"So your final hand is an egg! You want to kill me with an egg? This is the biggest joke in the world!" Harvey laughed uncontrollably.


The atmosphere suddenly changed!

Harvey’s mockery appeared to have angered the life inside the black egg, and it caused the black egg to crack open. Inside the egg came the fierce murderous and boundless dark breath, and suddenly the grand hall was filled with frozen air.


From inside, Black Egg smashed the shell open and jumped out!

Oh damn!

Han almost cried after seeing Black Egg’s true form.

A fat little thing, round and covered with fat. It felt like an overweight ugly duckling, it was flapping its two featherless bare bone wings.

Didn’t they say all soul beasts were skeleton like creatures with huge heads?

How can Black Egg be such a fat little thing?

His beer belly was several magnitudes bigger than his head! All the fat, more than 90% were on his belly!

A pair of golden eyes were radiating with energy, and he also had two devil-like horns on his head. His body was covered with smooth black scales, and he had a pair of tiny fat wings, plus his huge beer belly.

Overall speaking, Black Egg’s appearance was very similar to the western mythic dragon. However he was too fat, so out of shape that he no longer had the dragon’s intimidating factor, more so like a duckling.

Han glimpsed at Harvey’s reaction.

Facing a little fat duckling like creature, the Twin-Black-Pupil Soul Beast Harvey was trembling!

"Could it... actually... Be him?" Han stared at the fat Black Egg in disbelief.


Black Egg opened his mouth and screamed at Harvey!

Such tremendous energy was extruded from such a tiny, fat body!

Han thought his ear drums popped, as for Harvey on the opposite end, he was shuddering with all his hairs standing!

"Excellent! Black Egg is actually a Twin-Gold-Pupil!" Luo Ying jumped up with joy, and the joy was spread to her loyal bodyguard shadow banshee.


Before Han could react, Black Egg shot himself forward with such explosive strength! He suddenly blurred into a beam!

Such speed!

If Black Egg was part of the dragon family, then he must be classed under the speedy thunder dragon!