Chapter 329: The Secret of Sarcophagus

Chapter 329: The Secret of Sarcophagus

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"Such amazing speed! If Black Egg was part of the dragon family, then he must be classed as a speedy thunder dragon!" Han was shocked and thought to himself.

What happened after was beyond anyone’s wildest guesses. No one could believe what happened. The tiny chubby Black Egg was toying with the Twin-Black-Pupil Soul Beast.


Black Egg landed a sharp left hook punch onto Harvey’s face, then another jab onto Harvey’s stomach that sent his oversized body straight up in the air!

Before Harvey was off the ground completely, Black Egg moved with extreme speed and flew above Harvey’s head, then elbow dropped Harvey straight down!

The floor rumbled~

The huge monster was struck from above and landed hard onto the floor. Pebbles and dust was everywhere and a huge hole was left in the ground.

Han and the others were shocked. Not only did he possess extreme speed, Black Egg can even FLY!

His violent and relentless fighting style almost mimicked that of Han. Like a little boxer, Black Egg beated Harvey around like a punching bag, not giving him the slightest chance to defend himself.

Perhaps Black Egg spent too much time inside his egg. Once hatched, he redirected all his anger towards the Twin-Black-Pupil and abused it unrelentingly.

Poor Soul Beast Harvey was not killed in battle, but was rather beaten to death one punch at a time by Black Egg!

Be it vigor, or attack power, Black Egg completely demolished his opponent!

"Wow! Black Egg is really strong." Han unconsciously muttered.

"Of course! Black Egg is a Twin-Gold-Pupil beast." Luo Ying exclaimed.

"What does it mean to be a Twin-Gold-Pupil beast?" Han asked.

Luo Ying hurried and explained, "It’s describing Black Egg’s eyes. He has a pair of golden eyes, the most prestigious and most ancient bloodline among all Soul Beasts. Legend has it, that these types of Soul Beasts already went extinct. I have only learnt of their existences through history books."

Han nodded, who knew, Black Egg was a treasure in disguise.

No wonder this dude was so stubborn. After Han threatened it once, it actually became determined to hide inside its egg forever! If it weren’t for the three-year agreement, perhaps Black Egg would really hide inside forever! It appeared that the pride and honor of Soul Beasts was indeed untouchable.

As for the unlucky Harvey, he dared to belittle Black Egg, so he paid the price and was punished in the most violent method, being abused to death by Black Egg.

As for the Soul Kill ability, Harvey did not dare to use this skill previously. Now even if he wanted to, he was out of chance and time.

"Such a shame, now that Harvey is dead, I probably will never find out why he was sealed inside the mirror while his body was a Soul Beast." Han sighed.


Han heard Jian Jia scream behind him.

He turned around and saw Jian Jia was scared colorless with both hands covering her mouth.

A pale arm had raised up inside the broken sarcophagus.


Milky Way, Earth.

Han has been missing for over twenty days, and the military generals on Earth have yet to shut their eyes.

This was a race against time. To ensure the safe retrieval of citizens from Earth, the Earth Corps and Robot Legion collaborated together and travelled nonstop between Earth and Twin Horse Galaxy to transport their compatriots to the safer domain.

There were passenger starships, warships, cargo ships, and even mining barges, all being put into this race against time. The droid soldiers were fine because they were robots, but the human soldiers displayed uncanny will and perseverance. Together they completed this nearly impossible task.

China Region, Shan Bei.

Long Chuan and Li Yu stood on the plateau high grounds, watching as a cargo ship began loading the villagers in the distance.

Li Yu’s eyes were bloodshot and he let out a long sigh. "This is the last ship, it is unbelievable that we used only about twenty days to retrieve 15 billion people on Earth. Doesn’t matter what happens, we did not let Han down, we did not fail our brothers’ hopes."

Long Chuan nodded in agreement. "Only if we had a few more passenger ships! The cargo ships were so crowded, like a refugee camp with no place to even sit down. And food and drinking water is also problematic."

Li Yu replied. "During this critical period, money cannot buy you starships. We are not the only ones retreating, the entire galaxy is retreating."

"Our Earth compatriots are all great citizens! Look at the awful environment on the ships, have you heard anyone complain? NOT A WORD!"

"When I was onboard, everyone held my hand! They were thanking me, thanking the Earth Corp. I was so touched that I almost cried! If we could, we should attack the Three-Eyed Race, kill these MOFOS!"

"But we are incapable of attacking. In the end, we still have to assist the people to escape. They didn’t blame us, but on the contrary they thanked us? I feel really incompetent, I lived my whole life and cannot protect my own home."

Long Chuan did not speak another word, he was not feeling any better.

Every day, numerous compatriots had to leave their homes behind, desert the house, discard the furniture, even leaving their ancestors’ plates behind them. The two major corps could not arrange for more luggage, only a few personal items per person.

There was some noise in the village, and Long Chuan nodded to Li Yu, "Let’s go and check it out."

Upon entering this slightly dilapidated village, they spotted a family where the elder would not leave, and his children gather around him kneeling down.

"Grandfather, we know you don’t want to leave, but so many people are waiting for you!"

The elder stared at them, he simply moved his chair and sat in front of his house, like an old dog guarding his territory.

"I will not leave! I will die here and nowhere else!" Elder stubbornly replied. "Three-Eyed Race? I only know that Master Ma (TL: the name of a god that people in some part of rural China prays to) have three eyes, but if he dares to come to my house, I will fight him to death!"

"Father, look around you! These soldiers haven’t slept in the last twenty something days just to ensure our safe retrieval! Please help them and cooperate to save the hassle!"

The elder was angry towards his own family, but when Earth Corp soldiers were mentioned, he was reluctant and a bit sad.

The elder saw Li Yu and Long Chuan in Generals uniform, he took a deep breath and said, "I am not being unreasonable, I know everyone worked hard, and thank you all from bottom of my heart! But I really cannot leave!"

"My great grandfather is buried by the west end of village, my great grandmother was buried beside him. I saw them being buried when I was a toddler."

"Then there’s my grandfather, my grandmother, my uncles, aunt, my father, my two elder brothers, and my poor wife."

"When my wife died, I swore to her on her deathbed that I shall not remarry, and I shall be buried beside her."

"You don’t need to convince me to go. Look at my age, to go to Twin Horse Galaxy means I could never return! NEVER be able to come back!"

"Please I beg of you, let me stay here. I want to guard the home that my ancestors once lived, so when I go see my wife down in the underground world, I can tell her straight up that I held up my end of my deal!"

"I understand, houses can be rebuilt, crops can be replanted. But I cannot ditch my ancestors!"

"These starships are so big, so fast. They can bring anything with them, but they cannot bring my memories with me! Even If I do go to Twin Horse, my heart will always be here, ONLY HERE!"

"At my age, I understand everything. Please take my sons, my grandsons away. They are still young, they have a full live ahead of them. As for me, please let me stay behind. When the Three-Eyed Race comes, I will fight them. In front of my ancestors, I will not tarnish my family name and fight to the end!"

The elder’s words were not simple, yet very sincere.

His children were bawling their eyes out, many soldiers also turned back to wipe away tears. The elder sat in front of his door in peace, not speaking another word.

"Then stay." Long Chuan muttered the words and turned to leave.

How could his children stand to leave him behind? The soldiers withheld their tears as they dragged away the crying relatives onboard the cargo ship.

Similar scenes were replayed countless times every day at every corner on Earth.

The elder was correct, everything can be taken away, but not memories!

Even if they settled down on Twin Horse Galaxy, this group of people would still be called Earth Citizens, with only one place to be called home, Earth.

Li Yu followed Long Chuan, and both remained silent.

All of sudden Long Chuan stopped on top of the plateau, glanced around the desolate and barren land. Even though the living conditions are harsh, it was still hard for locals to let go.

Then again who can really let go…

"We are staying! We are fighting these Three-Eyed bastards! Even if we don’t kill them, we can still break a leg!" Long Chuan who had always remained calm shouted like a mad dog.


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