Chapter 373: Nirvana of the Blue Star

Chapter 373: Nirvana of the Blue Star

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The final step, a comprehensive genetic fusion.

Having worked until now, Han felt tremendously excited.

Whimsical ideas and inspiration wasn’t always there. Inspiration only came inadvertently, like this time. Han suddenly knew what he needed to do, what he wanted, what he was looking for, and what was needed for this brand-new beast.

The reason why every masterpiece could not be copied wasn’t only because it came with hard work, but also because it came from the inspiration that sparked from within one millisecond.

Han folded his hands and pressed them against the brand new monster that was fully formed. He closed his eyes.


A stream of light appeared after he folded his hands. Perhaps it was because Han accepted all the powers of the Dark King, this light became strange. It interweaved black and white and folded between the border of Ying and Yang.

Han didn’t know whether the power of Darkness and his source energy that he owned at the same time would cause some unknown effects on the new monsters, but he knew that with this new battle partner, he would have the power of the Demon Claw, the power of the Ghost Claw, the power of the Black Egg, and the power of himself all in one!

"Genetic Fusion Technique, Release!" Han yelled out loud and started the last stage of the fusion. His forehead was full of sweat.


The black and white light became more and more intense and eventually split apart.

And the new monster that was lying on the operating table suddenly twitched his limbs.

The Ghost Claw and Demon Claw were alive again!


"This Great technique is indeed simple and humble. Please forgive me, I really don’t know how to express myself. Han, this is such a masterpiece this time! The energy is so strong that I even got goose bumps all over my body!" Lance said excitedly while rubbing his hands and looking at the birth of this brand new monster.

This was the strangest Claw Beast ever throughout history. In the past, Ghost Claw was famous for its multiple sharp claws, and Demon Claw was famous for its body structure enabling both crawling and standing.

But now, this new monster only had four claws, which is even one finger less than the normal Sand Claw.

Besides, its appearance looked far more like a crossed star than a Claw Beast.

While being fused, multiple sources of energy changed its color from black to dark blue with a dimmed light.

Each part could be described in elaboration. Without any complicated design, it was just like a natural entity.

Naturalistic structure was the highest compliment to a craftsman. Obviously, Han’s brand new monster well-deserved this title.

If you check carefully, even though this monster was simple in design, it was not simple at all. When he moved, his four sharp edges were just like spinning blades, precise and fatal.

"Should it inherit the name of Ghost Claw or Demon Claw?" Lance asked curiously.

Han said, "No, it cannot be replaced by either of those. Ghost Claw and Demon Claw will always have a special place in my heart. As for this little thing, it should have a brand new name itself. Let’s call it Blue Star."

Lance nodded his head. Without any doubts, everyone would actually believe this monster was a blue star if it was thrown up high to the sky.

At this point, Blue Star scratched his brain goofily with its claw. That act looked as dumb as Ghost Claw and Demon Claw, as if it inherited this characteristic from those two Claw Beasts.

Han released the weak Black Egg from his hand and said to him, "See, Demon Claw and Ghost Claw are revived! They now have a new name--Blue Star."

Afterwards, Han then put the Black Egg on Blue Star’s back. Blue Star seemed so happy. Perhaps because he received a portion of the energy from the Black Egg, he was very friendly to him. Black Egg also gently knocked on the shell of Blue Star. He apparently also found Blue Star approachable.

Silver Fox didn’t want to be left in the cold, he also ran up to them. It’s hard to imagine that these three little things were actually getting along well. Black Egg tended to look down on the others in the past, but now he even allowed the Silver Fox to sweep his chubby face with its fluffy tail.

"It’s time now." Han held up the Black Egg and said to him, "You are expiating yourself by transferring your precious energy to Blue Star, and now, it’s time for me to protect you."

Black Egg looked up at Han, and lowered his head down weakly. It was so heartbroken to see his body deteriorate into such a bad condition.

"What do we do next?" Lance asked.

Han\'s gaze became cold and he said, "I don’t care what the reason was. The damn Three Eye Wolves injured my comrades. They will pay with their lives!"

"Black Egg became like this just to expiate himself. I’ll kill those Three Eye Wolves and take their third eye! Black Eye won’t die once he obtains those energy."

"Alright, I got it!" Lance gritted his teeth and said, "For Black Egg, all the monsters are going to be killed no matter what they are!"

"Yes, for Black Egg!" Han yelled out loud.

Pluto watched everything silently. However, it was not hard too see the pleased look in his eyes. He must be really proud of Han and Black Egg.

With a threatening manner, Han started to depart toward the peak of the Snow Mountain, where the tremendous source of energy disappeared.

Han wouldn’t stop Black Egg saving Demon Claw and Ghost Claw with his life, because that\'s what Black Egg should do. Otherwise, he wouldn’t deserve to be Han’s Soul Beast.

And now, it was time for Han to kill the Three Eye Wolf for Black Egg. Otherwise, he wouldn’t deserve to be Black Egg’s owner.

"Blue Star!"

Blue Star rushed up when Han yelled his name loud. Han then jumped up on its back with Silver Fox, lifting his head up on Han’s back. Pluto and Lance also jumped up like Han.

"Let’s go!"


They burst out a stream of blue light. Although Blue Star only had four legs, it moved far faster than Demon Claw and Ghost Claw. Perhaps it\'s because it inherited Black Egg’s energy.

All in all, Han was rushing up to the peak of the Snow Mountain on Blue Star’s back. He thought back to those days when he just debuted, when he broke the rules and brought an Earth Claw into the battlefield. At that time, Han also stepped on its back like this.

The death of Earth Claw from protecting Han had turned him into the predecessor of the Demon Claw. Now, the death of the Demon Claw also turned him into the predecessor of the Blue Star. It’s just like a perpetual reincarnation. Although, one thing that would never change was the permanent loyalty from these creatures to their owner.

Han’s aggression was getting stronger and stronger. There was no such a thing that one can still be alright after injuring his brothers

The Three Eye Wolves have to pay with their lives!


Han took out the Flying Feather Bow from Lunar Mark, and hung it on his back.


At the backside of universe, there was a place called Dark Net. There were far more strange and weird living things besides Star Beasts, Soul Beasts, and Dark Beasts.

Right when Han rushed into the Three Eye Wolf’s space, a strange, dark blue creature also followed into the space after Han.

Unlike Han who needed to break through the seal with force, the seal couldn’t obstruct this dark blue creature in anyway, and he went through it by simply flowing through it.

This creature moved in a weird way. It flew like a cloud in motion that seemed slow but was actually incredibly fast, not even a dark net space ship equipped with a high level transition jump engine could dream about outrunning him.

It could also turn invisible. Whenever it was about to be spotted by Han, it always turned invisible and hid away from Han’s Eye of Darkness.

Perhaps curiosity prompted this weird creature to follow Han, since he was merely observing him without showing any hostility.

When Ghost Claw and Demon Claw died, it was observing; When Black Egg took out his precious Energy Crystal to save Ghost Claw and Demon Claw, it was observing; When Han was making blue Star, it was observing; And even when Han decided to fight with the Three Eye Wolf, it was still following behind him and observing.

This dark blue, octopus-like creature was following Han all the time like a mystical cloud. However, Han had no clue at all.