Chapter 426: Black Egg vs. the Fierce Duo of Ice Realm

Chapter 426: Black Egg vs. the Fierce Duo of Ice Realm

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Han didn’t really know what was coming, but based on the facial expressions of Wai Late Dao and Lone Abyss, it was probably not a friendly character.

Lone Abyss held the big coffin with one hand and suddenly jumped up and stepped on the back of the Eight Claw Flying Nether. While Wai Late Dao also quickly backed up a few steps and used an arm to hold Han back.

Han noticed that Wai Late Dao’s sleeve was much lighter, but the right sleeve was still full, he wasn’t sure what he was hiding.

"This is the 8th level, there are two big monsters!" Wai Late Dao said to Han, "They are already here."

As the shaking sound approaches, Black Egg became more and more excited, his golden eyes kept on dashing left to right. He was looking forward to the two mysterious monsters, and he also seemed intrigued by Lone Abyss and Eight Claw Flying Nether.


Suddenly, the snow on the ground was lifted off the ground, painting a white sky.

From behind the white storm, there were two shadows. They were big, more than 1000 meters in height. Under the protection of the snow, Han could only see their blurry silhouettes.

"Eye of darkness!"


Han wiped his two fingers lightly on his eyes, activating his darkness power.

When he saw the two monsters behind the ice and snow, he was shocked. The eye of darkness could usually see through the body’s energy. But these two monsters were too strong. Their long bodies were covered in a thick black smog, and that was their energy structure.

Compared to these two monsters, everyone else’s energy structures were extremely weak. These monsters were likely built from energy legos. No wonder Black Egg was so excited. He viewed highly energized monsters as food, so if it was a monster in Han’s eyes, it would be a nice meal in Black Egg’s eyes.

Han wondered whether Black Egg would actually be able to consume these big monsters, their level of energy was at the destruction tier.

Furthermore, there was someone else from the Golden Family. Other than Lone Abyss and the Eight Claw Flying Nether, Han was also worried about the big coffin. He wasn’t sure whether a monster hid in it or weapons.

The snow quickly disappeared. Half of Han’s body was covered in snow, like a snowman. But he was still just like Wai Late Dao, he stood unmoved, also like Lone Abyss.

Han finally saw clearly what the two monsters were. They were two snakes, they had sharp claws all over their body, and their eyes were shaped like dragonflies. There were horns on their head, but their bodies were still very snake-like.

Without a doubt, this was the kind of genetic modification techniques that only the Golden Family had.

Lone Abyss’s Eight Claw Flying Nether has similar attributes compared to these snakes, it was also a genetic mutation among multiple creatures.

There weren’t creatures like this in the world, it was the high-level genetic modification technology that gave birth to them.

Compared to Han creating Ghost Claw and Demon Claw, the techniques used on these two snakes were far more advanced. Ghost Claw, Demon Claw, and even Blue Star were all made from gene modification and integration techniques, but these two snakes used evolution and gene mutation. Techniques like that have not been mastered by Han.

The current situation was very urgent, this was a weird 3-way fight, nobody knew whether these two snakes would attack Han first or Lone Abyss.

So they just all held their breath and waited. If the two snakes attacked the other party, then it would be a great opportunity for the other side.

These two snakes used their black eyes to look around, Lone Abyss had the bloodline of the Golden Family, to these monsters, the bloodline was like energy and could help them evolve even more. But Han’s party had a very rich energy combination too. He had source energy, dark energy, golden bloodline, and even energy from spiritual plants. This was also very favorable for the two monsters.


At this moment, something odd happened!

The brave Black Egg started aggressively attacking the two monsters!

My God!

Silver Fox saw Black Egg and almost fainted. This guy was definitely not someone you could stop worrying about.

Even Blue Star knew he shouldn’t move first or they would become the first target of the two monsters. He waited patiently for Han’s orders, but Black Egg rushed up without a second thought.

You are looking for trouble!!!!

Black Egg was a petite creature, smaller than a palm, but he wanted to attack these large snakes that were over 1000 meters in length! This scenario was extremely odd and scary.

Not only was Silver Fox shocked, the two big snakes were shocked too.

They were originally thinking about who to eat first, but their prey attacked first. And based on what Black Egg was doing, it wasn’t that they would eat Black Egg, it was that flying little fat thing was going to eat them instead!



Howls rang through the sky.

Anger came after the surprise!

The giant snakes fought back fiercely, one was spitting out silver ice from its mouth that looked like the Milky Way. This caused the temperature to reach negative 100 degrees Celsius!

The other big snake spat out a long ray of white light, Soul Kill!

Ice Seal! Soul Kill!

It was like the two weird snakes were connected at the heart. They teamed up and synergized easily.

The reason why Lone Abyss stood without moving was probably that he didn’t want to face the soul kill of the two monstrous snakes.

At this time, Black Egg showed his violent side as well.


Black Egg also used his soul kill.

White light shone in this space and essentially blinding everyone. The huge energy release shook everyone and made it difficult for everyone to stand up straight.

Boom boom boom~

Soul Kill vs. Soul Kill!

The space was in complete chaos. The ground cracked, the snow mountains erupted, the mix of all sorts of sounds made it seem like it was the end of the world!

Han had never seen Black Egg use all his might to attack. Maybe he had never met any enemy that was worthy of all his energy before.

Soul kill meets soul kill, and the result was that they canceled each other out.

Han saw those white light suddenly dissipated, and Black Egg was covered in ice and shook himself off like a cannon.

His golden eyes had never before been so bright, letting out bright light. The black shadow covering his body had never been so heavy, it was almost as if he was carrying the will to kill from Hell.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The ice seal and the soul kill didn’t hurt Black Egg, and now he wanted to fight two monsters by himself!


The two big mouths started biting down, but Black Egg’s speed was faster than light.

They saw that he suddenly sped up, drew a curve in the sky and flashed his sharp claws.


The snake on the left side was scratched by Black Egg and its skin ripped open exposing his fat.

The snake on the right side came to help, and then Black Egg again sped up, used his lightning speed to draw another curve in the sky, pushing his two claws forward, forming two knives, stabbing directly into the snake’s chin.


Black Egg came from the other side of the snake holding something white in his hand, it was the tooth of the snake!

Black Egg’s current level of prestige and handsomeness was almost divine!


The injured giant snakes were going crazy from the pain! They came at Black Egg again without a second thought and used soul kill!


Black Egg turned his head and glared, his face flew up carrying death in his eyes.


Soul kill against soul kill again!!


The snowy ground completely cracked. There were no full pieces of ice on the whole level.

Two soul kills within moments. That was a true demonstration of Black Egg’s abilities!

Wanting to stop Black Egg using soul kill?

No way!

Want to block Black Egg using an ice seal?

No way again!

Black Egg was not afraid of any physical attacks, nor any soul-type attacks.


Black Egg definitely was giving it his all.

Right after the soul kill, he suddenly appeared behind his opponent, stabbing into their bodies with his sharp claws, and began slicing down the back of the snake! All the way from the snake’s head to his tail was a total of 1800 meters in length! It was covered in bloody injuries.

So fierce!

Han realized that when Black Egg really wants to f*ck somebody, he was even more fierce than Han himself!

He just skinned them, and the next logical step was probably taking apart their bones…

Roar roar roar~

The two gigantic snakes cried out loud.

Who could even imagine that the two legendary snakes were getting beaten by Black Egg, some fat f*ck that was the size of a palm!

Without a question, Black Egg definitely was giving it his all today!

Who had seen Black Egg go full out? It was really rare okay?! This little fat thing was most petty when it came to using his stored energy.

But now, he acted like he didn’t care about how much energy he was going to burn at all!

There was only one reason, and that was that Black Egg felt like he finally met a real opponent, one that was worth him fighting to the death with!

So Black Egg’s will for battle was crazily burning, and his methods of fighting were very fierce!

He used his lightning speed and sharp claws to rip the snake’s body apart again and again, from every angle, using every possible method of attack.


Black Egg glided across the air, his claws swiping the snake’s eyes, blinding him in one eye.

And then he returned on the same curve to scratch the other eye out as well!

This wasn’t really a fight, it was just a beat down.

The little fatty Black Egg was attacking two snakes that were over a thousand meters long.

The two snakes were scared for their lives. They started running away crazily, going under the icy ground, but Black Egg followed them and kept on attacking and biting them like a crazy dog.


Silver Fox and Xiao Bao watched Black Egg disappear and let out a cheer at the same time.

They were both shocked. Silver Fox wanted to transform into a predator, and Xiao Bao wanted to be braver. They both thought Black Egg set a very good example for them.

"Unbelievable, Black Egg who doesn’t usually care about anything is so strong! I wish I could be like him!" They both thought.

"Kill them! Kill them quick!" At this time, Lone Abyss suddenly yelled loudly.

After seeing the true power of Black Egg, Han thought that there probably wasn’t anybody in the world who would want to be Black Egg’s enemy.

The two snakes that Black Egg was chasing after had names. The Fierce Duo of Ice Realm. Ever since the beginning of time, they were the signature high-level soul beasts of the Golden Family. Even though they were nowhere near the monster on the 9th level, but they were far more advanced than most beasts you could find in the world.

As the genetically mutated beast that combined both the top tier soul beast and dark beast, the Fierce Duo of Ice Realm had the attack power that even Lone Abyss feared.

And now, the Fierce Duo of the Ice Realm turned into the Screwed Duo of the Ice Realm. They were ripped apart when they met Black Egg. Their bodies were covered in scars from Black Egg.

And then what?

After Black Egg finished ripping the Fierce Duo of Ice Realm apart, he would return to rip him apart, and of course, Lone Abyss wouldn’t want this to happen to himself, so he must escape. And if he wanted to escape, he must first kill Han.

"Kill them! Kill them quick!" Lone Abyss suddenly started yelling.


Finally, the black coffin that had been carried by Lone Abyss the whole way fell to the ground.

Han vs. Lone Abyss!

The fight between Black Egg and the Fierce Duo of Ice Realm wasn’t over yet.

And the second battle field was initiated!