Chapter 276: The Slaves

Chapter 276: The Slaves

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“If you want to get those precious raw materials, you must go to #13 constellation. The materials are hard to obtain.” says the craftsman witch who sold masks at the market.

This was a plant type mask. It was made with a thin sheet of leaf. When it was put on a face, not only could allow flawless shape-shifting, it could transform the person’s gender as well, transforming a male into a female was possible.

It’s because Han wanted to know where these strange leaves were from, the craftsman witch started talking about the #13 constellation.

“Again it is the #13 constellation, what is that?” Han asked Mazuoji who was beside him after he used 40,000 star coins to buy this mask.

Mazuoji answered, “#13 constellation is the holy realm for us witches. This is where the witches are birthed, as well as the graveyard for famous witches in history.”

“There are many extraordinary plants, animals, and minerals that are grown in the #13 constellation. It is the origin of magic and the most precious materials.”

Han frowned, “Can I go to the #13 constellation?”

“Absolutely not.” Mazuoji said in a definite and strong voice, “The #13 constellation belongs to Neptune. All the guards there are his family’s soldiers. You, as a human, are not allowed to go into the holy land. Even for us witches, only those with the title of “Great witch” and are personally given permission by Neptune can go into the #13 constellation.”

Han twitched his mouth. He had been investigating the Dark Crystal at Deliface for three whole days. According to Han’s speculations, the place where the Dark Crystal was being hidden is surrounded by monsters.

Among the whole Deliface constellations, the #13 constellation is the place with the most miasma. Everyone describes the magic of this planet, a place where there is a huge possibility that the Dark Crystal is in but Han cannot go, this is a problem.

“The deadline is tonight. If we still cannot find a way to approach the #13 constellation, then we shall barge in.” Han ponders to himself and has made up his mind.

Barging into the holy land of witches was not a good idea as the witches are not a normal race. The witches are efficient in using various kinds of technologies, poisons, shape-shifting, illusions, puppetry, summoning arts, etc. These magics were not easy to combat. Even though Han’s powers were already at the warlord level, he still cannot guarantee his own safety.

But there are no other ways. Han cannot waste his time in Deliface anymore, even Mazuoji was suspecting his intentions. It has been three days and Han has not hired a single mercenary nor bought a single slave. Compared to what he told them about him coming here to hire mercenaries for his family, there is a big difference.

“Let’s go check out the slave market, maybe I’ll find what I need today.” Han said to Mazuoji .


Mazuoji joyously brought Han to the slave market. It already wasn’t the first time. Han and Mazuoji knew the merchants very well. They all know that Han was here to hire reapers, but he had a high standard. It has been three days and none have caught his eye.

Mazuoji went asking around and very quickly he returned to Han’s side, said: “The people in the market said that there will be a top notch slave arriving at no. 888 today, one of King Mandela’s personal guard captured by Neptune. He is being sold at store no.888!”

Han startled and puzzled, “King Mandela is one of the three kings, his personal guard can be sold as slave?”

Mazuoji said: “I am not sure about too, it is said that this army are being unfaithful to Neptune. Although they are King Mandela’s personal guards, they should listen and show respect to not only one person but all three of the kings.”

“Now that they become slaves, our chance has come, aren’t you looking for high standard reapers? If they can be the personal guard of the king, they are all excellent. They will be very useful if you can purchase them.”

According to Han’s understanding, witches are not bound by emotional constrains. Unlike Han’s brothers, who will die for Han, this kind of relationship doesn’t exist for witches, even among family.

Take Mazuoji as an example, his family support him academically, allow him to be a successful guide, but half of the money is reserved for his family, to repay them for their support. Even when he returns home to eat, he notifies his parents in advance and has to wait for their approval before he can return home to eat. The food expenses must be calculated clearly.

This cold attitude of the witches is to nurture their independency. They don’t rely on anyone, whether it was family, they don’t trust anyone, or even friends, this is their way of becoming a “Great witch”.

Han followed Mazuoji to store no.888. Superstitious witches also believe in lucky numbers, this store number had the most power within the slave market, it is said that the store owner has many connections. That’s why he can get the best slaves within the market.

Just as expected, 24 elite witch warriors became slaves, with their armor still equipped. They were shackled and taken to the slave market to be sold, thus attracting a lot of attention.

These warriors had their face painted black, standing straight. Compliments were murmured by those around them, saying that these warriors were the best slaves that anyone has ever seen within the market.

Han thinks that it is funny because these warriors are King Mandela’s personal guards, and not a single person remembers that they used to protect their liege loyally. Yet many wishing to buy them treat them as animals by looking into their mouth and teeth.

We can clearly see that witches are not very humane.

“Boss, look at these slaves, are they up to your standards? Within us witches, King Mandela and emperor Sha both had two personal troops each, a total of 24 people, while Neptune has three, totaling up to 36 people.”

“Those who can be the personal guards are not only good at fighting, they are also loyal. Rumors have it that King Mandela’s personal guards were trained by him personally and have bodies that can resist all poisons.” Mazuoji kept praising these warriors.

Han was startled, if these warriors have such high poison resistant bodies, then couldn’t they use poisons just like him?

There is a huge difference in the combat abilities between the Han that had taken drugs and when he doesn’t. These 24 warriors should be the same.

“I heard that they are warriors that have reached the 20 intermediate tier quasi-warlord level.” Mazuoji was busy asking around for Han.

“The whole squad is on sale, cannot be sold separately, although there is no price tag, it is not going to be cheap.”

“Oh no, Neptune has a VIP coming over to check the merchandise. I0t was difficult for Neptune to invite this blacksmith. It is said that this blacksmith has to go to the holy land by himself to forge Neptune a new weapon.”

“This is going to be troublesome, we can’t fight with the VIP of Neptune.” Mazuoji heard the news and kept rubbing his hands nervously beside Han.

Other than paying for the daily fees, the guide can get commission from the customers. These warriors are expensive, so if Han buys them, Mazuoji will receive a huge amount of money. Therefore Mazuoji was more concerned than Han about losing the opportunity to buy these slaves.

After Han listened to what Mazuoji said, he said to himself: “What happened to Neptune’s guest? Does he have to go to the holy land to help Neptune forge his god tier warriors? Or…”

While thinking, the blacksmith VIP arrived, a very high tier “Great witch” accompanied by a black-skinned middle age man with thick eye-brows and big eyes. Those eye-brows seemed to be his special trait, just like the thickness you find in oil paintings.

It was simple to determine who was a “Great witch” within the witch race. The higher ranked they were, the more colors and feathers they will have and the more eye catching and colorful they will be.

“That is Neptune’s most trusted consultant, Nan Duo, it looks like Neptune cherishes this VIP a lot.” Within the crowd, there was an eye-catching “Great witch”. Mazuoji whispered to Han.

The thick eye-browed blacksmith stepped forward and patted the warriors’ shoulders, gladly he said: “This really is a group of strong slaves, I’ll take all of them!”

Suddenly the crowd goes quiet, these elite slaves had a chance that cannot be passed, they have caught the eyes of many, yet these slaves are being horded by this thick eye-browed blacksmith. However no one complained since he is Neptune’s VIP, if anyone were to shame him publicly, then that person was shaming Neptune too. Everyone could imagine the result.

Suddenly, right at this moment Han smiled, loudly proclaimed, “Wait, I like these warriors a lot too!”


The whole market went dead silent, and everyone stared at Han.


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