Chapter 230: Starry 7-Eyed

Chapter 230: Starry 7-Eyed

Traces of destruction could be seen everywhere in the cave. No doubt, this was the work of the three little monsters under Han’s command.

Judging by the situation, they seemed to be following some kind of animal which was charging left and right and desperately fighting back. There were signs of a serious battle that took place here.

Han followed Silver Fox to a large open area in the depth of the spider cave, and saw the Demon Claw and Ghost Claw, one front and one back, blocking off the ways out and trapping two very strange-looking blue starry spiders.

These two spiders were huge, even bigger than the Demon Claw and Ghost Claw added together. They were covered in strange blue hair, with claws clinging to the ground, and mouth constantly chattering a “kakaka” sound, as if warning enemies to not approach them.

Han took a closer look and started laughing right away.

He didn’t expect to find a pair of Starry 7-Eyed here!

The so-called 7-Eyed obviously referred to their 7 eyes. The black eyes on the spiders’ forehead formed a flower-shaped pattern, with six slightly smaller eyes surrounding a bigger one in the middle.

This was considered to be a variant of starry spiders. As everyone knew, the more and denser the star-like dots on the back of the starry spiders were, the higher level and stronger combat strength of the spiders.

However, the 7-Eyes’ star dots on their back could not be observed because they were all covered by the anemone antennae-like hair.

Han has never seen a 7-eyed starry spider getting sold on the dark net market, and the strongest he saw was 5-eyed, which could only be exchanged with a precious spaceship carrier blueprint.

Now Han actually found the incredible 7-eyed, and wasn’t only one but also a pair! What a surprise.

Wuyun’s spider army came from a pair of Stars of the Milky Way spiders, which meant that the star spots on their back was as dense as the Milky Way: countless; The symbol of true top tier starry spiders.

The pair of 7-Eyed Han encountered was also top tier but it was still unclear which was stronger because both 7-Eyed and Stars of the Milky Way were extremely rare species, and no battle record could be found between them.

Han was actually pretty stressed too. He was a bit reluctant to kill them off because after all, the 7-Eyed Starry Spiders couldn’t be found just anywhere.

But if he didn’t kill them, then he wouldn’t be able to perform genetic modification, and the modified spider minions he envisioned won’t come true. What should he do?

Thinking for a second, Han decided to not kill them, because the two 7-Eyed was one male and one female guarding each other. Not one of them ran off alone, so they were obviously a loving couple.

The feelings between animals were often more faithful, sometimes even putting humans to shame.

“Fine, I won’t kill you, but you will have to go with me.” Han sighed and said, he flicked his arm, the Demon Claw and the Ghost Claw began to step in closer.


The two Starry 7-Eyed spiders did something that Han didn’t expect. They both opened their mouths at the same time to bite each other’s head. This meant that they wanted to suicide together, rather than fall into the hands of Han and his little ferocious monsters.


Han immediately charged up, with one hand each, he forcefully split up the pair of Starry 7-Eyed, and then had the Demon Claw and Ghost Claw seize the opportunity to hold them down, placing their deadly claws against their head, not allowing them to move at all.

“I already said I won’t kill you guys, why would you guys do that.” Han shook his head and said.

He cleared out a dimension ring that had only 100 cubic meters of volume and placed the two Starry 7-Eyed spiders inside.

Some time ago when Han killed the many beast tamers from the god race, he looted dozens of 100 cubic meter dimension rings. Besides keeping two for himself, he gave the rest to Long Chuan and the others.

The biggest feature of the star beasts was their tenacious ability to survive, and they could even stay alive in space with no air, so Han was not worried about the two spiders dying in his ring.

After cleaning everything up, Han took the three little monsters and Yuan Yuan and started heading back the way they came from.

When they got close to the entrance, Silver Fox became alarmed immediately. All of its hair tensed up and it charged out right away.

Han knew that Silver Fox was this alert because it detected enemies, and he couldn’t help but to look at Yuan Yuan.

Yuan Yuan replied innocently, “Master, the scanning array has always been on, and it didn’t detect any star ships approaching or any other signs of life.”

Han nodded, he knew this had nothing to do with Yuan Yuan, this little guy had always been loyal to his duties.

At this moment, Han heard howling at the entrance, it seemed that Silver Fox started fighting with someone.

Han waved and led the Demon Claw and Ghost Claw to charge out.

When they left the spider’s nest, Han’s face completely lost its color. He was surrounded!

The giant crater was full of black clothed people. They were all wearing a soft black combat suit, wrapping themselves all up, even their eyes. Their numbers could only be measured in the tens of thousands.


The little thing Silver Fox saw Han came out, it anxiously climbed back to Han, stood on his shoulder and began roaring at the people in black. The Demon Claw and Ghost Claw also readied themselves for a fight.

“Who are you?” Han asked in a deep voice.

These black clothed people remained silent and still, like stones, and their bodies were rigid like a group of mummies.


Thousands of the black clothed people all leaped towards Han. Their movement was all synchronized to the same beat, like a group of robots.

“Go die!” Han shouted and immediately activated the Void Domain!

In the blink of eye, Han and the three little monsters all charged up.

The Star-Strangling Boa in Han’s hand was an Ares-class weapon, it easily tore apart the two enemies closest to him. The three little monsters also didn’t hold back, and they instantly took care of the dozens of enemies around them.

Han didn’t continue his attacks, but instead deeply frowned.

Because he and the three little monsters noticed that these figures in black cloths weren’t humans, but a bunch of wooden puppets.

He casually kicked away a corpse beside his feet, and saw the inside of its body. A few pieces of wood nailed together, the work was slightly rough, and there were some strange and special patterns above the wood.

“Puppetry?!” Han suddenly hesitated and mumbled to himself.

No wonder the radar scanning arrays didn’t detect any signs of life, these enemies were all wooden puppets.

Then, the radar scanning array didn’t detect spaceships approaching, so that meant, these puppets had been hiding on this mining planet. Someone already knew that Han was coming to this place and already laid down the trap!

Thinking about this, Han couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

How’s that possible?!

Not even Long Chuan knew about his plan to come here, how did the enemies know? Could it be that they can read minds?




Synchronized treading sounds came from the distance. Han looked up, and saw more wooden puppets appearing at the top near the edge of the thousand kilometer diameter pit, measuring in the tens of thousands, marching neatly down like an army!

“Shit, we are surrounded.” Han secretly cried bitterly in his heart.