Chapter 430: Exchanging Blows! Most Chaotic Fight!

Chapter 430: Exchanging Blows! Most Chaotic Fight!

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The reason why the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon was the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon was because he could release a crystal attack. The transparent nail-like crystals were not only sharp, but were also very tough, and could break the thick plate armor on a warrior’s body.

Bang Bang Bang~

Machine-gun-like crystal stingers were constantly being shot out of the mouth of the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon, as if tens of thousands of meteors falling onto the ground. It blew a huge pit out on the solid metal floor.

"Void Movement!"

Han’s figure suddenly shook like an illusion. It was Void Movement, a mysterious moving style cultivated by forgetting the conventional ways of maneuvering.

Avoiding such a dense attack was not easy, but Han still did it. Unfortunately, Blue Star didn’t have this dodging technique. He had been hit by the crystal nails when dashing forward. Transparent nails stung into his blue shell.

These crystal spikes were very strange. Like ice and snow, they quickly started to merge together after stabbing Blue Star, and then flew back and gathered at where the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon was.

Even the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon’s broken wing from defending against Han’s Flying Feather arrow was like this. It turned into transparent water, and returned to the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon’s body, so he may initiate a second round of attack.

Han finally understood the functions of the Eight-Claw Flying Nether. The 8 survivors of the Corpse Clan were responsible for the resurrection of the corpse, the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon was responsible for assaulting fortified positions, and fate organisms Pluto was the body, responsible for close combat.

Short-range, long-range, carcass control, the Eight-Claw Flying Nether had these three functions in one. What a rare enemy that was hard to deal with!

"Armor-Breaking Flying Demon is a crystal insect! He has a body of energy that will never die!" Jian Jia was coming with Silver Fox. She was afraid that Han didn’t know the characteristics of crystal insects and lose the battle, so she was shouting from the distance using the source energy voice transmission.

"Go back!" "Han pointed behind, forcing Jian Jia to stop.

"Whatever it is. It’s either you or I die today!" Han shouted, eyes blood red.

No time left. The Battle between Wai Late Dao and Lone Abyss was very tough and a loss was very possible. Plus, Han encountered this powerful monster, and had a hard time killing it.

Two battlefields, neither could lose! Or there would be detrimental consequences!

Shoosh ~

Han slightly bent his body and adopted a standard starting posture.

In the next second, storm their asses!

Yes, though Eight-Claw Flying Nether was extremely powerful, Han still had to confront it!

Had his debut from learning forbidden martial arts, Han had always learned to confront enemies head on, not to back off!

"Path of Yao!"

Han decided to change his combat method, using the Six Paths of Void.


Black light shone, falling straight from the sky!

The god-tier Flying Feather Bow was his only weapon!

For long-range attacks, Han shot arrows.

For short range attacks, Han swung the Flying Feather Bow like a hammer!

"Eye of Darkness!"


Han’s eyes quickly turned black, staring at the Eight-Claw Flying Nether, looking for any possible attack points.

Han didn’t believe that the Eight-Claw Flying Nether was without weakness. Any organism had weaknesses!



Han wore the gloves Lu Yao left. If the Flying Feather Bow couldn’t break open the Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s head, then he would smash it open with his fists!

In other words, Han used the mad dog tactic he had not used for a long time.

Compared to the long-range attacks of the Flying Feather Bow, this melee battle with the enemy was where Han started.

As time passed by, people would change.

Now Han was more used to acting as a team leader and shooting arrows in the back using the Flying Feather Bow.

But this did not mean that Han forgot the skills that got him started, those had already became his instincts. Like his nickname Tough Bones, this was the power Han was really proud of.

An astonishing scene was on.

The Eight-Claw Flying Nether had eight arms, each up to a kilometer in length. They were sometimes as soft as rubber, sometimes as hard as steel. On his arm were barbs. Whether being swept or slapped by them, Han would get hurt badly.

But with his powerful mobility, Han avoided the attacks of the Eight-Claw Flying Nether again and again. He then lifted his bow and fist, and mercilessly smashed towards the Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s eyes and body like raindrops!

Boom, boom, BOOM!

A serious of thunderous roars rocked the scene. That was Han storming the Eight-Claw Flying Nether!

After all, the Eight-Claw Flying Nether had eight arms. When Han couldn’t dodge his attack, he defended it with his body!

This was a battle between masters that was very difficult to imagine. Soldiers reaching a superior level like Han usually relied on tactics and their super powers to fight.

Only Han, instead of using techniques, was actually better at melee combat!

You give me a punch, I’ll swing a bat at you!

Hang’s fighting style was a like street fighter. As long as he could breathe, he would keep on attacking! Keep attacking! Risking his life to attack!


Bone fracture?

Who the hell cares!

Once Han began to use this way. He only had one creed: fight not retreat!

Never giving up unless he died, never retreat!

Jian Jia was extremely shocked. Han was fighting with the Eight-Claw Flying Nether that is over a thousand meters tall! In front of Eight-Claw Flying Nether, Han was just a small ant. But it was this small ant that seized all possible opportunities and all possible means to rip his opponent higher and stronger than him!


Han and the Eight-Claw Flying Nether fought it to a tie!

Han was injured all over and the Eight-Claw Flying Nether was also smashed and left with holes in its body!

Han’s fist, full of dark strength and source energy, smashed into the Eight-Claw Flying Nether and it immediately left a hole!

Han’s purpose was very clear, to rely on his own strikes and pulverize his way into the Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s head!

Since the Flying Feather Bow could not destroy him, Han would go in on his own with his iron-like fist, and sweep across the inside of Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s head! See if he can still survive this!

This was like a person treading on the enemy\'s corpse and blood, dashing all the way into the enemy\'s base. Never stopping as long as he lived!

Unfortunately, the Eight-Claw Flying Nether was, after all, powerful. Just when Han was ready to rush into his head, the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon’s head was restored.

The crystal insect Armor-Breaking Flying Demon had one characteristic - it was an energy body and was immortal. After it finished releasing all its energy, it needed to be collected again.

So there was a time lag in his attack, and during this period, he was too busy repairing himself to continue the attack.

But once he had completed self-healing, it would be a nightmare to Han.

Han dashed forward desperately.

And the Eight-Claw Flying Nether blocked him desperately.

20 steps.

15 steps.

Ten steps!

Just when Han got closer and closer to his goal, and almost ran into Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s head, Han saw a pair of transparent eyes. The Armor-Breaking Flying Demon seemed to have completed self-healing! What was left were just a few crystals on his head!


Han knew he was a step too slow. But he had come to this point, how was he willing to concede!

Enduring severe pain, he drew the Flying Feather Bow for the third time.

With his energy index at the moment, it was impossible to fully pull open the bow.

But Han had to try it anyway, and gambled on his own life! Either kill the monster or die with him!


The Armor-Breaking Flying Demon let out a roar suddenly. Although it looked like a cicada, it was a rare mutant insect, with a mouth and crystal-like translucent teeth.

With its eyes looking at Han coldly, the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon’s face was gloating.

It was immortal, and Han was already a spent force. Even if he could shoot the third Flying Feather, so what? It, at most, could smash open the body of Armor-Breaking Flying Demon, but the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon would resurrect again.

But Han could no longer resist. Having lost all his energy, without doubt, he would be killed brutally.

Boom ~

Although Han had extraordinary judgment, he didn’t care about this!

The Flying Feather Arrow, the third arrow, launched!

A white light soared!

Although compared to previous attacks, the power of Flying Feather weakened a lot this time. But it was enough to bring down the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon!

That exotic crystal cicada suddenly broke and countless transparent crystals shot up.

Just then, the atmosphere changed!

A blue figure was getting nearer and closer, and no one thought of stopping him!

Xiao Bao!

Making the biggest determination in this life, Xiao Bao also placed his own fragile life on the line!

This unlucky little guy was unexpectedly lucky this time!

Han and the Eight-Claw Flying Nether was fighting intensively. No one noticed that Xiao Bao quietly sneaked up!

When Han saw Xiao Bao, Xiao Bao was less than five meters from the broken head of the Eight-Claw Flying Nether. Xiao Bao was trying his best to go into that giant head!


Han was surprised to see Xiao Bao go in!

No words could describe this perfect timing and coincidence!

Just when the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon was smashed by Han’s Flying Feather, he turned into a pool of transparent water. Xiao Bao got into the pond and plunged into the water in a second.

"Xiao Bao!" Han called his name.

Then he was swung out cruelly by the Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s tentacle.

And this, too, was the last attack of the Eight-Claw Flying Nether.


Han heavily slumped on the ground. He thought he would probably die. Blue Star limped over and Silver Fox crawled to Han. They both wanted to protect their master. Jian Jia covered her mouth and bursted into tears.

But the peculiar thing was, after the Eight-Claw Flying Nether got rid of Han, he gave up this precious opportunity to attack, and instead held his broken head and let out a series of roars, as if it was suddenly going insane.

Rumble ~

The giant Eight-Claw Flying Nether rolled around on the ground, screaming in agony.

Han didn’t understand, no one did. Why did Xiao Bao’s attack have such a miraculous effect?

Because Xiao Bao was strong?

Of course not, he was just a good boy!

His attack was not so much an attack, but more like an angry kid hitting an adult by his side using his head!

What kind of power could this attack have?

But the fact was astonishing. The Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s body had no problem, even if the head had been blasted open by Han. But being hit by Xiao Bao with his head caused the Armor Breaking Flying Demon to go directly insane!

It seemed that the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon was still very clear-minded. He quickly retracted his own body. What was chaotic was the body of Eight-Claw Flying Nether. The eighth generation Liquid Nether King, according to bloodline, was even Xiao Bao\'s uncle.

In this chaotic place, and this chaotic turmoil, the situation finally reached the climax!


The Armor-Breaking Flying Demon retrieved his own body and did not attack Han again, but covered its broken skull with its two crystal wings. Then, it also dug back into the brain, as if there was an extreme threat in there!

On the other side, surprisingly, Wai Late Dao cut off one of his own arms!

Golden blood gushed from his broken arm!