Chapter 226: Birth of the Strengthened Demon Claw

Chapter 226: Birth of the Strengthened Demon Claw

This strange crystal of unknown origin suddenly shattered.

It became a mysterious power and rushed towards the soul of the Demon Claw.


Han clearly felt that the already dying Demon Claw, after receiving the support of this powerful force, suddenly became peerlessly mighty, radiating in the aura of a world class elite.

Han guessed that when he buried the Earth Claw’s body under the corpse of an unknown beast, it triggered some unknown chain reaction and caused the souls of the Earth Claw and that giant beast to merge and became a crystal.

After the crystal broke, this mysterious power entered the Demon Claw’s soul, allowing it to acquire the ancient monster’s energy.

In any case, the Demon Claw now was different. It became stronger and arrogant but its heart was still full of unshakable loyalty towards Han.

“Protect Master!”

The Demon Claw still remembered what its goal was. It charged up again and went right back into the fight again.

The three souls had been fighting each other for a long time, consuming a large portion of the Sand Demon’s and Sand Monster’s energy. At the same time, the Demon Claw actually received an unexpected reinforcement, and which quickly became Sand Demon and the sand monster’s nightmare.

“Attack! Protect master!”

The Demon Claw repeated to itself its only belief. Using a fierce offense, it completely stomped the Sand Demon and sand monster’s soul under its feet, smashing them into pieces!

“My god, what a huge egg!”

“What monster left it there.”

“Eggs have a hard shell, this is more like a soft, elastic embryo.”

“Who cares, it’s still a miracle I’ve never seen before!”

Just when Han and Demon Claw was trapped in the soul battle, the other human beast tamers had followed the path Han took and finally arrived. They didn’t see Han, but saw this giant black sand egg instead.

All the beast tamers were extremely shocked. They didn’t believe that there was such a species in the world. Speaking from the genetic biology perspective, the difficulty to create such a giant beast was not easier than climbing into the sky.

So they felt that this thing should be naturally formed and couldn’t be made by any beast tamers.

And all beast tamers agreed that this thing was terrifying, and it was best to escape from it as far as possible.

Suddenly, just when the human beast tamers were preparing to flee further away, the atmosphere suddenly changed!

They saw that huge egg that stood between heaven and earth suddenly exploded!


The huge explosion set off sand that covered up the sky, scaring those beast tamers into anxiously letting out their genetic beast herds to get ready for battle.

When the yellow sand drifted away, the crowd found in surprise that this egg was actually split from the middle.

The one that broke out of the cocoon was actually a person, and followed behind him were three genetic beasts.

One large tail squirrel. Tiny in size with its eyes always circling around, giving off a very cunning look.

One humanoid creature that was also like a bug. He was very cold-looking, bringing a strong sense of oppression with him.

The strangest one was a beast, a black and unique-looking claw beast.

This claw beast had 9 claws and even a long tail. On the tip of the tail, there was a crimson red needle as if it was dripping blood. It immediately brought up the image of crabs, scorpions, chameleons, and a series of other exotic organisms.

But this claw beast was completely different than all those beasts and was more like a brand new species. It even had a nose, eyes, ears, and a mouth full of bayonet-like teeth.

No doubt, amongst the three genetic beasts, this one was the strongest, but this one was also the simplest and humblest one, walking behind the person. When the person walked it walked, and when that person stops it would just stay in place with a silly posture.

When they waited until that person walk closer, the human beast tamers suddenly started cheering because that person was Han!

Not only didn’t Han die, under the support of his loyal companions, he defeated the Demonic Sand Castle!

This was an unprecedented victory!

Because Han not only defeated the Sand Demon, he also integrated it into a part of the Demon Claw’s body. From today and on, there will no longer be Sand Demon, and even this Path of All Gods’ battlefield will cease to exist!

As for the Demon Claw, it absorbed the Sand Demon, sand monster and the magical crystal’s power, and after being reformed by Han’s Boundless Ten-Thousand Beast technique, it became the strongest genetic beast under Han’s command! Its combat strength even far exceeded the Ghost Claw!

The Ghost Claw was still as silly as usual. In addition to obeying Han’s command, it didn’t understand anything else.


All the human beast tamers cheered, noticing that Han was still alive, they all gathered up to greet him.

They truly admire Han, after all Han was their savior. If it wasn’t for Han protecting them in the initial stage, at this moment, they would have had probably really met god.


Suddenly, that 1,500 meters’ tall mountain-like egg that was opened up from the middle, collapsed.

It turned into finely divided black sand and blended with the yellow desert.

The black sand no longer had life in them, so they were no longer magical. The life was already integrated into Demon Claw’s body, and the sand that was left over collapsed into countless black specks.





The sound of instant teleportation rang through the desert and the human beast tamers disappeared one after another.

After all, the Demonic Sand Castle was just a mission, and now that the Sand Demon was dead, the mission naturally ended.

Han was also taken away by the Path of All Gods’ powerful teleportation force.

When he was finally able to see the environment around him, Han noticed he wasn’t teleported back to the Communication Station but came to an unfamiliar black hall.

It had a high dome, towering pillars, majestic sculptures, and was a monotonous color.

The big hall was empty, and any sound could travel really far, giving off a scary atmosphere.

The reason they were sent here instead, was probably because the Demonic Sand Castle was a special mission.

Very soon, the human race’s 10 beast tamers all arrived. In front of Han, another white light appeared and fell from the dome of this big hall.

From the white light, someone walked out, and it was the warlord Ying Luo! The enemy that trapped Han, pushed Han to the verge of death, and indirectly caused the Demon Claw almost die twice!


The moment Han saw him, he couldn’t suppress his anger and immediately took out the Ares-class weapon Star-Strangling Boa, pointing the tip at Ying Luo’s throat!

The Ghost Claw, Demon Claw, and Silver Fox were also enraged. It was this guy that almost killed their master, and almost killed them all!

All the other beast tamers hated this guy as well, but they were not Han after all, and did not dare to make a move in this hall. As well, there were already rules about only being able to fight on the battlefield or any special environment, and at other places, one could only endure the hatred.

“What do you think you are doing?” Ying Luo said in a mocking tone.

“I want to kill you.” Han said coldly.

“Kill me?” Ying Luo Sneered and said, “Too late! Unfortunately, you are not strong enough to kill me on the battlefield. Now we already left the battlefield, you can’t touch even a hair of me! Yes, I planned the whole thing, what can you do about it?!”

“I can kill you.” Han slightly lifted his weapon.

Ying Luo didn’t believe it at all. He didn’t believe that anyone dared to go against the Path of All Gods’ rule, so he actually used his hand to push Han’s blade edge while saying arrogantly, “Don’t be silly, you don’t dare to kill me, because here is the Path of All Gods. You are not stupid enough to piss off the gods.”


Right after Ying Luo’s voice came out, his pupils suddenly shrunk, because he realized that the left hand he used to push Han’s blade was already separated from the wrist, and flew up with a splash of bright red blood!

This mad man, he actually did it?! He dared to defy the will of the gods?!

The next second, Silver Fox used its sharp little claws and pulled off Ying Luo’s scalp! The Demon Claw and Ghost Claw used their sharp claws and directly penetrated Ying Luo’s heart!

Then, Han’s triple edge Star-Strangling Boa slashed from top to bottom from Ying Luo’s head!

Splitting this damned so-called warlord elite into two right on the spot!

The blood spewed and splashed onto this hall of the Path of All Gods.

Not only was Han cruel, the Demon Claw, Ghost Claw, Silver Fox, were also a group of ruthless fellows!

They didn’t say anything else and killed the god race warlord!

All the human beast tamers behind Han were all stunned!

Holy shit, he actually killed him?! Han’s character was a bit too strong and crazy, wasn’t it?!

At this moment, Han gently swung his blade to get rid of the blood on the edge, and quietly murmured, “F*ck the rules, my revenge will not wait for even one day.”